Monthly RomanticScopes

Aries Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

As the sun spends time in practical Taurus at the beginning of the month, your love life slows down a bit and you become more responsible. You love to live in the moment, but now your long-term romantic goals are much more in focus. If you’re in a relationship, take the next step up the commitment ladder.

Loving Venus has also been spending time with patient Taurus, but as she moves into versatile Gemini on May 8, you begin to consider other possibilities. If you’re in a long-term relationship, your wandering eye won’t be popular with your partner. If you’re single, schedule as many “get to know you” dates as possible!

There’s a new moon in earthy Taurus on the eleventh that reminds you to set your intentions for the month ahead. The coming lunar cycle has a lot of promise, especially if you already have someone special in your life. If you’re looking for your soul mate, other earth signs have long-term promise.

Your ruling planet Mars is partnered with watery Cancer during its trine to ethereal Neptune in Pisces on May 31, bringing your emotions crashing to the surface. Although it might be preferable to play hard to get, you have a difficult time hiding how you really feel now. Let your intuition guide you when you’re unsure.

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Taurus Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Cosmically, you have a lot on your plate at the start of the month because your sign plays patient host to the sun, Mercury, and Venus all at once! This is a strong signal to slow down and appreciate the things you have, Taurus. If you don’t currently have true love in your life, find other things to celebrate.

Venus, your ruling planet, parts ways with your sign on the eighth to take up residence in Gemini, the airy house of the Twins. You have two distinct romantic personalities now, and it will be hard for a current or potential partner to get a read on you. You aren’t being duplicitous on purpose; it’s just your nature right now.

Ceres, the asteroid of maternal love, enters your traditional sign on May 8 as well, at which point you might become interested in being “mothered,” in a sense. If you already have a partner, you’ll enjoy them spoiling and pampering you. If you’re still single, you might get ridiculed for being a mama’s guy or girl, but hey, you don’t really see anything wrong with that.

There’s a new moon in your dedicated sign on the eleventh that gives off enough energy for you to set positive intentions for the rest of the month. A new moon lunation is the perfect time to set goals and start to work toward them so you can eventually enjoy the long-term success your hard work will bring.

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Gemini Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

You’re quick with witty comments and one-liners when your home planet Mercury partners with your fast-thinking, intelligent sign on May 3, which should enhance your love life quite a bit. Geminis in relationships are irresistible and charming to their partners, and single Twins will be popular to the masses. No matter what your status, you’ve got plenty of options!

Love goddess Venus floats into your airy sign on the eighth, giving your love life a much more easygoing energy. It’s not that you don’t have romantic hopes and dreams just like everyone else, but you aren’t fixated on them now. Your “whatever happens, happens” attitude about love is refreshing.

The sun starts its journey in your curious sign on May 20, so you spend the rest of your month trying to get to the truth. Single Geminis love exploring new places and getting to know new people in your quest for knowledge, and you might just meet someone special while you aren’t looking for love! Attached Twins, make it your mission to find out something about your partner that you didn’t know before.

Mercury goes retrograde for the second time this year while in your sign on the twenty-ninth, setting off a perfect storm of malfunctions and miscommunications. Wow, it seems like whatever can go wrong does now, and you’re powerless to stop it. When dates get canceled and DMs go missing, the only thing you can control is your reaction.

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Cancer Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Your love life is set to a slower soundtrack while the sun spends time in leisurely Taurus at the beginning of the month. You should have lots of time to perfect certain things you’ve been working on because this transit gives you lots of patience to get the job done.

The partnership between Venus and Gemini begins on May 8, giving you a lot to be curious about. If you’re single and an attractive stranger moves in next door, you might want to know what their deal is. Or maybe you’re in a committed relationship and you just found some mysterious charges on your credit card. Is your partner doing something behind your back? These are the questions you want answers to now!

There’s a sextile on the eleventh between Mars in your sign and offbeat Uranus in Taurus that brings some uncertainty in the best way possible. When things get shaken up, you’re forced to act and get out of your same old routine. And this is good for you no matter what your relationship status!

Your ruler moon displays a full lunar eclipse on May 26 that can bring up some very intense emotions. Try not to take things too personally. Everyone is on edge now.

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Leo Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

You’re ruled by the majestic sun, so while it’s spending time in luxury-loving Taurus at the beginning of the month, you really want to make a good impression on people (a current partner or crush, especially). Here’s the thing, though: this pair doesn’t advocate spending more than you make on romantic gifts and gestures! So, while you might want to go into debt to give someone something you know they’ll really like, it’s best to be fiscally responsible now.

The sun-Saturn square on May 3 puts up barriers between you and an ideal romantic situation, but you’re not just going to lie down and accept it. When it comes to love, you’ll move mountains in its name, so whatever obstacles you have to climb to get to it, you’re ready.

The sun leaves Taurus for airy Gemini on the twentieth, giving you the gift of excellent communication. Your voice is smooth and seductive, and you’re a treasure trove of random information. You’re great at trivia games now or impressing a first date with your knowledge about practically any topic they bring up.

Mercury goes into retrograde while also in Gemini on May 29, sending your romantic plans into a tailspin. Since you can’t count on everything going right, why not prepare for it to go wrong? Who knows? You might even laugh about it someday!

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Virgo Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Your communicative leader Mercury is in conservative Taurus to begin the month, which is a comfortable place for you to be. You definitely don’t feel the need to call attention to yourself now by blurting out anything inappropriate in front of your partner or crush. Some say you’re too predictable, but, honestly, you take that as a compliment.

A Mercury-Pluto trine with both planets in steady earth signs arrives on May 2, giving you a chance to talk through romantic difficulties with little to no stress or awkwardness, Chances are good that you’ve done enough soul searching to know where you stand on a range of topics your current or potential partner might bring up now.

The twelfth brings a Mercury-Saturn trine that can help you form meaningful bonds with people, and a romance could start up between you and someone you work with or for. There’s a strong sense of teamwork in this aspect, and the more you work toward a goal with someone, the closer you become emotionally. Unless you’re committed to someone else, don’t fight it.

Mercury goes retrograde while in flaky Gemini on May 29, giving you a very uneasy feeling. A lot of things will happen in the next couple weeks that aren’t technically your fault, but you could get blamed for them anyway. All you can do is explain that you’re trying your best.

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Libra Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Lovely Venus, your ruler, is traveling with Taurus, the other sign she rules, at the beginning of the month, which puts you in a comfortable position concerning love. Whether you’re with your soul mate or have eyes on your next great love, this pair can help you wait patiently for good (or better) things to come.

Venus leaves Taurus for restless Gemini on May 8, so even if you’re extremely satisfied with your current love situation, you still might experience “the grass is always greener” phenomenon. Are you really prepared to give up a good thing for a “what if” situation? Good luck, Libra.

Expansive Jupiter exits air sign Aquarius and partners with idealistic Pisces on the thirteenth, tying luck with spirituality and compassion. If you’re looking for love, you might find it at a spiritual retreat or in a prayer group. Already found your special person? You’re much more understanding with them than usual.

May 27 brings a draining Venus-Neptune square that will end the month on a down note if you let it. Romantic decisions are very difficult now as you struggle to figure out what’s real and what you’ve just made up in your head and choose to believe because it sounds nice.

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Scorpio Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

You have love on your mind as Venus in Taurus trines your co-ruler Pluto while in serious Capricorn on May 6, mainly because there will be a lot of things going on that you can’t control. OMG! That’s like one of the worst things ever, right, Scorpio?! Luckily, this aspect helps you thoroughly explore your own headspace and come up with workable situations that will put you back in the driver’s seat where you belong.

Mars, your other ruler, is in kindred emotional water sign Cancer during its sextile to Uranus in earthy Taurus on the eleventh, helping you roll with the changes by tapping into your intuition and mining your subconscious for clues about how to proceed. Change throws a fixed sign like you off for a while, but you always find a way to get back on your game.

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in expansive Sagittarius on May 26 that challenges you to break the rules, but doing so won’t get you very far. You’re all too familiar with spontaneous romantic actions and their consequences, so fight the urge to do anything during this lunation you might later regret.

A Mars-Neptune trine on the thirty-first brings a sense of mystery and a dreamlike atmosphere to the last day of the month. Sharing a dream with a current lover is erotic, and giving a potential lover a tarot reading is just as sensual. Your love life is obscure and shadowy in the best possible way.

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Sagittarius Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Taurus hosts the sun early this month, ensuring that you take your romantic duties very seriously. There’s still room for fun (mostly in the form of luxurious pampering), but the overall tone for Archers in relationships is committed and forward focused. Single Archers, it’s time to show what a great and dedicated partner you could make someone someday!

Your ruler Jupiter exits friendly Aquarius for more sensitive, soft-spoken Pisces on May 13, ensuring that most of your romantic escapades have a dreamlike quality with a hint of idealism and a tinge of fantasy. We’re not saying you’re in denial, but….

The sun-Jupiter square on the twenty-first raises your confidence and could make you come off as a bit egotistical. Of course, you’re a great catch and you want everyone to know that. But the more you brag, the more it seems like you might be your own biggest admirer. Which isn’t all that sexy. Say less, Sag!

The full moon and lunar eclipse are hosted by your fiery sign on May 26, ending the month on a positive note. Although this lunation isn’t the best time to act on romantic plans, it’s a great time to start thinking of your next move. Make sure things are cool with an ex before you announce a new romance.

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Capricorn Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

Your love life is pretty serious at the start of the month, with three celestial bodies—the sun, Venus, and Mercury—all in security-conscious, practical fellow earth sign Taurus. Most romantic endeavors will run smoothly as long as you approach them with common sense and a willingness to be patient.

The sun-Saturn (your ruler) square on May 3 insists on putting problems in your path to see whether or not you’re up to solving them. The joke’s on the universe on this one, though, because when it comes to true love, you stop at nothing to make sure you’re successful.

A new moon in Taurus arrives on the eleventh, urging you to set some concrete goals regarding your love life and possibly how it’s linked to your finances. If you have joint accounts with a partner, make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to savings strategies. Single Goats might be in the mood to spoil your crush, but make sure you don’t go overboard and spend a lot of your hard-earned money before you know if the feelings you have for them are mutual.

A trine between the practical sun in Taurus and Pluto in your reasonable sign on May 17 doesn’t produce many sparks, but it gives you enough positive energy to get the job done. If you have a romantic goal, Capricorn, you’ll be one step closer to reaching it soon.


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Aquarius Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

It's not that you aren’t happy or excited about your love life during the square between Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in your freedom-loving sign on May 3, but your excess energy can easily be wasted on things that don’t really matter. The more you’re able to zero in on an individual situation, the more enjoyable it will be.

Romantic Venus moves into air sign Gemini on the eighth, whispering in your ear that there’s a lot more to life than what you see in front of you. If you’re single, this is a great time to explore a whole new world. Try new things, meet new people, and be flexible and open-minded! If you’re in a committed relationship, explore your curiosity together.

There’s a powerful sextile between Mars in water sign Cancer and your ruling planet Uranus in earthy Taurus on May 11, encouraging you have a little bit—or a lot—of fun! Single Aquarians are attracted to people very different from you, and you can learn a lot by getting to know someone from a different race or culture. Attached Water Bearers, there are plenty of fun experiments you can do together that don’t require you to leave the house (wink, wink).

The sun partners with fellow air sign Gemini on the twentieth, bringing out your flirty persona. Even if you’re dating or married, you still have what it takes to attract all types of people. You’ve just got it like that!

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Pisces Monthly RomanticScope for May 01, 2021

The happy sextile between Venus in dedicated Taurus and your ruler in your own sensual sign on May 2 helps you get your month off to a great start by encouraging you to indulge in your dreams and fantasies. And if you’re finally ready to turn one of them into reality, you have plenty of volunteers willing to help!

Searching Jupiter leaves aloof Aquarius and moves into your warm, creative sign on the thirteenth, sending you on a quest to learn all you can about love. Keeping an open mind will be imperative to taking advantage of every life experience now. Baring your soul during this transit has potentially negative consequences, but the possible rewards more than make up for them.

The chatty Gemini sun squares Jupiter on May 21, causing tension when you try to do the impossible. In your head you know that a square peg won’t fit into a round hole, but the heart wants what it wants. The best way to get through this trying aspect is to just do your best to accept the things you can’t change about the person you love.

Mercury goes retrograde while also spending time in restless Gemini on the twenty-ninth, causing love-related disputes mainly regarding misunderstandings. It’s possible to misinterpret comments about your love life on social media, so be sure to contact the original poster about it directly before believing anything you see now.

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Customers reached court ... | | Bihar: Sushil Modi's brother dies of corona infection, tweet himself information ... | | After 5 defeats, Hyderabad will come out with the biggest change today, this veteran will... | | Election Results 2021 Live: DMK wins one seat in Puducherry, know the state of Tamil... | | LIVE Assam Election Result 2021: CM Sonowal said, BJP's government will be formed again in... | | Exports surged to $ 30.21 billion in April, trade deficit stood at $ 15.24 billion... | | World`s Expensive Number Plate: The most expensive number plate sold for around 76 crores, mobile... | | LIVE Nandigram Election Result 2021: Mamata Banerjee leads in Nandigram, Shubhendu Adhikari by 2700 votes... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: Kinnar Kajal Kiran Gram Pradhan elected from Bidhanu block... | | LIVE Bengal Election Result 2021: TMC`s double century in trends, BJP below 100; Many stalwarts... | | Belgium sends 9000 vials of Remedisvir to India, France and Uzbekistan also send medical equipment... | | CM Yogi Adityanath announced two big schemes for two crore workers of Uttar Pradesh... | | Government gives relief to taxpayers, ITR filing date extended till May 31... | | Election Results 2021 Live Updates: Trends in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, know updates from... | | LIVE Assam Election Result 2021: Counting continues, trends in tough competition in BJP and Congress... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Result 2021: Now the work of counting the votes of the... | | LIVE Bengal Election Result 2021: TMC and BJP contest in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee behind Nandigram... | | OPSC Group B Recruitment 2021: Vacancy left for other posts including Homeopathic Medical Officer, apply... | | IPL 2021 MI vs CSK Match LIVE: Mumbai`s third wicket fell, D`kock scored 38 runs... | | Corona Curfew: Now the Corona curfew has been extended till May 6 in four districts... | | Power house got installed from China, now Pakistan is beset with debt, this appeal to... | | Delhi Lockdown Extension Update: CM Kejriwal extended lockdown for 1 week, uncontrolled situation from Corona... | | By October-November, the third wave is expected, strong preparations are being made to deal with... | | CBSE announced the evaluation policy for the 10th board's cancellation exam, know how to get... | | SBI Recruitment 2021: Apply for 144 posts including Specialist Cadre Officer and Pharmacist, apply last... | | R. Madhavan angry on people who are doing black marketing of remdesivir, said- Please note,... | | The legendary cricketer and commentator told this team the contenders to win the title of... | | Bengal Election: Special vigilance over Nandigram in view of counting of votes, 13 companies of... | | SBI cuts interest rates on home loan, customers get relief on KYC... | | Toyota closes production plant, customers will not be able to buy this supreme SUV... | | CM Nitish and Lalu mourn Shahabuddin's death, stunning remarks - irreparable damage to RJD... | | UP Panchayat Election Counting: Supreme Court allows counting of UP Panchayat elections, ban on victory... | | During the Corona crisis, the Indian Army came forward to help the countrymen, said -... | | Delhi Oxygen Crisis: Oxygen crisis again at Batra Hospital in Delhi, 8 patients died within... | | Maharashtra GDS Recruitment 2021: Vacancy released on 2428 posts of Gramin Dak Sevak in Maharashtra... | | When Anushka sharma`s face was ruined after lip surgery, viewers were left laughing... | | Tughlaqi decree of the collector, imprisoned the Corona infected in the house; Locks open after... | | From 18 to 44 years in Delhi, where will the vaccine be applied from today... | | The government has set food production target of 30.73 million tonnes for the crop year... | | Covid 19 India News: Amidst the corona crisis, a stock of medical equipment arrived from... | | Complete Lockdown in India: Will complete lockdown in the country from May 3 to May... | | Corona breaks all records, 3.94 lakh cases in 24 hours in the country, 3,388 deaths,... | | Gujarat: 16 people died in Bharuch hospital fire; State government will help 4 lakh families... | | PM Modi reached Gurudwara Sheeshganj Sahib without security cover, he said - Guru Tegh Bahadur's... | | IPL 2021 RCB vs PBKS LIVE: Bangalore gets sixth blow, Shahbaz Ahmed is out... | | Lockdown: Uddhav Thackeray said - We will compete with Corona like last year, there is... | | Vaccination in India: Vaccination of people over 18 years of age since yesterday, but do... | | Corona Update in India: trained nurses with ICU beds and ventilators are also needed in... | | Coronavirus in India: Chinese President sends message to PM Narendra Modi, offering help to deal... | | Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh suspends all programs till July, training class also banned... | | Home Ministry gave instructions to states on the shortage of oxygen in hospitals, know what... | | Bengal coronavirus: As soon as polling is over, strict steps, shopping malls, bars and swimming... | | CBSE Affiliation: CBSE has extended the date of submission of the affiliation application form, now... | | Oxygen cylinder blast in Kanpur: one killed, three injured in a cylinder explosion at Panki... | | India`s thinnest smartphone Vivo V21 5G launched, know the price and specifications... | | Israel Stampede News Update: Rampage in a religious gathering in Israel, 44 people killed; More... | | Ireland, Hong Kong and Romania sent medical equipment to India, Japan also came forward to... | | EXIT Poll: BJP leads in exit poll, Congress battered on every front, know- whose government... | | Records broken again, 3.86 lakh cases of corona in the country in 24 hours, 3,501... | | Today`s meeting of the Union Council of Ministers on Corona, Prime Minister Modi will review... | | Randhir Kapoor Corona positive, hospitalized... | | Corona did blood relations meaningless in Patna - the dead did not recognize the deceased... | | Mercedes listed its second electric car on the website, runs 770km in single charge, will... | | This medicine is effective on patients with low symptoms of corona, AYUSH ministry said, you... | | UP, Bihar, MP Lockdown Update: Lockdown guidelines have changed in many states including UP, Bihar,... | | West Bengal Exit Polls Highlights: According to exit poll, BJP and TMC collide in Bengal,... | | LIVE West Bengal Exit Polls: According to exit poll, BJP and Trinamool in Bengal have... | | AIBE 16: last date for all india bar exam registration tomorrow, apply quickly... | | Babil Khan remembers father Irfan Khan on his first death anniversary, wrote- 'No one can... | | Who did Manish Pandey drop from the team, Sunrisers Hyderabad coach revealed... | | The central government`s big move, the production of Remedicivir injection will soon be increased to... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Fourth Phase Voting: Deadly attack on husband and brothers-in-law of prime... | | Between January and March, the demand for gold in the country increased by 37 percent,... | | Young people who have been previously corona infected are at risk of re-infection, they are... | | Eminent poet Kunwar restless died of corona, Dr. Kumar Vishwas tweeted information... | | LIVE West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: 56.19 percent voting till 1 pm, Governor cast vote... | | UP Lockdown Extension: Yogi Adityanath government extended Corona curfew to see increasing cases of Covid,... | | Bank of Baroda Application 2021: Last day of application for 511 manager other posts in... | | Bihar Lockdown Guidelines: Shops will open in Bihar till four in the evening, night curfew... | | 8,216 crore loan applications under Agri Infra Fund, target of disbursing Rs 1 lakh crore... | | LIVE UP Panchayat Election Fourth Phase Voting: Uproar, polling stopped after ballot was stolen from... | | Kerala`s first woman DGP accuses her police of ignoring her... | | LIVE West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: PM Modi's appeal, vote following the Kovid protocol... | | All records broken, more than 3.79 lakh cases in 24 hours in the country, 3,646... | | A single dose of vaccine is also very useful, single dose reduces the risk of... | | Accused of election officials of TMC candidate's wife who lost her life from Corona, police... | | Oxygen Crisis: Maruti Suzuki to close Haryana plant, Gujarat factory will also be closed ... | | DRDO successfully tests Python-5 missile, will make enemies in the air ... | | Railways canceled half a dozen special trains due to Corona, some new special trains started,... | | Good news: 100-bed Kovid Hospital being built in Patna's Pataliputra Sports Complex, will also have... | | Haryana News: 250-bed hospital will be ready in a week in front of oxygen plant ... | | WBPSC Exam 2021: West Bengal Civil Services Prelims, Main and many other examinations postponed due... | | In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, Kangana Ranaut praised PM Modi, trollers said -... | | Womens T20 Challenge can be canceled this year, a BCCI official announced... | | Former UP DGP Vikram filed a petition in Delhi High Court, leaders who had gone... | | Eknath Gaikwad Passes Away: Senior Maharashtra Congress leader and former MP Eknath Gaikwad dies... | | In Mirjapur, the roof of the house fell in the morning, five people died on... | | Corona: Many countries ban Indian flights, know which countries have not banned so far... | | UGC will issue a guideline to prepare for all the upcoming examinations and admission process... | | Singapore came forward to help India, Air Force C-130 aircraft departing with 256 oxygen cylinders... | | Jharkhand Lockdown AGAIN: Lockdown in Jharkhand may increase for a week, decision today... | | Axis Bank net profit of Rs 2,677 crore in January-March quarter, NPA also reduced... | | Apple's latest iOS 14.5 update released, users will be able to unlock iPhone without face... | | Do not worry, the workers of UP and Bihar, AAP government will put 10 thousand... | | Bengal Chunav: In the final phase of elections, many big challenges will be before the... | | COVID Death Toll in India: More than 3000 deaths a day from Corona for the... | | Vaccination in India: Corona vaccine will be given to people above 18 years of age... | | Kisan Andolan: Farmers say surprising things about the Corona virus at the movement site, you... | | Omar Abdullah: Omar Abdullah freed from Corona, found test negative 18 days later... | | COVID-19: Apple also announced India's help, Google and Microsoft have already announced support... | | The country's cheapest MPV Renault Triber launched a new avatar, starting price is just 5.30... | | The first consignment of Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V arriving in India on May 1,... | | CM Yogi Adityanath said - UP government will provide Remedesvir to the seriously infected for... | | Oxygen plants and tankers being sourced from abroad in Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal... | | Supreme Court asks Central Government for information on medical facilities, oxygen supply and vaccination program... | | COVID 19 Deaths in Delhi: MCD's death toll increases, MCD increases platform at 9 crematoriums ... | | Viral Video: Rampur District Hospital creates ruckus, nurse slaps doctor ... | | Indian Railways: All these trains will be canceled from April 27 to May 12, check... | | 52 people became corona positive in the sky! 118 passengers boarded the flight to take... | | How Indian Railways is proving troublesome in Corona epidemic crisis? ... | | Chhattisgarh News: Karuna Shukla, niece of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, dies from Corona ... | | Great help from Britain in the fight against Corona, France extends hand to remove oxygen... | | Ara News: Bullet shot on a young man who was married, police denied the incident... | | Corona in Delhi: Oxygen Express reached Delhi from Chhattisgarh with 4 tankers, just 12 ICU... | | KVS Admission-2021: Kendriya Vidyalaya postponed admission process due to Corona... | | Himachal will give oxygen to Delhi, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur took this big decision... | | After seven years, the relationship of Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala was broken, said- 'Now he... | | IPL 2021: RCB coach Katich calls Dhoni a 'master', big talk in praise of CSK ... | | Covid-19: Sir Gangaram Hospital received 5 metric tons of oxygen, 30 patients were on ventilator ... | | Corona havoc in India! Pakistan offers many devices including ventilators ... | | BREAKING: CM Arvind Kejriwal extended lockdown for a week in Delhi ... | | SSC GD Constable Notification 2021: Know when the GD Constable Recruitment Exam notification will be... | | Lalit Behl Died: Wave of mourning in the industry, actor Lalit Bahl died from Corona,... | | Chamoli Glacier Burst: iceberg breaks in Malari Valley, team leaves for spot; Alert issued; The... | | Learn great tricks of WhatsApp, you can send messages without typing... | | US President Biden said - resolve to take environmental reform together and bring change... | | Oxygen Express: Hospitalized patients will receive breath, oxygen tanker brought two tankers from Bokaro to... | | International fraternity worries as second wave of Corona in India begins unbridled, helping hand... | | 3,44,949 new cases of corona found in the country and 2,415 lost their lifes, Maharashtra... | | Preparing to get oxygen tanker from Singapore and UAE, Amit Shah gave many instructions to... | | UP Police SI Application 2021: Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board extended application date... | | Musician Shravan dies due to corona epidemic, fans expressed grief... | | High court serious about oxygen supply disrupted in Delhi, said - This country is being... | | Justice SA Bobde, who gave verdict on Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi, will retire today... | | Corona havoc, more than 3.32 lakh cases in the last 24 hours in the country,... | | Fire in Covid Hospital Maharashtra: Giant fire at Covid Center in Vasai, Palghar, traumatic death... | | EC strict on election campaign in Bengal: Ban on roadshow, post tour, bicycle and bike... | | IPL LIVE: Virat also put the 40th Fifty, the first batsman in the world to... | | IPL 2021: RCB vs RR Live Update: Devdutt Padikkal`s strong innings, RCB target of 178... | | Indian Railway News: Railways has given huge facility to the passengers of UP-Bihar, 6 special... | | Remdesivir News: AIIMS removed Remedesvir from the protocol of treatment for Corona patients, know the... | | Bengal Election 2021: Despite the havoc of Corona, voting in the sixth phase fiercely, 79.09... | | Corona epidemic uncontrollable in the country, America also breaks record; The highest number of cases... | | Coronavirus Vaccine: Rich countries become big hurdles in the fight against Corona, thus creating hurdles... | | PM Modi to hold meetings tomorrow on Corona crisis, strict actions will be taken against... | | BEL Recruitment 2021: Defense PSU BEL recruitment of 268 posts in these states, apply this... | | Gorakhpur Oxygen Plant News: Production stalled at Oxygen plant in Gorakhpur, supply halted... |