The engine of a training aircraft going from Guna to Bhopal suddenly suffered a malfunction on Saturday. By the time the aircraft was brought back to the airport runway, the engine stopped and the aircraft crashed into the field. The aircraft had three pilots, including the chief pilot. Coincidentally, the plane crashed from the middle and the three survived.

On Saturday afternoon around 3:30 pm, the Seshana CG-2 training aircraft of Pinnacle Air took off from Bhopal Airport. Trainee pilot Rajkumar and Sammi were aboard along with chief pilot Ashwini Sharma. Just 10 minutes after takeoff, the pilot contacted ATC and said that there was an abnormal sound coming from the engine, we would have to make an emergency landing.

Broken contact between ATC and aircraft

At this, ATC immediately asked the airport fire and security forces to be vigilant. The airport authority made complete arrangements for the emergency landing. Meanwhile, the crew aboard told the ATC that the engine of the aircraft has stopped, giving a signal of danger. After this, contact between ATC and the aircraft was lost. Shortly, it was discovered that a plane had crashed on a farm in Bishankheri village.

When the rescue teams reached the spot, the three pilots were trapped in it. When the three were removed, there were only minor injuries. Damage from the middle usually catches fire as soon as the plane crashes but incidentally, it did not catch fire. The middle part of the aircraft was damaged and it was split into about two pieces. If the aircraft was damaged from the front part of the aircraft crew, all three could have been killed.

DGCS will investigate

DGCA will investigate the circumstances under which the aircraft crashed. The airport authority is preparing to submit the primary report to the DGCA. Initial investigation has revealed a technical fault in the engine.

We were preparing for emergency landing

Airport director Anil Vikram told that the plane had left Bhopal airport. The malfunction was reported shortly after. We had prepared for the emergency landing, but the aircraft fell into the field before coming to the runway. All three pilots are safe. The DGCA investigates the entire matter.