Image ofTextile-engineer-of-Patna-prepared-special-fabric-chemical-to-avoid-COVID19

Textile engineer of Patna prepared special fabric chemical to avoid COVID-19

India: Bihar | 2 days ago

Young textile engineer Harsh Lal and his team from Patna have claimed to have pr...

Image ofPatna-Bewafa-chai-wala-became-cheated-in-love-lover-couple-does-not-get-any-relaxation-here

Patna: Bewafa chai wala became cheated in love, lover couple does not get any relaxation here

India: Bihar | 4 days ago

Two friends have started this Tea-stall in the capital Patna and are saving dail...

Image ofBihar-Board-Paper-leak-Two-youths-arrested-in-Bihar-for-questioning-Bihar-Board-English-in-Buxar-FIR-lodged

Bihar Board Paper leak: Two youths arrested in Bihar for questioning Bihar Board English in Buxar, FIR lodged

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

The news of Bihar Board Matriculation examination paper leak on second consecuti...

Image ofBihar-Innocent-made-accused-of-rape-DSP-appointed-inspector-for-negligence-in-investigation

Bihar: Innocent made accused of rape, DSP appointed inspector for negligence in investigation

India: Bihar | 5 days ago

The home department has been permanently demoted to the post of inspector after ...

Image ofLalu-Yadav-disappointed-after-not-getting-bail-from-High-Court-know-when-will-be-discharged-from-AIIMS

Lalu Yadav disappointed after not getting bail from High Court, know when will be discharged from AIIMS

India: Bihar | 6 days ago

Lalu Yadav admitted in AIIMS was disappointed when he received information that ...

Image ofEarthquake-in-Patna-Bihar-Earthquake-tremors-in-Bihar-fearful-people-in-Patna-came-on-the-road-at-night

Earthquake in Patna, Bihar: Earthquake tremors in Bihar, fearful people in Patna came on the road at night

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Earthquake tremors were felt in Bihar on Monday.

Image ofA-doctors-mobile-number-found-in-front-of-17-people-in-Corona-investigation-list-know-what-is-the-case-of-Muzaffarpur-after-Jamui

A doctor`s mobile number found in front of 17 people in Corona investigation list, know what is the case of Muzaffarpur after Jamui ...

India: Bihar | 1 week ago

Earlier such complaints were coming that people are registering the mobile numbe...

Image ofWatches-waiting-for-cabinet-expansion-in-Bihar-end-CM-Nitish039s-new-minister-will-take-oath-tomorrow

Watches waiting for cabinet expansion in Bihar end, CM Nitish's new minister will take oath tomorrow

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

This is big news of the politics of Bihar.

Image ofMP039s-account-not-only-safe-in-Bihar-BJP-loses-Rs-89-lakh-from-MP039s-account

MP's account not only safe in Bihar, BJP loses Rs 89 lakh from MP's account

India: Bihar | 2 weeks ago

The vicious people have blown Rs 89 lakh from BJP MP Janardhan Singh Sigriwal's ...

Image ofPhotos-of-Tej-Pratap039s-devout-avatar-seen-on-a-bicycle-in-Vrindavan-pictures-of-Aishwarya-rolling-and-falling-in-Patna-have-gone-viral

Photos of Tej Pratap's devout avatar seen on a bicycle in Vrindavan, pictures of Aishwarya rolling and falling in Patna have gone viral

India: Bihar | 3 weeks ago

Tej Pratap Yadav son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav cycled in Vrindavan.

Image ofTejashwi-Yadav-told-Nitish-Kumar-HitlerMussolini-said-If-you-raise-your-voice-against-power-you-will-not-give-jobs

Tejashwi Yadav told Nitish Kumar, Hitler-Mussolini said, "If you raise your voice against power, you will not give jobs

India: Bihar | 3 weeks ago

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has compared Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to dictators ...

Image ofLalu-Yadav-Bail-Hearing-Today-is-an-important-day-for-Lalu-Yadav-will-get-bail-or-jail-Will-decide-on-bail

Lalu Yadav Bail Hearing: Today is an important day for Lalu Yadav, will get bail or jail; Will decide on bail

India: Bihar | 4 weeks ago

The hearing on the bail petition of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is serving a sentence...

Image ofWhat-is-Owaisi039s-party-AIMIM-going-to-break-in-Bihar-All-five-MLAs-reach-CM-Nitish-Kumar-before-cabinet-expansion

What is Owaisi's party AIMIM going to break in Bihar? All five MLAs reach CM Nitish Kumar before cabinet expansion

India: Bihar | 4 weeks ago

Image ofRepublic-Day-2021-Governor-flags-flag-at-Gandhi-Maidan-in-Patna-salutes-flag

Republic Day 2021: Governor flags flag at Gandhi Maidan in Patna, salutes flag

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

The country is celebrating its 72nd republic.

Image ofHow-much-has-Bihar-changed-in-15-years-IPS-officers-read-039Vaibhav039-journey-of-the-state-from-the-point-of-view-of-development

How much has Bihar changed in 15 years? IPS officers read 'Vaibhav' journey of the state from the point of view of development

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Before and after 2005, crime in Bihar is being compared to common people to poli...

Image ofBihar-News-Former-RJD-MLA-Kunti-Devi-life-imprisonment-in-JDU-leader-murder-case-husband-also-in-jail-son-current-MLA

Bihar News: Former RJD MLA Kunti Devi life imprisonment in JDU leader murder case, husband also in jail, son current MLA

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

JDU leader Sumirak Yadav convicted in the murder case (Ex MLA kunti Devi) of RJD...

Image ofLalu-Yadav-Health-Update-A-little-improvement-in-Lalu039s-health-in-Delhi-AIIMS

Lalu Yadav Health Update: A little improvement in Lalu's health in Delhi AIIMS

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Sick Lalu Prasad Yadav is admitted to the CCU of Delhi AIIMS where his condition...

Image ofFog-havoc-Passengers-leaving-after-16-hours-from-flight-divert-had-to-spend-the-night-in-the-cold-winter

Fog havoc: Passengers leaving after 16 hours from flight divert, had to spend the night in the cold winter

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Patna Airport: Passengers worried about flight late and divert, accused the airp...

Image ofLalu-Yadav-Health-Update-Lalu039s-health-deteriorates-shifts-in-air-ambulance-from-RIMS-to-Delhi-AIIMS

Lalu Yadav Health Update: Lalu's health deteriorates, shifts in air ambulance from RIMS to Delhi AIIMS

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav reached Delhi by air ambulance and was sent to Del...

Image ofBihar-Weather-Update-Changes-in-weather-in-Bihar-no-relief-from-cold-in-these-districts-till-January-26

Bihar Weather Update: Changes in weather in Bihar, no relief from cold in these districts till January 26

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

According to the forecast released by the Meteorological Center, the cold winds ...

Image ofBihar-News-039Elephant039-reached-assembly-after-15-years-journey-now-JDU-gives-a-shock-to-Mayawati

Bihar News: 'Elephant' reached assembly after 15 years journey, now JDU gives a shock to Mayawati

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

The last time in Bihar was Amarendra Pandey, who is currently a JDU legislator, ...

Image of72-passengers-narrowly-escaped-at-Patna-Airport-bird-collided-with-engine-of-Vistara-Flight-emergency-landing-of-aircraft

72 passengers narrowly escaped at Patna Airport, bird collided with engine of Vistara Flight, emergency landing of aircraft

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Actually, an emergency landing of a flight was reported at Patna Airport. Later ...

Image ofBihar-News-039Bull-and-buffalo039-entry-in-Twitter-battle-between-RJDJDU-Know-what-is-the-whole-matter

Bihar News: 'Bull and buffalo' entry in Twitter battle between RJD-JDU! Know what is the whole matter

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Nitish government has issued an order on social media about objectionable, misle...

Image ofLIVE-Lalu-Yadav-News-People-gathered-to-see-sick-Lalu-going-to-Delhi-with-daughter-Misa-Fresh-Recent-VIDEO

LIVE Lalu Yadav News: People gathered to see sick Lalu, going to Delhi with daughter Misa; Fresh Recent VIDEO

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Rabri Devi reached Rims on Saturday and had breakfast with her husband Lalu Pras...

Image ofLIVE-Lalu-Yadav-News-Water-filled-in-Lalu039s-lungs-condition-critical-may-go-to-Delhi-today

LIVE Lalu Yadav News: Water filled in Lalu's lungs, condition critical, may go to Delhi today

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

ejashwi Yadav told that his father's condition is serious.

Image ofBihar-News-Nitish-government-gives-a-big-blow-to-Upendra-Kushwaha-who-is-039waiting-for-merger039-with-JDU-Learn

Bihar News: Nitish government gives a big blow to Upendra Kushwaha who is 'waiting for merger' with JDU! Learn

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Now the new decision will change the address of Upendra Kushwaha party office.

Image ofLalu-Yadav-Health-News-Update-After-the-deterioration-of-health-how-is-Lalu-Prasad-Yadav039s-health-now-read-the-latest-update

Lalu Yadav Health News Update: After the deterioration of health, how is Lalu Prasad Yadav's health now, read the latest update

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

Lalu Yadav Health News Update: Unit in-charge Dr. Umesh Prasad and Dr. DK Jha al...

Image ofFarmer-shot-dead-at-midnight-in-Bihar-police-engaged-in-catching-criminals

Farmer shot dead at midnight in Bihar, police engaged in catching criminals

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

85-year-old Sudama Sharma was shot dead by unknown criminals in Nonar village of...

Image ofCorona-Vaccine-in-Bihar-15-doctors-in-Bihar-refused-to-take-the-vaccine-not-a-single-vaccine-in-GGMS-know-the-update-of-vaccination

Corona Vaccine in Bihar: 15 doctors in Bihar refused to take the vaccine, not a single vaccine in GGMS, know the update of vaccination

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

To avoid corona, the speed of vaccination has decreased due to the technical dra...

Image ofThe-plan-of-Vishnupad-temple-built-on-the-lines-of-Deoghar-temple-the-river-Falgu-should-be-kept-clean-Patna-High-Court

The plan of Vishnupad temple built on the lines of Deoghar temple, the river Falgu should be kept clean - Patna High Court

India: Bihar | 1 month ago

The Patna High Court while hearing a public interest petition filed in the case ...