From next week, going from Noida to Mayur Vihar Phase-1 and Mayur Vihar-1 to Akshardham will be very easy. For this, the Public Works Department has prepared a two-way cloverleaf on the UP Link Road. As soon as it becomes operational from next week, people will be able to do tax traffic through it. For this distance, the drivers have to travel an additional one kilometer. Both these cloverleaves were being built for the last five years. It is part of the Cloverleaf Barapula phase-three elevated corridor, however, it will take another 2 years to build this elevated corridor.

Clover leaf

Two clover leaves have been built to connect the traffic from Mayur Vihar to Akshardham and Noida to Mayur Vihar to Barapula. Their width is 7 and a half meters. A two-lane road from Akshardham to Barapula and a two-lane road to Noida. With this, people will not be able to go to the flyover of Mayur Vihar Phase-1 and climb Barapula directly from this road. In addition, a wall has been built with flyovers coming and going towards Noida, so that safe travel is possible.

The people here are in trouble now

To come to Akshardham from Mayur Vihar one has to first go from Mayur Vihar and go towards Noida on the UP Lik road, about 700 meters in the opposite direction. Then you have to come back from below the next flyover by making a U-turn and then towards Akshardham. In the new system, leaving from Mayur Vihar, they will directly climb Cloverleaf towards the front and through it will come on UP Lick Road and go towards Akshardham. Similarly, to come from Noida to Mayur Vihar, one has to return by making a U-turn from under the flyover on National Highway-9, about one kilometer ahead of the Mayur Vihar Phase one, on UP Lick Road. This distance covers about two kilometers, including traffic and traffic. Now people will be saved from traveling two kilometers in the new system, because coming from Noida, they will enter the Peacock Vihar Phase-1 by landing on the cloverleaf from the flyover in front of Mayur Vihar.

With the launch of Barapula Phase-3, these cloverleaf will get full benefits

At the same time, these cloverleaf Barapula Elevated Corridors are part of the Phase-3 scheme. The purpose of which is to conveniently divide the traffic coming from Sarai Kale Khan on UP Lik road via Barapula. That is, anyone who has to go towards Noida or to Akshardham or to Mayur Vihar Phase-I can use these cloverleaf. It will take time to prepare the Barapula Phase-3 Corridor.