Image ofBlackstone-Group-buys-One-BKC-building-in-Mumbai-for-2500-crore

Blackstone Group buys One BKC building in Mumbai for ₹2,500 crore

In the year's largest commercial real estate deal so far.

2 hours ago

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Blackstone Group

In the year's largest commercial real estate deal so far, US-based private equity firm Blackstone Group Lp has acquired a marquee office building in Mumbai's Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) for ...Read More

Image ofNumber-Of-Deaths-In-Bihar-Due-To-Heatwave-Rises-To-83

Number Of Deaths In Bihar Due To Heatwave Rises To 83

A heatwave is declared when the maximum temperature is recorded at 4.5 degrees or more above the normal for two consecutive days,

1 day ago

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83 Death In Bihar Due To Heatwave
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

At least 83 people have died in the last four days in three districts of Bihar as a blistering heatwave swept several pl...Read More

Image ofMaharashtra-Government-Presents-Rs-20292-Crore-Revenue-Deficit-Budget

Maharashtra Government Presents Rs. 20,292 Crore Revenue Deficit Budget

The government has estimated revenue expenditure of Rs. 3,34,933.06 crore against revenue receipts of Rs. 3,14,640.12 crore, said Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar

1 day ago

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Maharashtra Government
Gopinath Munde Shetkari Apghat Vima Yojana
Finance minister Sudhir Mungantiwar

Maharashtra government today presented an additional budget for 2019-20 with a revenue deficit of Rs. 20,292.94 crore, h...Read More

Image ofG20-member-countries-agree-to-the-agreement-on-reducing-plastics-in-the-sea

G20 member countries agree to the agreement on reducing plastics in the sea

A two-day meeting was held at Central Mountain Resort in Karuizawa.

2 days ago

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G20 member
reducing plastics in the sea

There is a lot of worry about plastic pollution in the world today and everyone is engaged in some solutions to improve its rehabilitation. Now it has become a matter of international concern. A two-d...Read More

Image ofShoaib-rebuked-Pakistani-captain-after-losing-to-India

Shoaib rebuked Pakistani captain after losing to India

Sarfraz Ahmed's 'idiot captaincy' blamed for losing by 89 runs from India

2 days ago

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sarfraz ahmed
idiot captaincy

Pakistan's former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar blamed Sarfraz Ahmed's "stupid captaincy" for his defeat...Read More

Image ofDGX2-the-world039s-fastest-computer-with-artificial-intelligence-came-to-know-price

DGX-2, the world's fastest computer with artificial intelligence, came to know, price

DGX-2, the world's fastest computer with artificial intelligence, has come to India

2 days ago

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artificial intelligence

DGX-2, the world's fastest computer with artificial intelligence, has come to India, which has been installed in th...Read More

Image ofProtesting-doctors-willing-to-meet-Mamata-Banerjee

Protesting doctors willing to meet Mamata Banerjee

They want media presence.

3 days ago

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After a two-and-half-hour-long meeting, a spokesperson of the joint forum of junior doctors told media they are keen to end this impasse. He added that they are ready to hold talks with the chief mini...Read More