Image ofMonsoon-Session-Jharkhand-Vidhan-Sabha-Speaker-angry-with-the-ruckus-in-the-house-said-House-does-not-replace-hooliganism

Monsoon Session Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha: Speaker angry with the ruckus in the house, said - House does not replace hooliganism

India: Jharkhand | 11 hours ago

After the uproar, Speaker Ravindra Nath Mahato adjourned the proceedings from 11...

Image ofJharkhand-High-Court-rejects-100-reservation-appointment-process-of-18-thousand-teachers-canceled

Jharkhand High Court rejects 100% reservation, appointment process of 18 thousand teachers canceled

India: Jharkhand | 2 days ago

The Jharkhand High Court reserved the verdict while final hearing in the matter ...

Image ofGwalior-went-from-Scooty-to-Godda-Dhananjay-and-Soni-returned-to-Ranchi-from-the-flight-Told-the-helpers-thank-you

Gwalior went from Scooty to Godda, Dhananjay and Soni returned to Ranchi from the flight; Told the helpers- thank you

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

Dhananjay and Soni, who decided from Godda to Gwalior on scooty to take the exa...

Image ofCOVID19-update-RIMS-doctors-are-under-threat-Superintendent-Dr-Vivek-Kashyap-became-Corona-positive

COVID-19 update: RIMS doctors are under threat, Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap became Corona positive

India: Jharkhand | 6 days ago

Jharkhand COVID-19 Update: RIMS Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kashyap has appealed t...

Image ofShibu-Soren039s-daughterinlaw-Sita-Soren039s-attitude-is-still-strong-said-grandfather-and-father039s-passion-and-passion-in-the-blood-of-daughters

Shibu Soren's daughter-in-law Sita Soren's attitude is still strong, said - grandfather and father's passion and passion in the blood of daughters

India: Jharkhand | 1 week ago

They too have the same passion and passion as their grandfather and father. Seei...

Image ofLatehar-police-took-major-action-against-71-Naxalites-including-JJMP-supremo-Pappu-Lohra

Latehar police took major action against 71 Naxalites including JJMP supremo Pappu Lohra

India: Jharkhand | 1 week ago

Police said an AK-47 rifle, an AK-47 magazine, an indigenous rifle, 17 AK-47 bul...

Image ofMLA-Dasaratha-Gagarai-reached-Sarjam-Birhor-Basti-with-officials-discussed-development

MLA Dasaratha Gagarai reached Sarjam Birhor Basti with officials, discussed development

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

Mungli Birhor, the only inter pass girl from the village, said that by opening t...

Image ofCM-Hemant-Soren-wrote-a-letter-to-PM-Modi-asking-for-GST-dues-the-young-man-said-get-the-vacancy-cleared-sir

CM Hemant Soren wrote a letter to PM Modi asking for GST dues, the young man said: get the vacancy cleared, sir

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Mr. Soren has written that the Jhar...

Image ofShivling-out-during-ongoing-excavation-for-laying-pipeline-villagers-adamant-on-building-temple

Shivling out during ongoing excavation for laying pipeline, villagers adamant on building temple

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

The worship of Shivling started. People started talking about building a temple ...

Image ofLathis-lashed-at-displaced-25-villages-in-Patratu-cases-registered-against-more-than-200-people-leaders-said-action-should-be-taken-against-policemen

Lathis lashed at displaced 25 villages in Patratu, cases registered against more than 200 people, leaders said: action should be taken against policemen

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

Political organizations came in support of the agitators. Police on Thursday nig...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Jharkhand-live-update-former-CM-Shibu-Soren-admitted-to-Medanta-Gurugram-healthy-will-soon-be-discharged-from-hospital

Coronavirus in Jharkhand live update: former CM Shibu Soren admitted to Medanta, Gurugram, healthy, will soon be discharged from hospital

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

30886 infected in the state have returned to their homes after recovering. At pr...

Image ofHundreds-of-RJD-leaders-and-supporters-coming-from-Bihar-every-day-to-meet-Lalu-Yadav-three-magistrates-posted-in-RIMS

Hundreds of RJD leaders and supporters coming from Bihar every day to meet Lalu Yadav, three magistrates posted in RIMS

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

RIMS officials also believe with suppressed language that a large number of RJD ...

Image ofJharkhand-The-wheels-of-trains-stopped-due-to-the-protests-of-Tana-Bhagat-passengers-of-Rajdhani-Express-sent-by-bus-to-Ranchi

Jharkhand: The wheels of trains stopped due to the protests of Tana Bhagat, passengers of Rajdhani Express sent by bus to Ranchi

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

Local railway officials are reaching the spot and helping the railway passenger...

Image ofDhananjay-Manjhi-of-Jharkhand-drove-scooty-for-1176-km-for-conducting-exam-of-pregnant-wife

Dhananjay Manjhi of Jharkhand, drove scooty for 1176 km for conducting exam of pregnant wife

India: Jharkhand | 2 weeks ago

When wife asked Soni Humberm - Why took so much risk in pregnancy? She smiled wi...

Image ofLalu-Yadav-Lalu-Yadav039s-bail-case-will-now-be-heard-in-High-Court-on-September-11

Lalu Yadav: Lalu Yadav's bail case will now be heard in High Court on September 11

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

In this case, the special CBI court has sentenced Lalu Prasad to five years.

Image ofFlood-in-Bahragora-Jamshedpur-Many-areas-of-East-Singhbhum-are-flooded-sought-help-on-Twitter-CM-Hemant-Soren-took-action

Flood in Bahragora, Jamshedpur: Many areas of East Singhbhum are flooded, sought help on Twitter, CM Hemant Soren took action

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

On the micro-blogging and social media site Twitter, information was shared on J...

Image ofThe-rains-of-Karurharwa-dam-in-Manika-were-broken-due-to-incessant-rains-15-acres-of-paddy-crop-wasted-many-houses-fell

The rains of Karurharwa dam in Manika were broken due to incessant rains, 15 acres of paddy crop wasted, many houses fell.

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

The rams of this dam were about 30 feet high from the ground. Due to the breakin...

Image ofBabadham-Mandir-Baba039s-court-opened-at-Bhado-fair-200-Shiva-devotees-visited-on-first-day

Babadham Mandir: Baba's court opened at Bhado fair, 200 Shiva devotees visited on first day

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

Devotees gathered in worship and worship at the opening of the Baba temple in De...

Image ofState-topper-of-matriculation-examination-victim-of-education-department-wants-to-study-science-and-enroll-in-arts

State topper of matriculation examination victim of education department, wants to study science and enroll in arts

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

Munita's elder sister is Sanjita Brijia. In 2016 she passed inter. Due to povert...

Image ofJharkhand-News-JMM-supremo-Shibu-Soren-shifted-from-Medanta-in-Ranchi-to-Medanta-in-Gurugram-was-having-trouble-breathing-read-top5-news-of-Jharkhand

Jharkhand News: JMM supremo Shibu Soren shifted from Medanta in Ranchi to Medanta in Gurugram, was having trouble breathing, read top-5 news of Jharkhand

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

BJP said - Government should determine the rate of treatment, otherwise the move...

Image ofShilapatta-tampering-case-Amba-Prasad-said-I-was-not-manipulated-in-my-presence

Shilapatta tampering case: Amba Prasad said - I was not manipulated in my presence

India: Jharkhand | 3 weeks ago

The then Chief Minister Raghuvar Das and Drinking Water Minister Chandraprakash ...

Image ofA-43-magnitude-earthquake-in-Sahibganj-Jharkhand-people-said-on-Twitter-We-did-not-even-know

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Sahibganj, Jharkhand, people said on Twitter: We did not even know

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Earthquake tremor occurred at 12 o'clock in the day at 07 minutes and 34 seconds...

Image ofThe-village-is-not-039Rangering039-located-in-the-Saranda-forest-of-Jharkhand-the-history-of-settling-of-this-village-is-interesting

The village is not 'Rangering', located in the Saranda forest of Jharkhand, the history of settling of this village is interesting

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

nitially, hundreds of laborers were busy making dams by cutting the soil. Worker...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Jharkhand-LIVE-Updates-Corona-arrives-at-DTO-office-office-closed-for-two-days-former-Giridih-MP-Ravindra-Pandey-Corona-positive

Coronavirus in Jharkhand LIVE Updates: Corona arrives at DTO office, office closed for two days, former Giridih MP Ravindra Pandey Corona positive

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Corona also reached DTO office, office closed for two days. Former Giridih MP Ra...

Image ofJharkhand-government-and-UPSC-on-DGP-appointment-stalled-eyeing-hearing-in-Supreme-Court-today

Jharkhand government and UPSC on DGP appointment stalled, eyeing hearing in Supreme Court today

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

UPSC News has kept an eye on the hearing to be held in the Supreme Court on Wedn...

Image ofJharkhand-Health-Minister-and-former-Deputy-Chief-Minister-Corona-positive-3-judges-also-infected

Jharkhand Health Minister and former Deputy Chief Minister Corona positive, 3 judges also infected

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

The speed of corona in Jharkhand can be understood in such a way that corona has...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Jharkhand-LIVE-update-733-new-corona-infected-eight-killed-total-corona-cases-in-Jharkhand-24067

Coronavirus in Jharkhand LIVE update: 733 new corona infected, eight killed, total corona cases in Jharkhand 24067

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Considering the increasing number of corona infections, a corona screening camp ...

Image ofHemant-Soren-said-Jharkhand039s-local-policy-will-change-committee-will-be-formed-know-what-can-happen

Hemant Soren said - Jharkhand's local policy will change, committee will be formed, know what can happen

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

In addition, the Department of Personnel will also form a committee of officers ...

Image ofHome-Ministry-will-award-5-policemen-of-Jharkhand-including-CBI-officer-Parvez-Alam-who-has-given-justice-to-Ranchi039s-039Nirbhaya039

Home Ministry will award 5 policemen of Jharkhand, including CBI officer Parvez Alam, who has given justice to Ranchi's 'Nirbhaya'

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

Simdega resident Vinita was killed and burnt in the Khunti police station area o...

Image ofCoronavirus-in-Jharkhand-live-update-512-new-cases-of-corona-found-9-people-of-Jharkhand-including-2-people-died-in-Ranchi

Coronavirus in Jharkhand live update: 512 new cases of corona found, 9 people of Jharkhand including 2 people died in Ranchi

India: Jharkhand | 1 month ago

512 new cases of Corona found, 9 people of Jharkhand including 2 people died in ...