Image ofRemoval-of-Paytm-from-Google-Play-Store-can-have-an-impact-on-users

Removal of Paytm from Google Play Store can have an impact on users!

Science and Technology | 1 week ago

Nowadays Paytm is used for almost every small and big payment among users and th...

Image ofNepal-Disputed-Map-Nepal-included-disputed-map-in-its-curriculum

Nepal Disputed Map: Nepal included disputed map in its curriculum

International | 1 week ago

Nepal has added more bitterness to its relations with India by including its dis...

Image ofBecause-of-Amrapali-Dubey-when-people-had-seen-this-movie-49-times-Nirhua-had-revealed

Because of Amrapali Dubey, when people had seen this movie 49 times, Nirhua had revealed

Entertainment | 1 week ago

At the same time, Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal Yadav said in an interview on t...

Image ofYeh-Rishta-Kya-Kehlata-Hai-Spoiler-Alert-Big-Twist-Karthik-goes-missing-after-Krishna039s-call-fearful-Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler Alert: Big Twist! Karthik goes missing after Krishna's call, fearful Naira

Entertainment | 1 week ago

Naira is worried and does not want Karthik to go away from her. She is afraid th...

Image ofKBC-12-This-day-will-be-the-premiere-of-the-12th-season-of-Kaun-Banega-Crorepati-the-rules-of-the-show-are-going-to-change-in-the-Corona-era

KBC 12: This day will be the premiere of the 12th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, the rules of the show are going to change in the Corona era

Entertainment | 1 week ago

The new season of Kaun Banega Crorepati will premiere on 28 September. The popul...

Image ofScientists-have-developed-new-rapid-test-technique-now-people-will-be-able-to-test-their-corona-on-their-own

Scientists have developed new rapid test technique, now people will be able to test their corona on their own

International | 1 week ago

Researchers have developed a new rapid test in the direction of combat with Coro...

Image of039Bigg-Boss-13039-Contestant-Rashmi-Desai-shared-this-bold-picture-the-fans-said-just-left-looking

'Bigg Boss 13' Contestant Rashmi Desai shared this bold picture, the fans said - just left looking ...

Entertainment | 1 week ago

TV actress Rashmi Desai remains in the headlines constantly. She is very active ...

Image ofDelhi-School-Reopen-News-All-schools-in-Delhi-will-be-closed-till-5th-October-Kejriwal-government-decided

Delhi School Reopen News: All schools in Delhi will be closed till 5th October, Kejriwal government decided

India: Delhi | 1 week ago

An order issued by the Delhi School Reopen News Directorate of Education (DOE) s...

Image ofIndia-China-1962-War-58-years-ago-China-had-fraudulently-attacked-the-northern-border-of-the-country

India China 1962 War: 58 years ago, China had fraudulently attacked the northern border of the country

India | 1 week ago

War In 1962, the atmosphere did not seem that China could attack. There was talk...

Image ofLIVE-Parliament-Monsoon-session-Anurag-Thakur-hit-back-at-Congress-you-set-up-trust-for-NehruGandhi-family

LIVE Parliament Monsoon session: Anurag Thakur hit back at Congress, you set up trust for Nehru-Gandhi family

India: Politics | 1 week ago

Anurag Thakur said that the opposition of PM Cares Fund is just because all thes...

Image ofKangana-Ranaut-Tweet-Kangana-Ranaut039s-challenge-if-anyone-can-prove-her-wrong-then-she-will-leave-Twitter

Kangana Ranaut Tweet: Kangana Ranaut's challenge, if anyone can prove her wrong, then she will leave Twitter

Entertainment | 1 week ago

A tweet by Kangana Ranot has come up for discussion. In this tweet, she has chal...

Image ofCM-Yogi-Adityanath-very-serious-about-government-recruitments-in-UP-sought-details-of-vacant-posts

CM Yogi Adityanath very serious about government recruitments in UP, sought details of vacant posts

India: Uttar Pradesh | 1 week ago

CM Yogi Adityanath clearly said that the recruitment process should be started i...

Image ofGadget-and-Internet-pack-will-be-given-to-students-for-online-classes-Delhi-HC-orders-important

Gadget and Internet pack will be given to students for online classes, Delhi HC orders important

India: Delhi | 1 week ago

The court has asked the government and private schools to ensure that the studen...

Image ofAll-Air-India-flights-to-Dubai-suspended-till-2-October-Corona-infected-passenger-found-in-aircraft

All Air India flights to Dubai suspended till 2 October, Corona infected passenger found in aircraft

International | 1 week ago

All Air India airlines have been suspended for the next 15 days i.e. 2 October, ...

Image ofUS-Elections-2020-Terrorist-Laden-and-SulaimaniTrump-would-not-have-died-if-Biden-had-control

US Elections 2020: Terrorist Laden and Sulaimani-Trump would not have died if Biden had control

International | 1 week ago

The US has a presidential election on November 3, in which Republican Donald Tru...

Image ofRhea-Chakraborty-Drugs-Case-NCB039s-big-action-in-Sushant-case-4-more-drug-peddlers-arrested

Rhea Chakraborty Drugs Case: NCB's big action in Sushant case, 4 more drug peddlers arrested

Entertainment | 1 week ago

NCB investigating the drugs angle in Sushant case is conducting raids in other s...

Image ofPM-Modi-Virtual-Rally-PM-Modi-inaugurates-Kosi-Rail-Mega-Bridge-said-Construction-of-AIIMS-in-Darbhanga-very-soon

PM Modi Virtual Rally: PM Modi inaugurates Kosi Rail Mega Bridge, said- Construction of AIIMS in Darbhanga very soon

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

PM Modi inaugurated the Kosi Rail Mega Bridge and 12 other rail projects in Biha...

Image ofSSC-Exam-2020-Center-Change-Choose-your-exam-city-from-today-How-to-do-exam-city-selection-for-CGL-CHSL-JE-selection-post-and-steno-exam

SSC Exam 2020 Center Change: Choose your exam city from today; How to do exam city selection for CGL, CHSL, JE, selection post and steno exam

Jobs and Recruitment | 1 week ago

Candidates can change exam city by login with their registration number and pas...

Image ofA-day-before-IPL-2020-begins-rules-changed-now-only-17-players-will-be-in-every-team

A day before IPL 2020 begins, rules changed, now only 17 players will be in every team

Sports: Cricket | 1 week ago

When the teams leave for the stadium from their hotel for the IPL 2020, only 17 ...

Image ofSushant-Singh-Wax-Statue-Sushant-Singh-Rajput039s-first-wax-statue-made-here-will-be-emotional

Sushant Singh Wax Statue: Sushant Singh Rajput's first wax statue made here, will be emotional

Entertainment | 1 week ago

Sushant's statue was unveiled on 17 September. This statue will be kept in the m...

Image ofNavratri-2020-Date-When-Sharadiya-Navratri-is-starting-know-the-date-and-auspicious-time-for-the-establishment-of-the-urn

Navratri 2020 Date: When Sharadiya Navratri is starting, know the date and auspicious time for the establishment of the urn

General | 1 week ago

The month has started from today, which will run till October 16. After this, Na...

Image ofAdhik-Maas-2020-Malamas-start-from-today-ban-on-all-auspicious-works-for-30-days

Adhik Maas 2020: Malamas start from today, ban on all auspicious works for 30 days

General | 1 week ago

According to the Hindu calendar, an additional month is added once every three y...

Image ofBihar-Flood-The-bridge-that-was-washed-away-before-the-inauguration-in-Kishanganj-Bihar-was-constructed-at-a-cost-of-crores

Bihar Flood: The bridge that was washed away before the inauguration in Kishanganj, Bihar, was constructed at a cost of crores

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

A bridge built at Kishanganj in Bihar would have become a great support for arou...

Image ofFacebook-and-Instagram-servers-down-worldwide-users-complain-on-social-media

Facebook and Instagram servers down worldwide, users complain on social media

Science and Technology | 1 week ago

Users could not use these platforms for almost an hour due to the server down on...

Image ofRajnath-Singh039s-revenge-in-Rajya-Sabha-on-the-issue-of-conflict-with-China-Rajnath-Singh-applauds

Rajnath Singh's revenge in Rajya Sabha on the issue of conflict with China, Rajnath Singh applauds

India: Politics | 1 week ago

The Congress leaders did ask some questions but gave a message to stand in solid...

Image ofJadhav-should-be-represented-in-Pak-by-Indian-lawyer-or-Queens-Council-Ministry-of-External-Affairs

Jadhav should be represented in Pak by Indian lawyer or Queens Council: Ministry of External Affairs

International | 1 week ago

India appealed to ensure an independent hearing to reconsider the sentence of fo...

Image ofKangana-Ranaut-vs-Anurag-Kashyap-Anurag-said-to-Kangana-you-are-the-only-one-to-climb-China-then-the-actress-replied-like-this

Kangana Ranaut vs Anurag Kashyap: Anurag said to Kangana - you are the only one to climb China, then the actress replied like this

Entertainment | 1 week ago

It is worth noting that Anurag had said some time back with some tweets that he ...

Image ofMonalisa039s-latest-dance-video-is-on-fire-on-social-media-fans-started-saying-O-La-La-La

Monalisa's latest dance video is on fire on social media, fans started saying O La La La. . .

Entertainment | 1 week ago

Monalisa has shared her very bold photos on Instagram account. In these pictures...

Image ofXYZ-dance-takes-place-in-Bhojpuri-is-it-in-Bollywood-Akshara-took-a-stand-in-support-of-Anubhav-Sinha039s-fiercely-leaked-class-Ravikishan

XYZ dance takes place in Bhojpuri, is it in Bollywood ... Akshara took a stand in support of Anubhav Sinha's fiercely leaked class, Ravikishan

Entertainment | 1 week ago

The matter went ahead and filmmaker Anubhav Sinha made a strange statement on t...

Image ofFirst-annual-meeting-on-cyber-security-between-India-and-US-discussion-on-cyber-threats

First annual meeting on cyber security between India and US, discussion on cyber threats

International | 1 week ago

The first meeting between India and the US has been held in which both countries...