Image ofFarmers-Protest-slogan-of-Kisan-Ekta-Zindabad-in-Ambala-black-flag-shown-to-Haryana-Minister-Anil-Vij

Farmers Protest: slogan of Kisan Ekta Zindabad in Ambala, black flag shown to Haryana Minister Anil Vij

India: Delhi | 2 days ago

Delhi Traffic Police has said that the Singhu border is still closed from both s...

Image ofCovid-19-Vaccine-PM-Modi-to-talk-to-three-teams-working-on-corona-vaccine-to-know

Covid 19 Vaccine: PM Modi to talk to three teams working on corona vaccine, to know

India | 3 days ago

A blue print has also been prepared for whom to deliver the corona vaccine in th...

Image ofHome-Minister-Amit-Shah039s-nephew-named-Viraj-Shah-cheated-MLAs-Yash-Amin-sent-to-jail-on-suspicion

Home Minister Amit Shah's nephew named Viraj Shah cheated MLAs, Yash Amin, sent to jail on suspicion

India: Uttar Pradesh | 3 days ago

The young man bought 40 thousand clothes from the showroom and asked Alok to pay...

Image ofBus-collided-with-tree-in-Kochi-Kerala-one-killed-25-injured

Bus collided with tree in Kochi, Kerala, one killed, 25 injured

Accidents | 3 days ago

According to the information received so far, one person has died. While being t...

Image ofExWWE-Bombshell-Summer-Rae-Posted-Inspirational-Message-o-37th-birthday

Ex-WWE Bombshell Summer Rae Posted Inspirational Message o 37th birthday

Sports: WWE | 3 days ago

As she turns 37, we just want to remind her of ageless beauty through these gorg...

Image ofIMD-issued-alert-low-pressure-area-created-in-Bay-of-Bengal-will-rain-in-coastal-areas-including-Tamil-Nadu-by-December-3

IMD issued alert, low pressure area created in Bay of Bengal will rain in coastal areas including Tamil Nadu by December 3

India | 4 days ago

A red alert has been issued in the Idukki district of Kerala for Wednesday and f...

Image ofTeacher-sitting-in-auto-protests-against-looting-and-murder-of-eye-shot-now-SIT-will-investigate-the-case

Teacher sitting in auto protests against looting and murder of eye shot, now SIT will investigate the case

Crime | 4 days ago

According to the police, woman Saika Parveen Dehri, a resident of Dehri On Son, ...

Image ofPatna-will-get-the-state039s-largest-elevated-road-going-north-and-south-Bihar-will-now-be-easy

Patna will get the state's largest elevated road, going north and south Bihar will now be easy

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

On Sunday, Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal, Managing Director of Divisional Commissioner c...

Image ofIndian-Railways-After-16-years-039Lalu-Ka-Kulhar039-will-be-seen-once-again-at-the-railway-stations-of-the-country

Indian Railways: After 16 years, 'Lalu Ka Kulhar' will be seen once again at the railway stations of the country.

Railways | 4 days ago

former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad, who was serving a jail sentence in the ...

Image ofGold-Price-Forecast-Will-gold-fall-below-45-thousand-rupees-its-brightness-is-continuously-declining-know-what-is-the-reason

Gold Price Forecast: Will gold fall below 45 thousand rupees, its brightness is continuously declining, know what is the reason

Business | 4 days ago

However, the price of gold has seen a slight increase in the international marke...

Image ofAashiqui-fame-actor-Rahul-Roy-recruited-in-ICU-in-Brain-Stroke-Mumbai

Aashiqui fame actor Rahul Roy recruited in ICU in Brain Stroke, Mumbai

Entertainment | 4 days ago

The star of the film Aashiqui, Rahul Roy, has suffered a brain stroke while shoo...

Image ofHow-to-check-whether-or-not-depositing-in-LPG-Subsidy-account-get-additional-cashback-in-addition-to-subsidy-on-cylinders-till-date

How to check whether or not depositing in LPG Subsidy account, get additional cashback in addition to subsidy on cylinders, till date

Business | 4 days ago

Booking details and cashback of 50 rupees will be available. This cashback will ...

Image ofFarmers-Protests-Trying-to-surround-the-capital-farmers-organizations-are-making-plans-like-this

Farmers Protests: Trying to surround the capital, farmers organizations are making plans like this

India: Delhi | 4 days ago

In the evening after the Farmers Protest meeting, held at the press conference h...

Image ofBank-Holidays-in-December-2020-Banks-will-be-closed-for-15-days-in-various-states-in-December-when-and-how-many-holidays-in-your-state-see-the-complete-list

Bank Holidays in December 2020: Banks will be closed for 15 days in various states in December, when and how many holidays in your state, see the complete list

Business | 4 days ago

Actually, 14 days holiday in total in different states of the country is going t...

Image ofSushil-Modi-said-Those-leaving-the-BJP-do-not-live-in-peace-no-power-in-Bihar-can-deter-the-NDA-government

Sushil Modi said - Those leaving the BJP do not live in peace, no power in Bihar can deter the NDA government

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Sushil Modi said that my soul resides in Bihar's NDA government.

Image of11-pairs-of-flights-will-not-fly-at-Patna-airport-from-December-15-many-planes-will-be-scheduled-for-change

11 pairs of flights will not fly at Patna airport from December 15, many planes will be scheduled for change

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Due to the temporary cancellation of aircraft and changes in their timetable, th...

Image ofBihar-Daroga-Nape-accused-of-colluding-with-liquor-traders-DGP-takes-action

Bihar: Daroga Nape accused of colluding with liquor traders, DGP takes action

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

It is known that three days ago, IG alcohol prohibition Amrit Raj suspended Avin...

Image ofWhatsApp-Tips-and-Tricks-Send-message-to-anyone-without-saving-number

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Send message to anyone without saving number

Science and Technology | 4 days ago

There are many special tricks of WhatsApp that very few users know about.

Image ofPike-Divided-Pike-Kotwar-Pradhan-Manjhi-and-other-Bhuis-will-be-done-in-Scheduled-Castes

Pike, Divided Pike, Kotwar, Pradhan, Manjhi and other Bhuis will be done in Scheduled Castes.

India: Jharkhand | 4 days ago

It has been said that Pike, Divided Pike, Kotwar, Pradhan, Manjhi, Dehri Kshatri...

Image ofCM-Yogi-Adityanath-angry-24-suspended-and-Case-against-33-Case-against-for-harassing-farmers

CM Yogi Adityanath angry, 24 suspended and Case against 33 Case against for harassing farmers

India: Uttar Pradesh | 4 days ago

Action of CM Yogi Adityanath Instructions of CM Yogi Adityanath Additional Chief...

Image ofAmit-Shah-In-Hyderabad-Amit-Shah-said-we-want-to-get-Hyderabad-free-from-Nizam-culture

Amit Shah In Hyderabad: Amit Shah said, we want to get Hyderabad free from Nizam culture

India: Politics | 4 days ago

After Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, now Home Minister Amit Shah ...

Image ofWorld-Aids-Day-2020-Seven-ART-centers-to-open-for-AIDS-victims-in-Bihar-investigation-and-treatment-will-be-easy-money-will-be-sent-to-account

World Aids Day 2020: Seven ART centers to open for AIDS victims in Bihar, investigation and treatment will be easy, money will be sent to account

India | 4 days ago

Only at these centers is a CD4 test, after which the doctors decide whether to s...

Image ofFarmers-adamant-on-demand-now-warning-of-jamming-Delhi-Home-Minister-Defense-Minister-and-Agriculture-Minister-meet-in-Nadda039s-house

Farmers adamant on demand, now warning of jamming Delhi, Home Minister, Defense Minister and Agriculture Minister meet in Nadda's house

India: Delhi | 4 days ago

The strike started on all routes going to Delhi. Said If they are worried about ...

Image ofAfter-visiting-the-institutions-now-Prime-Minister-Modi-will-communicate-today-with-the-three-teams-involved-in-developing-the-vaccine

After visiting the institutions, now Prime Minister Modi will communicate today with the three teams involved in developing the vaccine.

India | 4 days ago

Prime Minister Modi will interact with the three teams involved in developing th...

Image ofSalman-Khan-revealed-the-entry-of-these-challengers-in-Bigg-Boss-14

Salman Khan revealed the entry of these challengers in Bigg Boss 14

Entertainment | 4 days ago

Recently, Salman Khan had announced that Finale Week will be held in the show ne...

Image ofAnanya-Pandey-spent-a-few-days-like-this-Sunday-a-lot-of-fun-with-Doggie-the-fans-said-039Madam-Hum

Ananya Pandey spent a few days like this Sunday, a lot of fun with Doggie, the fans said, 'Madam Hum! . .

Entertainment | 4 days ago

Ananya Pandey made her Bollywood debut with Karan Johar`s banner Student of the ...

Image ofSerum-dismisses-allegations-of-problem-with-vaccine-warns-volunteer-to-stake-claim-of-100-crore

Serum dismisses allegations of problem with vaccine, warns volunteer to stake claim of 100 crore

India | 4 days ago

Vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India (CII) has dismissed the allegation...

Image ofHighlevel-meeting-of-Home-Minister-Shah-Defense-Minister-and-Agriculture-Minister-with-BJP-President-Nadda-on-seeing-the-fast-performance-of-farmers

High-level meeting of Home Minister Shah, Defense Minister and Agriculture Minister with BJP President Nadda on seeing the fast performance of farmers

India: Politics | 4 days ago

In view of the fast performance of farmers in Delhi, the top leaders of the cent...

Image ofHundreds-of-farmers-slogans-songs-and-drums-and-drums-gathered-in-Burari-field

Hundreds of farmers, slogans, songs and drums and drums gathered in Burari field

India: Delhi | 4 days ago

For three consecutive days, many of the thousands of peasants who had settled in...