The coronavirus has infected individuals of all ages in the world. At present, the Corona vaccine has been introduced to reduce the spread of this epidemic, but now it is being applied only to adults. While adults are more likely to have coronavirus, so far the expectation of its serious consequences in children is extremely low. However, many people but their children are worried about when their child will get the Corona vaccine. The same question has been answered by Pfizer, BioNotech. If Pfizer, Bioentech's efforts are successful, the Corona vaccine will soon be available for children as well. 

US drugmakers Pfizer and BioNotech have started a trial of the coronavirus vaccine for children under 12 years of age. The company hopes that in the early years of 2022, the corona vaccine will also be available for children. The vaccine has already been introduced for adults of many companies, including Pfizer, to protect against corona and is being rapidly applied. Currently, this vaccine is not for children.

Even though no serious consequences have yet been reported on children with corona virus infection, there is always a risk of corona virus infection from children to adults. In this case, it is important to vaccinate children with the corona vaccine.

The Pfizer spokesperson said that Volunteers was given the first injection on Wednesday for an early-stage trial of the Corona vaccine. In the US, people aged 16 years or above are receiving Pfizer's corona virus vaccine. In the US, 66 million people have been vaccinated with the Corona virus as of Wednesday morning. A similar trial was started by the Moderna company last week to vaccinate the corona virus vaccine in children up to 6 months old.