The Supreme Court on Thursday, during the hearing of the petition of the Delhi Jal Board, has ordered the Bhakra Vyas Management Board along with the Government of Punjab and Haryana to continue to provide as much water as Haryana is already giving to Delhi. In the Supreme Court, the Delhi government has accused the Haryana government of giving polluted and less water, on which the Haryana government said that we are giving enough water to Delhi. On this, the Delhi government said that the amount of ammonia is more in the water that is being sent from Haryana. In response, the Delhi government said that the entire quantity of water from Haryana was not being given. If the court wants, then the matter can be investigated by appointing a court commissioner. On this, the court said that if the need arises, we will do that too.

Explain that the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi says that Haryana does not supply enough water, while the Haryana government has claimed that Haryana gives all the water to Delhi. In this case, the matter between the two governments is complicated. Since summer has started, there may be a water crisis in Delhi. Or there may be a shortage of water.

The Delhi government continues to blame Haryana for the pollution in the Yamuna river that constantly falls in Delhi. On the other hand, the ruling Bharati Janata Party government in Haryana says that the Yamuna in Delhi is polluted by the industries of Delhi. Haryana supplies 1133 cusecs of water daily to Delhi.

On the other hand, Haryana has been accused by the Delhi government that Haryana is providing only 479 MGD of water to it whereas Delhi needs 609 water every day. The Jal Board also alleges that it is supplied 549 cusecs of water through Carried Line Channel (CLC) and 306 cusecs of water from Delhi Sub Branch (DSB). It is supplied to Delhi through Bhakra Beas Management Board along with Hathnikund and Munak Canal.

On the other hand, Haryana has also claimed that it has been providing 120 cusecs of water to Delhi through the Yamuna every day. Haryana has also been continuously accused of Delhi that the Delhi Jal Board does not use the water directly received, but it has also been using the water from Haryana for agriculture etc. The Water Board has also not upgraded its water treatment plants. Haryana is also directly dependent on other states for water. In such a situation, on the basis of which water is received from other states, Delhi is provided with adequate water as per the requirement from Haryana.