Image ofNadda-launches-Sonar-Bangla-campaign-in-Bengal-suggestions-will-be-sought-from-2-crore-people

Nadda launches Sonar Bangla campaign in Bengal; suggestions will be sought from 2 crore people

India: West Bengal | 1 day ago

Under this campaign, the BJP will communicate with the people of Bengal about th...

Image ofLIVE-Nadda-to-launch-Sonar-Bangla-campaign-in-a-while-police-did-not-allow-in-Barrackpore

LIVE: Nadda to launch Sonar Bangla campaign in a while, police did not allow in Barrackpore

India: West Bengal | 1 day ago

Under this campaign, the BJP will communicate with the people of Bengal about th...

Image ofArrested-by-BJP-leader-Rakesh-Singh-Burdwan-Kolkata-Police-detained-two-sons-after-three-hours-of-house-searches

Arrested by BJP leader Rakesh Singh Burdwan, Kolkata Police detained two sons, after three hours of house searches

India: West Bengal | 2 days ago

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Rakesh Singh was arrested on Tuesday from Galasi i...

Image ofIn-the-election-of-West-Bengal-for-whom-can-the-Owasi039s-be-a-profitable-deal-and-who-can-cause-losses

In the election of West Bengal, for whom can the Owasi's be a profitable deal and who can cause losses?

India: West Bengal | 3 days ago

Asaduddin Owaisi's factor is very important in the election of West Bengal.

Image ofCoal-Smuggling-Case-Big-money-sent-to-Mamta039s-nephew039s-sisterinlaw039s-Londonbased-bank-account

Coal Smuggling Case: Big money sent to Mamta's nephew's sister-in-law's London-based bank account

India: West Bengal | 3 days ago

CBI has also received information about a bank account in London after Bangkok, ...

Image ofPM-Modi-in-West-Bengal-PM-Modi-said-in-Hooghly-BJP-government-is-to-be-made-for-real-change-in-Bengal

PM Modi in West Bengal: PM Modi said in Hooghly - BJP government is to be made for real change in Bengal

India: West Bengal | 3 days ago

PM Modi in West Bengal PM Modi said that all the countries in the world came out...

Image ofWest-Bengal-BJP039s-Parivartan-Yatra-and-attack-on-Bengal-BJP-President039s-convoy-three-injured

West Bengal: BJP's Parivartan Yatra and attack on Bengal BJP President's convoy, three injured

India: West Bengal | 5 days ago

On the other side of the BJP's Parivartan Yatra, some people attacked West Benga...

Image ofWest-Bengal-Election-2021-Election-to-be-announced-in-Bengal-on-March-34

West Bengal Election 2021: Election to be announced in Bengal on March 3-4

India: West Bengal | 5 days ago

Bengal may be declared on March 3 or 4.

Image ofBengal-BJP039s-youth-leader-Pamela-Goswami-caught-with-cocaine-arrested-by-police

Bengal: BJP's youth leader Pamela Goswami caught with cocaine, arrested by police

India: West Bengal | 6 days ago

The police has arrested the female youth leader of the BJP with 100 grams of coc...

Image ofPolitical-violence-intensifies-in-Bengal039s-election-turmoil-Minister-of-State-for-Labor-Zakir-Hussain-attacked-with-bombs-22-injured-seven-in-critical-condition

Political violence intensifies in Bengal's election turmoil, Minister of State for Labor Zakir Hussain attacked with bombs, 22 injured, seven in critical condition

India: West Bengal | 1 week ago

Political violence has started intensifying in Bengal`s electoral turmoil.

Image ofBengal-Chunav-The-war-of-words-over-Durga039s-mother-Durga039s-comments-intensified-Trinamool-surrounded-BJP-over-comments

Bengal Chunav: The war of words over Durga's mother Durga's comments intensified, Trinamool surrounded BJP over comments

India: West Bengal | 1 week ago

The Trinamool Congress has started a verbal attack calling it an insult to the r...

Image ofLIVE-Amit-Shah-in-West-Bengal-Amit-Shah-said-at-the-Cooch-Behar-rally-Mamta-didi-will-also-start-saying-Jai-Shri-Ram-till-the-elections-are-over

LIVE Amit Shah in West Bengal: Amit Shah said at the Cooch Behar rally- Mamta didi will also start saying Jai Shri Ram till the elections are over.

India: West Bengal | 2 weeks ago

Amit Shah in West Bengal Shah called upon the people of Bengal to give 5 years t...

Image ofNadda-shows-the-BJP039s-Parivartan-Yatra-in-Bengal-said-Mamta-didi-did-not-appreciate-maamaatimanush

Nadda shows the BJP's Parivartan Yatra in Bengal, said - Mamta didi did not appreciate maa-maati-manush

India: West Bengal | 2 weeks ago

The state BJP unit has started the Parivartan Yatra before the assembly election...

Image ofWest-Bengal-Mamata-Banerjee039s-big-announcement-before-Bengal-elections-Netaji-battalion-to-be-formed-in-Kolkata-Police-Force

West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee's big announcement before Bengal elections, Netaji battalion to be formed in Kolkata Police Force

India: West Bengal | 2 weeks ago

CM Mamta Banerjee of West Bengal said that a new battalion Netaji Battalion will...

Image ofPolitical-violence-Rajib-Banerjee039s-supporters-attacked-as-soon-as-they-join-BJP-in-Bengal-many-injured

Political violence: Rajib Banerjee's supporters attacked as soon as they join BJP in Bengal, many injured

India: West Bengal | 3 weeks ago

Rajib Banerjee's assembly constituency turned into a battlefield.

Image ofAmit-Shah-said-in-Howrah-rally-Where-did-Mamta-didi039s-mother-Mati-and-Manush-slogan

Amit Shah said in Howrah rally - Where did Mamta didi's mother, Mati and Manush slogan

India: West Bengal | 3 weeks ago

Bengal Assembly Election: Legislative assembly elections are due in Bengal this ...

Image ofShock-to-Trinamool-six-TMC-leaders-including-former-minister-Rajib-Banerjee-join-BJP-Amit-Shah-welcomed

Shock to Trinamool, six TMC leaders including former minister Rajib Banerjee join BJP, Amit Shah welcomed

India: West Bengal | 3 weeks ago

The ruling Trinamool Congress suffered another major setback on Saturday ahead o...

Image ofCongressLeft-Front-alliance-stuck-in-22-seats-in-Murshidabad-district

Congress-Left Front alliance stuck in 22 seats in Murshidabad district

India: West Bengal | 3 weeks ago

Bengal Assembly elections in Murshidabad, the alliance between the two has been ...

Image ofBefore-the-election-another-blow-to-the-Mamta-government-former-minister-Rajib-Banerjee-also-resigned-as-MLA

Before the election, another blow to the Mamta government, former minister Rajib Banerjee also resigned as MLA

India: West Bengal | 3 weeks ago

Former cabinet minister Rajib Banerjee had earlier resigned from the post of cab...

Image ofAmit-Shah-visit-Bengal-Shah-will-again-visit-Bengal-on-a-twoday-visit-restlessness-in-Trinamool

Amit Shah visit Bengal: Shah will again visit Bengal on a two-day visit, restlessness in Trinamool

India: West Bengal | 4 weeks ago

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is once again reaching Kolkata on Friday night on ...

Image ofAssembly-of-039knowledge-providers039-in-Bengal-after-039occupation039-of-Red-Fort-in-Delhi-teachers-climbed-at-the-gate

Assembly of 'knowledge providers' in Bengal after 'occupation' of Red Fort in Delhi, teachers climbed at the gate

India: West Bengal | 4 weeks ago

Earlier, members of Teachers Ekta Manch staged outside the assembly gate. They p...

Image ofQuestion-of-Shubhendu-Adhikari-TMC-will-leave-more-MLA-party-will-Mamata-fight-elections-from-her-seats-as-well

Question of Shubhendu Adhikari, TMC will leave more MLA party, will Mamata fight elections from her seats as well

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

Shubhendu Adhikari, who recently joined the West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021 ...

Image ofRepublic-Day-2021-7-people-from-West-Bengal-received-Padma-Shri-honors-2-received-President039s-Medal

Republic Day 2021: 7 people from West Bengal received Padma Shri honors, 2 received President's Medal

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

On the eve of Republic Day 2021, it was announced to confer Padma Samman to 7 pe...

Image ofWho-is-Madame-Narela-36-lakh-rupees-sent-to-Thailand039s-bank-every-month-Shubhendu039s-blast

Who is Madame Narela? 36 lakh rupees sent to Thailand's bank every month, Shubhendu's blast

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday termed leaders who left Tr...

Image ofYou-people-don039t-recognize-me-I-will-take-revenge-Mamta-Banerjee-shouts-from-Hooghly

You people don't recognize me, I will take revenge, Mamta Banerjee shouts from Hooghly

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hoisted from Fursura in Hooghly distr...

Image ofParakram-Diwas-Mamata-Banerjee-annoyed-as-soon-as-she-reached-the-stage-refused-to-give-speech

Parakram Diwas: Mamata Banerjee annoyed as soon as she reached the stage, refused to give speech

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

Mamta said that I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Tourism Minister ...

Image ofMamata-Banerjee-shocked-by-Prime-Minister-Narendra-Modi039s-visit-to-Kolkata-Forest-Minister-Rajiv-Banerjee-resigns-from-Cabinet

Mamata Banerjee shocked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Kolkata, Forest Minister Rajiv Banerjee resigns from Cabinet

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to Kolkata, Mamta Banerjee has received a sev...

Image ofWest-Bengal-Assembly-Election-2021-Peerzada-Abbas-Siddiqui-who-was-close-to-Mamta-formed-new-party

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui, who was close to Mamta, formed new party

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif in Bengal has been close to Chief Minis...

Image ofWest-Bengal-Accident-A-horrific-road-accident-in-Jalpaiguri-West-Bengal-13-died

West Bengal Accident: A horrific road accident in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, 13 died

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

The news of a horrific road accident is coming from Jalpaiguri in West Bengal.

Image ofWest-Bengal-Assembly-Elections-2021-Akhilesh-will-support-Mamta-accuses-BJP-of-winning-elections-by-spreading-hatred

West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021: Akhilesh will support Mamta, accuses BJP of winning elections by spreading hatred

India: West Bengal | 1 month ago

Former UP CM and Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has made a big announc...