Image ofGupteshwar-Pandey-News-Bihar-DGP-Gupteshwar-Pandey-takes-voluntary-retirement-dismisses-speculation-about-contesting-elections

Gupteshwar Pandey News: Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey takes voluntary retirement, dismisses speculation about contesting elections

India: Bihar | 5 hours ago

He was a 1987 batch Indian Police Service officer.

Image ofBihar-DGP-Gupteshwar-Pandey-takes-voluntary-retirement-can-now-contest-assembly-elections-from-Buxar-on-JDU-ticket

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey takes voluntary retirement, can now contest assembly elections from Buxar on JDU ticket

India: Bihar | 11 hours ago

This is big news related to DGP Gupteshwar Pandey of Bihar.

Image ofLalu039s-robbery-seen-in-hoardings-near-Tej-Pratap039s-bungalow-in-Patna-the-family-again-told-the-burden-on-Bihar

Lalu's robbery seen in hoardings near Tej Pratap's bungalow in Patna, the family again told the burden on Bihar

India: Bihar | 1 day ago

New hoardings put up against Lalu family in Patna.

Image ofPatna-Metro-Metro-rail-work-will-start-in-the-capital-from-today-know-where-stations-will-be-built

Patna Metro: Metro rail work will start in the capital from today, know where stations will be built

India: Bihar | 1 day ago

Patna Metro: The construction work of the metro in Patna is being done very fas...

Image ofHigh-court-reserved-verdict-on-reinstatement-of-teachers-in-primary-schools-of-Bihar-know-the-whole-matter

High court reserved verdict on reinstatement of teachers in primary schools of Bihar, know the whole matter…

India: Bihar | 1 day ago

Patna High Court has reserved its verdict by completing the hearing on the matte...

Image ofPM-Modi-Bihar-Rally-PM-Modi039s-gift-to-Bihar-two-big-bridges-in-Patna-and-Bhagalpur-fast-internet-to-rural-Bihar-and-more

PM Modi Bihar Rally: PM Modi's gift to Bihar - two big bridges in Patna and Bhagalpur, fast internet to rural Bihar ... and more

India: Bihar | 2 days ago

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated services connecting 45945 villages to OFC on Monday...

Image ofPM-Modi-Virtual-Rally-PM-Modi-will-start-rural-digital-revolution-in-Bihar-today-will-give-many-more-gifts

PM Modi Virtual Rally: PM Modi will start rural digital revolution in Bihar today, will give many more gifts

India: Bihar | 2 days ago

PM will inaugurate services connecting 45945 villages to OFC today. They will al...

Image ofRam-Vilas-Paswan039s-health-worse-admitted-to-ICU-Chirag-writes-poignant-letter-to-LJP-leaders

Ram Vilas Paswan's health worse, admitted to ICU; Chirag writes poignant letter to LJP leaders

India: Bihar | 3 days ago

A letter to party leaders of LJP supremo Chirag Paswan has indicated that Ram Vi...

Image ofBody-trade-busted-in-two-places-in-Purnia-15-girls-including-seven-minors-released

Body trade busted in two places in Purnia, 15 girls including seven minors released

India: Bihar | 3 days ago

According to the police, the girls released were forced into the business of pr...

Image ofAnand-Mahindra-will-give-tractor-to-Laungi-Bhuiyan-of-Bihar-said-dug-canal-alone-not-less-than-Taj-Mahal

Anand Mahindra will give tractor to Laungi Bhuiyan of Bihar, said - dug canal alone, not less than Taj Mahal

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra Group, has promised t...

Image ofPM-Modi-Virtual-Rally-PM-Modi-inaugurates-Kosi-Rail-Mega-Bridge-said-Construction-of-AIIMS-in-Darbhanga-very-soon

PM Modi Virtual Rally: PM Modi inaugurates Kosi Rail Mega Bridge, said- Construction of AIIMS in Darbhanga very soon

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

PM Modi inaugurated the Kosi Rail Mega Bridge and 12 other rail projects in Biha...

Image ofBihar-Flood-The-bridge-that-was-washed-away-before-the-inauguration-in-Kishanganj-Bihar-was-constructed-at-a-cost-of-crores

Bihar Flood: The bridge that was washed away before the inauguration in Kishanganj, Bihar, was constructed at a cost of crores

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

A bridge built at Kishanganj in Bihar would have become a great support for arou...

Image ofBihar-Assembly-Election-2020-Tejashwi-Yadav-again-asks-17-sharp-questions-to-Nitish-Kumar

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Tejashwi Yadav again asks 17 sharp questions to Nitish Kumar

India: Bihar | 6 days ago

RJD leader has aggressively put questions on CM Nitish Kumar. Questions were als...

Image ofPM-Modi-inaugurates-and-lays-foundation-stone-of-seven-projects-of-Bihar

PM Modi inaugurates and lays foundation stone of seven projects of Bihar

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Inauguration of Sewerage Treatment Plant at Beur and Karamlich in Patna

Image ofBihar-Election-In-the-day-CM-Nitish-praises-Tejaswi-in-the-night-Minister-shouts-Who-speaks-Mai-ki-lal

Bihar Election: In the day, CM Nitish praises Tejaswi in the night, Minister shouts - Who speaks Mai ki lal

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The leaders of all parties are engaged in fitting their gaiti for the 2020 assem...

Image ofBihar-Election-CM-Nitish-can-get-a-big-decision-on-the-tension-and-seats-today-party-meeting-today

Bihar Election: CM Nitish can get a big decision on the tension and seats today, party meeting today

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

LJP's high-level meeting is being held today for the 2020 Bihar elections. In th...

Image ofPM-Modi-Virtual-Rally-PM-Modi-gave-the-third-installment-of-election-gift-said-Bihar039s-engineers-are-speeding-up-the-country

PM Modi Virtual Rally: PM Modi gave the third installment of election gift, said - Bihar's engineers are speeding up the country

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

PM Modi today handed over seven urban development projects to Bihar. This was th...

Image ofBihar-Assembly-Election-2020-PM-Modi-will-give-545-crores-to-Bihar-today-focus-will-be-on-development-of-cities-today

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: PM Modi will give 545 crores to Bihar today, focus will be on development of cities today

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Bihar Assembly Election 2020 to lay foundation for eight projects related to pla...

Image ofRaghuvansh-Prasad-Singh-Last-Journey-The-body-rushed-to-Hajipur-in-Vaishali-crowds-thronged-in-the-last-journey

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Last Journey: The body rushed to Hajipur in Vaishali, crowds thronged in the last journey

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The mortal remains of Raghuvansh Prasad Singh reached Patna on Sunday evening. ...

Image ofLalu-Prasad-Yadav-mourned-by-Raghuvansh-Babu039s-death-is-not-talking-to-anyone

Lalu Prasad Yadav, mourned by Raghuvansh Babu's death, is not talking to anyone

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

RJD supremo Lalu Yadav is heartbroken after the death of Raghuvansh Prasad Sing...

Image ofWhat-was-Lalus-biggest-mistake-The-courage-to-tell-this-was-only-in-Raghuvansh-Babu

What was Lalu`s biggest mistake? The courage to tell this was only in Raghuvansh Babu

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Former Union Minister and veteran politician Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh used t...

Image ofMunger-police-arrested-three-naxalites-causing-headaches-for-traders-of-the-area

Munger police arrested three naxalites, causing headaches for traders of the area

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Munger Police has arrested three accused including absconding Naxalite. These N...

Image ofBattle-between-husband-and-wife-45-years-of-039V039-vs-15-years-of-NDA-in-Bihar-election-Sushil-Modi

Battle between husband and wife 45 years of 'V' vs. 15 years of NDA in Bihar election: Sushil Modi

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

The NDA government in its 15 years tenure transformed and solved every situation...

Image ofAfter-resignation-from-RJD-Raghuvansh-wrote-a-letter-to-CM-Nitish-talk-to-JDU-to-make-son-MLC

After resignation from RJD, Raghuvansh wrote a letter to CM Nitish, talk to JDU to make son MLC!

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

After Lalu, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh has now written a letter to Nitish too. In h...

Image ofBihar-Assembly-Election-Bahubali-Anant-Singh-who-came-close-to-Lalu-said-fight-elections-from-RJD-Tejashwi-will-be-next-CM

Bihar Assembly Election: Bahubali Anant Singh, who came close to Lalu, said- fight elections from RJD, Tejashwi will be next CM

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Bahubali Anant Singh had once disliked Lalu Yadav but now he has spoken of conte...

Image ofRaghuvansh-Babu-wants-to-carry-out-three-tasks-before-the-code-of-conduct-comes-into-force-appeals-to-CM-Nitish-to-complete-it-by-writing-a-letter

Raghuvansh Babu wants to carry out three tasks before the code of conduct comes into force, appeals to CM Nitish to complete it by writing a letter

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after resigning from the party on Thursday. Th...

Image ofSick-RJD-leader-Raghuvansh-Prasad-Singh039s-condition-worsens-Delhi-AIIMS-Admits-in-ICU-Lalu-Yadav-worried

Sick RJD leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh's condition worsens, Delhi AIIMS Admits in ICU; Lalu Yadav worried

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

RJD veteran and former minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh has been admitted to the...

Image ofAjay-Yadav-who-looted-jewelery-worth-Rs-5-crore-from-Patna-was-caught-from-Jharkhand-after-15-months

Ajay Yadav, who looted jewelery worth Rs 5 crore from Patna, was caught from Jharkhand after 15 months

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

This incident of the Panchwati Jewelers Loot in the famous Panchwati Jewelery Sh...

Image ofBihar-Assembly-Election-Tej-Pratap-Yadav-changed-the-area-due-to-fear-of-his-wife-Now-can-contest-elections-from-Hasanpur

Bihar Assembly Election: Tej Pratap Yadav changed the area due to fear of his wife! Now can contest elections from Hasanpur

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

Bihar Assembly Election is big news about Lalu's Lal Tej Pratap. He has changed ...

Image ofBihar-Election-2020-New-slogans-prepared-for-Bihar-election-this-time-political-parties-will-enter-the-field-with-these-slogans

Bihar Election 2020: New slogans prepared for Bihar election, this time political parties will enter the field with these slogans ...

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

The BJP, which is going a step ahead in electoral preparations, has given only o...