Sriram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust has carried out the first exchange deed, carrying forward the campaign for the expansion of the Ram temple complex. Along with this, now the Fakireram temple in Ramkot has also become a part of the Ram temple complex. The Mahant of the Fakireram temple has been given Rs 3 crore 71 lakh in return and about four Bigha of land in Ramkot itself. 

The Ram temple is to be expanded to about 38 acres. It currently has a 70-acre campus. One of the parties to the exchange deed is Mahant Raghuvar Sharan of Fakireram temple and Champatarai, general secretary of the Teerth Kshetra Trust. Raghuvarsharan Chela Mahant couple Kishore Sharan has given 1405 square meters of land of Faqireram Temple to the Trust. According to sources, the assets of the Fakireram temple are more than the value of the land given under the deed, hence the cash amount has been given to this party by the trust.

The deed is signed by Rajkumar Das and Ramnaresh Das as witnesses. Presently, the Trust is rapidly expanding the premises of the Ram temple. Under this, the trust has so far purchased about 82 Biswa land. Most of it is in the Terhibazar area. In the same sequence, the trust has also purchased land in the Ramkot locality. Champatarai, the general secretary of the trust, has already made it clear that the trust will expand the temple complex through dialogue and consent.