Image ofFake-company-named-after-farmer-GST-fraud-of-Rs-558-crore

Fake company named after farmer, GST fraud of Rs 5.58 crore

India: Jharkhand | 55 minutes ago

Now a case of GST embezzlement has been filed, which is inconceivable. He mainta...

Image ofPoliceNaxalite-encounter-in-Palamu-Jharkhand-AK47-weapon-and-large-quantity-of-Naxalite-material-recovered

Police-Naxalite encounter in Palamu, Jharkhand, AK-47 weapon and large quantity of Naxalite material recovered

India: Jharkhand | 20 hours ago

According to the police, the team was stopped under the leadership of Naxalite C...

Image ofFSL-sent-for-Lalu-Yadav039s-phone-recording-investigation-will-monitor-further-action-only-after-the-report-is-received

FSL sent for Lalu Yadav's phone recording investigation, will monitor further action only after the report is received

India: Jharkhand | 20 hours ago

If any other person is not talking on their voice on mobile, this thing will be ...

Image ofPan-Masala-ban-in-jharkhand-to-sell-pancigarettes-license-in-Jharkhand

Pan Masala ban in jharkhand: to sell pan-cigarettes license in Jharkhand

India: Jharkhand | 2 days ago

It was said in the meeting that no type of tobacco product should be sold within...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Jharkhand-More-than-19-thousand-sample-pending-for-corona-test-carelessness-can-be-heavy

Coronavirus in Jharkhand: More than 19 thousand sample pending for corona test, carelessness can be heavy

India: Jharkhand | 3 days ago

According to the bulletin issued on November 30, 3,94,087 sample collections hav...

Image ofPike-Divided-Pike-Kotwar-Pradhan-Manjhi-and-other-Bhuis-will-be-done-in-Scheduled-Castes

Pike, Divided Pike, Kotwar, Pradhan, Manjhi and other Bhuis will be done in Scheduled Castes.

India: Jharkhand | 4 days ago

It has been said that Pike, Divided Pike, Kotwar, Pradhan, Manjhi, Dehri Kshatri...

Image ofWho-is-in-danger-of-life-to-PN-Singh-of-Jharkhand-why-did-Dhanbad-Police-alert-read-this-report

Who is in danger of life to PN Singh of Jharkhand, why did Dhanbad Police alert, read this report

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

MP PN Singh said in the direction of the District Police to install CCTV and tak...

Image ofKorwadih-chief-arrested-by-Palamu-ACB-team-after-taking-bribe-of-4-thousand-rupees

Korwadih chief arrested by Palamu ACB team after taking bribe of 4 thousand rupees

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

According to the information, Akhilesh Chaudhary wanted to dig a trunk cum bend ...

Image ofSri-Sri-108-Jagat-Kalyan-Ardhanarishwar-Mahayagya-organized-in-Bankasai-Garh-for-world-welfare

Sri Sri 108 Jagat Kalyan Ardhanarishwar Mahayagya organized in Bankasai Garh for world welfare

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

It is said that Devotees who reached Jagad Kalyan Ardhanarishwar Mahayagya compl...

Image ofFodder-Scam-Why-Lalu-Prasad039s-Advocate-Seeks-Time-From-High-Court-Read-This-Report

Fodder Scam: Why Lalu Prasad's Advocate Seeks Time From High Court, Read This Report

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

The CBI has filed a reply in the High Court citing Section 427 of the CrPC that ...

Image ofCoffee-Machine-Blast-Blast-in-coffee-machine-in-Ramgarh-one-killed-four-injured-roof-exploded-in-blast

Coffee Machine Blast: Blast in coffee machine in Ramgarh, one killed, four injured, roof exploded in blast

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

During treatment, the coffee machine operator died in the hospital. 4 others inc...

Image ofPolice-recovered-more-than-15-million-banned-gutkha-coming-from-Delhi-know-how-it-was-recovered

Police recovered more than 1.5 million banned gutkha coming from Delhi, know how it was recovered

India: Jharkhand | 1 week ago

In this regard, Deoghar SP Ashwini Kumar Sinha told reporters that the police ha...

Image ofIn-this-market-of-Jharkhand-Chhath-Vrati-gets-things-at-half-the-cost-from-businesstoedar-to-lawyerteacher-help

In this market of Jharkhand, Chhath Vrati gets things at half the cost, from business-toedar to lawyer-teacher help

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

Committee to MLA Policemen businessmen, social workers, ordinary people and rich...

Image of200-people-of-this-village-of-Jharkhand-are-blamed-for-drinking-polluted-water-of-dumping-yard

200 people of this village of Jharkhand are blamed for drinking polluted water of dumping yard

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Many people, including Shobha Hansda, Sarita Devi, Shivnath Soren, Lalchand Manj...

Image ofBJP-government-wanted-to-end-CNTSPT-law-Chief-Minister-Hemant-Soren-targeted-former-CM-Raghuvar-Das-and-his-government

BJP government wanted to end CNT-SPT law, Chief Minister Hemant Soren targeted former CM Raghuvar Das and his government

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

The Chief Minister said that even when life was completely stalled in the lockdo...

Image ofStory-of-3-National-Champion-Sisters-Wrestled-everyone-in-wrestling-but-got-upset-with-the-system

Story of 3 National Champion Sisters: Wrestled everyone in wrestling, but got upset with the system

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Wrestling Champion sisters Rakhi and Madhu tell that Chief Minister Hemant Sore...

Image ofJharkhand-Education-Minister-Jagarnath-Mahato-sent-to-Chennai-by-air-ambulance-now-MGM-will-be-treated

Jharkhand Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato sent to Chennai by air ambulance, now MGM will be treated

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

There was no improvement in his health even in Medica. His health deteriorated f...

Image of4-people-including-father-and-son-died-due-to-suffocation-in-septic-tank-in-Garhwa-Jharkhand

4 people, including father and son, died due to suffocation in septic tank in Garhwa, Jharkhand

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

On Wednesday, four people died of suffocation in a septic tank in Garhwa distric...

Image ofExpired-sugar-sent-to-PDS-beneficiaries-of-Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh039s-supplying-company-is-negligent

Expired sugar sent to PDS beneficiaries of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh's supplying company is negligent

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

However, this entire matter was caught in time. Also, its full information has b...

Image ofJharkhand-by-election-2020-Luis-Marandi039s-name-from-Dumka-further-discusses-BatulRavindra-Pandey-with-Bermo

Jharkhand by election 2020: Luis Marandi's name from Dumka further discusses Batul-Ravindra Pandey with Bermo

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

After the Election Committee meeting, State President Deepak Prakash, Legislatur...

Image ofAgriculture-bill-2020-CM-Hemant-outspoken-against-agriculture-bill-said

Agriculture bill 2020: CM Hemant, outspoken against agriculture bill, said

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

Chief Minister Hemant Soren has said that the central government has marred the ...

Image ofMathematics-teachers-fail-in-exam-of-addition-and-subtraction-got-15-marks-out-of-50

Mathematics teachers fail in exam of addition and subtraction, got 15 marks out of 50

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

In order to assess the performance, only 75 teachers were able to get satisfacto...

Image ofMonsoon-Session-Jharkhand-Vidhan-Sabha-Speaker-angry-with-the-ruckus-in-the-house-said-House-does-not-replace-hooliganism

Monsoon Session Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha: Speaker angry with the ruckus in the house, said - House does not replace hooliganism

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

After the uproar, Speaker Ravindra Nath Mahato adjourned the proceedings from 11...

Image ofJharkhand-High-Court-rejects-100-reservation-appointment-process-of-18-thousand-teachers-canceled

Jharkhand High Court rejects 100% reservation, appointment process of 18 thousand teachers canceled

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

The Jharkhand High Court reserved the verdict while final hearing in the matter ...

Image ofGwalior-went-from-Scooty-to-Godda-Dhananjay-and-Soni-returned-to-Ranchi-from-the-flight-Told-the-helpers-thank-you

Gwalior went from Scooty to Godda, Dhananjay and Soni returned to Ranchi from the flight; Told the helpers- thank you

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

Dhananjay and Soni, who decided from Godda to Gwalior on scooty to take the exa...

Image ofCOVID19-update-RIMS-doctors-are-under-threat-Superintendent-Dr-Vivek-Kashyap-became-Corona-positive

COVID-19 update: RIMS doctors are under threat, Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap became Corona positive

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

Jharkhand COVID-19 Update: RIMS Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap has appealed t...

Image ofShibu-Soren039s-daughterinlaw-Sita-Soren039s-attitude-is-still-strong-said-grandfather-and-father039s-passion-and-passion-in-the-blood-of-daughters

Shibu Soren's daughter-in-law Sita Soren's attitude is still strong, said - grandfather and father's passion and passion in the blood of daughters

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

They too have the same passion and passion as their grandfather and father. Seei...

Image ofLatehar-police-took-major-action-against-71-Naxalites-including-JJMP-supremo-Pappu-Lohra

Latehar police took major action against 71 Naxalites including JJMP supremo Pappu Lohra

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

Police said an AK-47 rifle, an AK-47 magazine, an indigenous rifle, 17 AK-47 bul...

Image ofMLA-Dasaratha-Gagarai-reached-Sarjam-Birhor-Basti-with-officials-discussed-development

MLA Dasaratha Gagarai reached Sarjam Birhor Basti with officials, discussed development

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

Mungli Birhor, the only inter pass girl from the village, said that by opening t...

Image ofCM-Hemant-Soren-wrote-a-letter-to-PM-Modi-asking-for-GST-dues-the-young-man-said-get-the-vacancy-cleared-sir

CM Hemant Soren wrote a letter to PM Modi asking for GST dues, the young man said: get the vacancy cleared, sir

India: Jharkhand | 2 months ago

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Mr. Soren has written that the Jhar...