The country is constantly fighting the war against the Corona epidemic. Once again, cases of coronavirus in the country have started increasing rapidly. Among them, five states have the worst condition. On the one hand, the country is worried about the increasing cases of Corona, on the other hand, another new threat has increased the difficulties of the government and the country. A new 'double mutant' variant of the coronavirus has been detected in the country. Many 'Variants of Concerns' (VOCs) have been found in 18 states of the country. This means that different forms of the coronavirus have been found in different parts of the country, which can pose a major threat. These Corona variants include the new 'double mutant' variants found in Britain, South Africa, Brazil as well as India. The new 'double mutant' variant is found in India.

What is double mutant variant found in India?

The initial information about the double mutant variant found in the country has just been revealed. Double mutant variants have been detected for the first time in India. Information has come out about the double mutant variant that this type of corona spreads rapidly i.e. it is more contagious. At the same time, it is also able to escape the immune system of the body. This new 'double mutant' variant increases the level of infectivity in the body by avoiding the body's immune system. However, no evidence has yet been found that the growing infection in the country is due to this new variant of Corona.

How dangerous is the double mutant variant?

The double mutant variant is dangerous because it can not only escape the immune system of the body, but also spreads the infection rapidly in the body. This variant can also be dangerous because it has undergone two changes in the same form of the virus. A change in spike protein can increase its infectivity and due to other changes in its appearance, it succeeds in dodging the body's immune system. However, studies are still going on on this, and more information about this will come in the coming time.

Learn the difference between mutations and variants

There is a constant change in any virus and it is a natural process. The virus keeps changing its form and changing its internal structure. When a virus changes form, it is not complete, some of its components are left and this is what we call Mutation. When that mutation has an effect on humans, it is called Variant.

771 cases of new Corona variant in the country so far

There are 771 cases of Coronavirus infection in the country, which are associated with the new variant. These include 736 cases of the Corona variant of the UK, 34 cases of the South African variant, and one case of the Brazilian variant. Cases of new variants of Corona have also been found in Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. 

This new variant of Corona has also been found in 16 other countries of the world, including Britain, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

The central government had formed a group of 10 national labs, which are genome-sequencing different variants of the corona. The government says that this new variant is only increasing cases of infection in India, yet more research is needed to understand this.