Become a Reporter & Get Exclusive Benifits

If you love to write about your Local Incidents, we would love to publish them and at the same time reward you for the same.

News247Plus brings you an exciting opportunity to start your career in the world of Journalism. Here are the levels, criteria and benefits of working with us.

Designation Eligibility Benifits
Intern Reporter Submit Application

Verify Credentials

Submit 1 news
Recognition as a Journalist
Reporter 100 News Approved Digital Reporter Id Card
Senior Reporter 1000 News Approved Digital Reporter Id Card

PVC Reporter ID Card

Extra Level Of Authority

Payment per Approval

Once you become a reporter of our organization, you should follow the following terms and condition under every circumstances.

  1. You should respect the Indian Nation, Indian Flag as well as the Indian National Anthem.

  2. You Should also respect all other nations, their people and their Flag.

  3. You shall not be biased and influenced by any political parties, celebrities or industrialist.

  4. you shall not write down Press on you vehicle as the identity card only represents you as our reporter and it does not accredit your vehicle.

  5. You should not use the id card to break the law and gain unlawful access to any place.

  6. You should not threat or blackmail any person.

  7. you should write unbiased content and accompany your statement with proofs.

  8. You shall be held responsible for the genuinity of the article submitted.

  9. All Submitted Article may not be approved.

  10. You should not spam our System

  11. Breaking any of the rules shall lead to serious action against a reporter.