Technocrats who implement several major projects across India, including Metro Rail, Metro Man E. Sreedharan, are confident of the Bharatiya Janata Party's pleasant wave in Kerala. He predicted that either the party would get an absolute majority or it would get a sufficient number of seats, which would make the BJP a kingmaker in the state.

Interacting with ANI during his campaign for the Kerala assembly election, Sreedharan expressed confidence that he was going to win the Palakkad assembly constituency. He said in the conversation, 'I think the BJP has very good chances of winning seats in Kerala. This may be an absolute majority or a sufficient number to become a kingmaker in the state.

Sreedharan, who was part of the roadshow of Home Minister Amit Shah in Malampuzha, Palakkad, called the event spectacular, which got thousands of enthusiasts excited. He said that I think this will have a tremendous impact on the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and United Democratic Front (UDF) governments. The public will vote for the BJP.

Sreedharan, called Metro Man, underlined that working as a technocrat is different from working as a politician and said he would be very useful to the state if elected. 

He further said that he would work to bring industries to Kerala. If the NDA comes to power, then in response, he said, 'Today there is hardly any industry in Kerala. Only industries can bring money to the state. Employment generation is necessary as Kerala has the highest number of unemployed youth. I will try to raise the standard of the education system. I will work to bring a transparent, efficient, and corruption-free government.

He attacked the Left Front, alleging that the Left parties had no knowledge of the Indian tradition. Let us know that the election for the 140-member Kerala Assembly will be held on 6 April. For Assembly elections 2021, the number of polling stations in Kerala has been increased from 21,498 to 40,771. Votes will be counted on 2 May. The term of the 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly will end on 1 June 2021. A total of 2,67,88,268 voters will elect candidates for the 15th assembly in Kerala.