Image ofWrestlers-Sangeeta-Phogat-and-Bajrang-Punia-will-marry-for-8-rounds-marry-for-1-rupee

Wrestlers Sangeeta Phogat and Bajrang Punia will marry for 8 rounds, marry for 1 rupee

Sports: Others | 1 week ago

According to family members, Bajrang Punia and Sangeeta Phogat will marry for j...

Image ofTulsi-Vivah-Dev-Uthani-Ekadashi-2020-10-benefits-of-fasting-today-do-not-forget-tulsi-puja-keep-such-things-in-mind

Tulsi Vivah / Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2020: 10 benefits of fasting today, do not forget tulsi puja, keep such things in mind

General | 1 week ago

According to religious texts, on this Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu married with Mother ...

Image ofDevuthni-Ekadshi-2020-Today-is-Devouthani-Ekadashi-there-will-never-be-a-shortage-of-money-to-do-these-things-today

Devuthni Ekadshi 2020: Today is Devouthani Ekadashi, there will never be a shortage of money to do these things today ...

General | 1 week ago

On the day of Lord Ekadashi, you anoint Lord Vishnu by adding saffron in milk. L...

Image ofHimachal-Pradesh-Decision-of-Himachal-government-all-educational-institutions-in-the-state-will-remain-closed-till-December-31

Himachal Pradesh: Decision of Himachal government, all educational institutions in the state will remain closed till December 31

Education: Schools | 1 week ago

Apart from keeping schools and colleges closed in the state of Himachal Pradesh,...

Image ofBombay-High-Court-stops-police-action-against-Kangana-Ranaut-will-record-statement-on-8-January

Bombay High Court stops police action against Kangana Ranaut, will record statement on 8 January

Entertainment | 1 week ago

The Bandra Police was ordered to investigate by registering a report to the Band...

Image of17-killed-50-injured-in-two-blasts-in-Bamiyan-city-of-Afghanistan

17 killed, 50 injured in two blasts in Bamiyan city of Afghanistan

International | 1 week ago

Afghanistan is once again in the grip of great violence.

Image ofCyclone-Nivar-039Prevention039-taking-form-of-raud-1200-NDRF-personnel-deployed-for-rescue-work-canceled-52-flights

Cyclone Nivar: 'Prevention' taking form of raud, 1,200 NDRF personnel deployed for rescue work, canceled 52 flights

India | 1 week ago

In view of the possibility of massive destruction, the National Disaster Respons...

Image ofMore-than-100-patients-die-from-Corona-for-the-fifth-consecutive-day-in-Delhi-6224-new-cases

More than 100 patients die from Corona for the fifth consecutive day in Delhi, 6224 new cases

India: Delhi | 1 week ago

Corona cases in Delhi are steadily increasing. 6224 new cases were also reported...

Image ofLove-Jihad-in-UP-Yogi-government039s-seal-on-proselytizing-ordinance-married-for-10-years-if-concealed-name

Love Jihad in UP: Yogi government's seal on proselytizing ordinance, married for 10 years if concealed name

India: Uttar Pradesh | 1 week ago

Uttar Pradesh's Yogi Adityanath government has brought a tough law to curb Love ...

Image ofDelhi-Riots-Umar-Khalid-and-Sharjeel-had-hatched-the-conspiracy-of-Delhi-riots-Bengalispeaking-women-were-called

Delhi Riots: Umar Khalid and Sharjeel had hatched the conspiracy of Delhi riots, Bengali-speaking women were called

India: Delhi | 1 week ago

The Special Cell has also stated in the chargesheet that Umar Khalid called 300 ...

Image ofAhmed-Patel-Passes-Away-Many-leaders-including-PM-Modi-Rahul-Gandhi-expressed-grief-over-the-death-of-Ahmed-Patel

Ahmed Patel Passes Away: Many leaders including PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi expressed grief over the death of Ahmed Patel

India: Politics | 1 week ago

Ahmed Patel, considered a senior Congress leader and close to Sonia Gandhi, pass...

Image ofSenior-Congress-leader-Ahmed-Patel-dies-from-Corona-close-to-Sonia-Gandhi

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel dies from Corona, close to Sonia Gandhi

India: Politics | 1 week ago

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel has passed away. His son Faisal Patel has giv...

Image ofPolice-recovered-more-than-15-million-banned-gutkha-coming-from-Delhi-know-how-it-was-recovered

Police recovered more than 1.5 million banned gutkha coming from Delhi, know how it was recovered

India: Jharkhand | 1 week ago

In this regard, Deoghar SP Ashwini Kumar Sinha told reporters that the police ha...

Image ofAware-of-the-corona-the-PM-said-May-that-poetry-not-be-accurate-Kashmiri-drowned-where-the-water-was-low

Aware of the corona, the PM said - May that poetry not be accurate ... Kashmiri drowned where the water was low

India: Politics | 1 week ago

Prime Minister Modi clearly said that India is in better condition than other co...

Image ofNSA-Doval-successful-in-keeping-PAK-away-from-Kashmir-issue-Anger-seen-in-retired-army-officer

NSA Doval successful in keeping PAK away from Kashmir issue? Anger seen in retired army officer

India | 1 week ago

The Pakistani official's remarks come at a time when politicians like Nawaz Shar...

Image ofMaharashtra-government-constitutes-task-force-to-ensure-timely-delivery-of-corona-vaccine

Maharashtra government constitutes task force to ensure timely delivery of corona vaccine

India | 1 week ago

Aditya Thackeray said that for the last few months, our government has been in t...

Image ofLove-Jihad-in-UP-Love-jihad-law-not-yet-approved-detailed-discussion-held-in-Yogi-cabinet-meeting

Love Jihad in UP: Love jihad law not yet approved, detailed discussion held in Yogi cabinet meeting

India: Uttar Pradesh | 1 week ago

Yogi Adityanath government is also going to bring a strong law to curb Love Jiha...

Image of43-Chinese-App-Banned-Indian-Government-Banned-43-Chinese-Mobile-Apps-Again-Know-What-Is-The-Reason-See-Full-List-Of-Banned-Apps

43 Chinese App Banned: Indian Government Banned 43 Chinese Mobile Apps Again, Know What Is The Reason, See Full List Of Banned Apps

Science and Technology | 1 week ago

43 Chinese apps have been banned by the Central Government. They include 15 dati...

Image ofCyclone-Nivar-Latest-Updates-Deep-Pressure-Zone-Turns-Into-Cyclone-Heavy-Devastation-Could-Cause-These-States

Cyclone Nivar Latest Updates: Deep Pressure Zone Turns Into Cyclone, Heavy Devastation Could Cause These States

India | 1 week ago

A deep pressure zone formed over the southwestern part of the Bay of Bengal move...

Image ofVigilance-raid-on-revenue-employee039s-house-in-Muzaffarpur-arms-recovered-raids-continue

Vigilance raid on revenue employee's house in Muzaffarpur, arms recovered, raids continue

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

According to the information, the raiding team is reported to have received two ...

Image ofGold-Price-Today-Gold-has-become-so-cheap-in-the-wedding-season-know-the-latest-price-shop-today-if-not

Gold Price Today: Gold has become so cheap in the wedding season, know the latest price, shop today if not ...

Business | 1 week ago

Let us tell you that in the last 2 days, gold prices have seen a fall of Rs 1200...

Image ofIRCTC-Indian-Railways-News-It-is-easy-to-go-from-Hatia-to-Purnia-and-Islampur-know-how-long-Pooja-special-train-will-run

IRCTC / Indian Railways News: It is easy to go from Hatia to Purnia and Islampur, know how long Pooja special train will run

Railways | 1 week ago

Now Hatia-Purnia Court-Hatia and Hatia- Islampur-Hatia Puja special train will r...

Image ofIGNOU-Hall-Ticket-December-2020-ndash-IGNOU-Term-End-Examination-Hall-Ticket

IGNOU Hall Ticket December 2020 – IGNOU Term End Examination Hall Ticket

Education: College Admit and Result | 1 week ago

IGNOU Hall Ticket Dec 2020 – IGNOU Exam Hall Ticket December / Hall Ticket IGN...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Bihar-10-days-of-high-alert-fear-of-second-wave-of-corona-in-Bihar-case-could-be-with-fine-if-it-comes-out-without-mask

Coronavirus in Bihar: 10 days of high alert, fear of second wave of corona in Bihar, case could be with fine if it comes out without mask

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The way the pace of infection is increasing in Bihar, there is also a possibilit...

Image ofBreaking-News-PM-Modi-said-How-long-will-the-vaccine-come-it-is-in-the-hands-of-scientists

Breaking News: PM Modi said - How long will the vaccine come, it is in the hands of scientists

India | 1 week ago

PM Modi said - When will the vaccine come, it is in the hands of scientists. Del...

Image ofKejriwal-government039s-strategy-to-battle-Coronavirus-order-to-buy-1200-BiPAP-machines-for-new-ICU-beds

Kejriwal government's strategy to battle Coronavirus, order to buy 1200 BiPAP machines for new ICU beds

India: Delhi | 1 week ago

Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the mobile RT-PCR test laboratory in t...

Image ofWhen-039Bahubali039-star-Rana-Daggubati-was-in-danger-due-to-deteriorating-health-the-actor-made-a-shocking-disclosure

When 'Bahubali' star Rana Daggubati was in danger due to deteriorating health, the actor made a shocking disclosure

Entertainment | 1 week ago

On August 8, Rana Daggubati got married with Mihika Bajaj in Hyderabad. Due to C...

Image ofThe-Kapil-Sharma-Show-039Now-you-will-say-why-I-wore-a-bikini-039-when-Kapil-Sharma039s-039Bhuri039-gave-trolls-a-befitting-reply

The Kapil Sharma Show: 'Now you will say why I wore a bikini ...', when Kapil Sharma's 'Bhuri' gave trolls a befitting reply.

Entertainment | 1 week ago

Sumona Chakraborty shared a picture of the swimming pool some time ago, which sh...

Image ofInternational-Emmy-Awards-2020-039Delhi-Crime039-won-the-Best-Drama-Series-Award-on-Nirbhaya-case-so-Shefali-Shah-said-in-happiness

International Emmy Awards 2020: 'Delhi Crime' won the Best Drama Series Award on Nirbhaya case, so Shefali Shah said in happiness

Entertainment | 1 week ago

Best Drama Series: Delhi Crime, Best Comedy Series: Ninguem Ta Olhando, Best A...