Image ofNotification-issued-on-order-of-NGT-industrial-units-will-not-be-set-up-in-Patna-Muzaffarpur-and-Gaya

Notification issued on order of NGT, industrial units will not be set up in Patna, Muzaffarpur and Gaya

India: Bihar | 20 hours ago

In this regard, the National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi has issu...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Bihar-Bihar-government-releases-new-rates-of-corona-test-RTPCR-test-in-private-labs-now-for-just-Rs-800

Coronavirus in Bihar: Bihar government releases new rates of corona test, RTPCR test in private labs now for just Rs 800

India: Bihar | 2 days ago

The Health Department has said that the ICMR has given permission for a private ...

Image ofPetition-to-postpone-Bihar-Judicial-Magistrate-PT-exam-dismissed-in-High-Court-know-when-will-be-preliminary-examination

Petition to postpone Bihar Judicial Magistrate PT exam dismissed in High Court, know when will be preliminary examination

India: Bihar | 2 days ago

Advocate of Bihar Public Service Commission opposed the petition saying that whe...

Image ofDozens-of-options-will-be-given-to-couples-in-Bihar-regarding-population-control-know-what-is-the-basket-of-choice

Dozens of options will be given to couples in Bihar regarding population control, know what is the basket of choice

India: Bihar | 3 days ago

11 lakh 19 thousand used oral pill as a contraceptive in women across the state....

Image ofWorld-AIDS-Day-More-than-15-HIV-infected-daily-in-Bihar-during-Corona-period-many-government-schemes-got-a-break

World AIDS Day: More than 15 HIV infected daily in Bihar during Corona period, many government schemes got a break

India: Bihar | 3 days ago

According to the Bihar AIDS Control Committee, during the HIV screening conducte...

Image ofPatna-will-get-the-state039s-largest-elevated-road-going-north-and-south-Bihar-will-now-be-easy

Patna will get the state's largest elevated road, going north and south Bihar will now be easy

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

On Sunday, Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal, Managing Director of Divisional Commissioner c...

Image ofSushil-Modi-said-Those-leaving-the-BJP-do-not-live-in-peace-no-power-in-Bihar-can-deter-the-NDA-government

Sushil Modi said - Those leaving the BJP do not live in peace, no power in Bihar can deter the NDA government

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Sushil Modi said that my soul resides in Bihar's NDA government.

Image of11-pairs-of-flights-will-not-fly-at-Patna-airport-from-December-15-many-planes-will-be-scheduled-for-change

11 pairs of flights will not fly at Patna airport from December 15, many planes will be scheduled for change

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Due to the temporary cancellation of aircraft and changes in their timetable, th...

Image ofBihar-Daroga-Nape-accused-of-colluding-with-liquor-traders-DGP-takes-action

Bihar: Daroga Nape accused of colluding with liquor traders, DGP takes action

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

It is known that three days ago, IG alcohol prohibition Amrit Raj suspended Avin...

Image ofBihar-News-Refined-oil-rises-by-five-rupees-know-new-rate-of-mustard-oil-in-Bihar

Bihar News: Refined oil rises by five rupees, know new rate of mustard oil in Bihar

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

Ramesh Chandra Talreja, general secretary of the Bihar Retailer Federation, said...

Image ofPatna-corona-cases-Corona-havoc-not-stopped-in-Patna-267-more-people-found-positive-9-new-containment-zones-created

Patna corona cases: Corona havoc not stopped in Patna, 267 more people found positive, 9 new containment zones created

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

Micro Containment Zone has been created in nine new places of Patna Sadar area d...

Image ofIn-Bihar-criminals-are-no-longer-good-CM-Nitish-holds-a-meeting-to-check-crime-these-instructions

In Bihar, criminals are no longer good, CM Nitish holds a meeting to check crime, these instructions

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

The Chief Minister also asked to take necessary steps for control against cyberc...

Image ofBihar-STET-Result-Petition-against-online-examination-court-accepts-declaration-results-declared

Bihar STET Result: Petition against online examination, court accepts, declaration results declared

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

It is known that the Patna High Court had earlier given an important decision, a...

Image ofMukesh-Sahni-calls-RJD-for-the-post-of-Deputy-CM-Rabri-Devi-reminds-Mukesh-Sahni

Mukesh Sahni calls RJD for the post of Deputy CM? Rabri Devi reminds Mukesh Sahni

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council and former CM Rabri Devi told th...

Image ofBihar-News-Uproar-in-Bihar-Legislative-Assembly-on-Agriculture-Bill-Congress-said-Modi-government-only-means-by-love-jihad

Bihar News: Uproar in Bihar Legislative Assembly on Agriculture Bill, Congress said- Modi government only means by love jihad

India: Bihar | 6 days ago

Attacking the Modi government, the Congress leader said that the central governm...

Image ofNitish-Kumar-got-angry-raging-on-Tejashwi-Yadav-asked-Who-made-you-deputy-CM

Nitish Kumar got angry, raging on Tejashwi Yadav, asked- Who made you deputy CM?

India: Bihar | 6 days ago

During the discussion on the Governor's address to the assembly, Tejashwi Yadav ...

Image ofCoronavirus-In-Bihar-Ban-imposed-in-Bihar-due-to-the-threat-of-corona-the-procession-will-come-out-without-singing-not-all-employees-will-be-seen-in-offices

Coronavirus In Bihar: Ban imposed in Bihar due to the threat of corona, the procession will come out without singing, not all employees will be seen in offices

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Additional Chief Secretary of Home Department Amir Shamani and Principal Secreta...

Image ofHIGHLIGHTS-Vidhan-Sabha-Speaker-Election-Vijay-Sinha-elected-speaker-126-votes-in-favor-114-in-opposition

HIGHLIGHTS Vidhan Sabha Speaker Election: Vijay Sinha elected speaker, 126 votes in favor, 114 in opposition

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Amid heavy uproar in the House, Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi announced Vijay...

Image ofVigilance-raid-on-revenue-employee039s-house-in-Muzaffarpur-arms-recovered-raids-continue

Vigilance raid on revenue employee's house in Muzaffarpur, arms recovered, raids continue

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

According to the information, the raiding team is reported to have received two ...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Bihar-10-days-of-high-alert-fear-of-second-wave-of-corona-in-Bihar-case-could-be-with-fine-if-it-comes-out-without-mask

Coronavirus in Bihar: 10 days of high alert, fear of second wave of corona in Bihar, case could be with fine if it comes out without mask

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The way the pace of infection is increasing in Bihar, there is also a possibilit...

Image ofBihar-Politics-AIMIM-MLA-adamant-at-swearing-in-assembly-objected-to-speaking-Hindustan

Bihar Politics: AIMIM MLA adamant at swearing in assembly, objected to speaking Hindustan

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

During the swearing-in ceremony on the very first day of the 17th Bihar Legislat...

Image ofAfter-millions-of-drug-scam-in-PMCH-hospital-of-Patna-confiscation-of-property-of-three-including-three-doctors-now-on-target

After millions of drug scam in PMCH hospital of Patna, confiscation of property of three including three doctors, now on target

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The initial investigation of the case was done by the watchdog and a charge shee...

Image ofChhath-Puja-2020-Nitish-Kumar-gave-three-big-gifts-to-people-on-Chhath-one-bridge-two-roads-turned-on

Chhath Puja 2020: Nitish Kumar gave three big gifts to people on Chhath, one bridge, two roads turned on

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Digha AIIMS elevated road has been opened for small and empty trains. Due to whi...

Image ofLIVE-Chhath-Evening-Argh-Sunset-Timing-First-half-of-Lord-Bhaskar-Ganga-water-pouring-in-the-ponds-of-Patna

LIVE Chhath Evening Argh, Sunset Timing: First half of Lord Bhaskar, Ganga water pouring in the ponds of Patna

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Chhath Vrati will give first Arghya to Lord Surya with worship of nature.

Image ofBihar-Education-Minister-Mevalal-Chaudhary-resigns-soon-after-taking-charge-allegations-of-corruption

Bihar Education Minister Mevalal Chaudhary resigns soon after taking charge, allegations of corruption

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

Education minister of Bihar government Mevalal Chaudhary has resigned.

Image ofEducation-minister-Chaudhary-surrounded-by-controversies-met-CM-Nitish-Kumar-amidst-political-turmoil-speculation-intensified-in-political-corridors

Education minister Chaudhary surrounded by controversies met CM Nitish Kumar amidst political turmoil, speculation intensified in political corridors

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

Mevalal Chaidhari has been elected from Tarapur on the JDU ticket for the second...

Image ofShivanand-Tiwari039s-big-attack-on-Sushil-Modi-punishment-for-being-more-of-CM-Nitish-than-BJP

Shivanand Tiwari's big attack on Sushil Modi - punishment for being more of CM Nitish than BJP

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

Shivanand Tiwari of RJD is known for his conflicting statements.

Image ofNitish-New-Cabinet-Ministers039-portfolios-were-divided-in-CM-Nitish039s-cabinet-know-who-got-which-departments

Nitish New Cabinet: Ministers' portfolios were divided in CM Nitish's cabinet, know who got which departments

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

In the first meeting of the cabinet of CM Nitish Kumar, the session of the Legis...

Image ofBihar-Govt-Formation-Nitish-government-at-work-with-swearing-in-first-meeting-of-cabinet-today-Legislature-session-from-23

Bihar Govt. Formation: Nitish government at work with swearing in, first meeting of cabinet today, Legislature session from 23

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

The first meeting of the newly formed Nitish cabinet of Bihar will take place on...

Image ofSheela-Kumari-made-a-place-in-the-cabinet-after-becoming-MLA-for-the-first-time

Sheela Kumari made a place in the cabinet after becoming MLA for the first time

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

Sheela Kumari contested the assembly elections for the first time and was succes...