Railways have increased the list of special trains in view of increasing congestion in trains. From April, 10 more special trains will start running on the track. In view of the rising corona again in the country, the railway is taking full care of the physical distance. Apart from this, many special trains have been announced to run the trains so that they are not overcrowded and people can get seats easily. Apart from this, Railways keep running special trains from time to time keeping in view the facilities of the passengers. Let's know about all these trains ...

1- Train no. 02180/02179 Agra Fort to Lucknow Jn- Agra Fort Lucknow Superfast Intercity Special Express (daily)

2- Train number 06359/06360 Ernakulam Junction to Patna Junction- Ernakulam Junction Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

3- Train number 09403/09404 Ahmedabad to Sultanpur - Ahmedabad Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

Train number 09403, Ahmedabad- Sultanpur Weekly Superfast Special Rail service will leave Ahmedabad at 07.50hrs on every Tuesday for the next orders from 13th April 21 and reach Sultanpur at 12.00hrs the next day. Arrival time will be 11.40 and 11.50 am at Abu Road station of Ajmer division, 12.58 and 13.00 hrs at Falna station, 13.55 and 13.57 hrs at Marwar station, and 16.20 and 16.30 hrs at Ajmer station.

Similarly, train no. 09404, Sultanpur. Ahmedabad Weekly Superfast Special Rail service 14. From 21 April till the next orders, every Wednesday will leave Sultanpur at 18.05 hrs and reach Ahmedabad at 22.00 hrs the next day. Arrival at Ajmer station of Ajmer division, departure time will be at 13.35 and 13.45 pm, 15.33 and 15.35 hrs at Marwar Junction, 16.26 and 16.28 hrs at Falna station, and 17.55 and 18.05 hrs at Abu Road station. The train will halt at Ahmedabad, Sabarmati, Mehsana, Palanpur, Abu Road, Falna, Marwar Junction, Ajmer, Jaipur, Alwar, Rewari, Gurgaon, Delhi Cantt, Delhi Junction, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, Nihalgarh, and Musafirkhana stations in both directions.

4- Train number 09421/09422 Ahmedabad to Patna- Ahmedabad Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

5- Train number 09409/09410 Ahmedabad to Gorakhpur- Ahmedabad Superfast Special Express (2 days a week)

Train number 09409 Ahmedabad - Gorakhpur bi-weekly special rail service will leave Ahmedabad at 09.50hrs on every Thursday and Saturday from 15 April 21 and arrive Gorakhpur at 16.55 am the next day. Arrival at Abu Road station of Ajmer division will be at departure time at 13.30 and 13.40, at Falna station at 14.51 and 14.53, and at Ajmer station at 18.10 and 18 and 25.

Similarly, train number 09410, Gorakhpur - Ahmedabad Bi-Weekly Special Rail service will leave Gorakhpur at 05.00 hrs on every Monday and Saturday from 17 April 21 to the next orders, arriving at Jaipur 00.45 hrs on the next day and reaching Gorakhpur at 11.00 hrs at 00.55 hrs. The arrival and departure time of this train at Ajmer division will be at Ajmer station at 3.00 and 3.10, at Falna station at 5.45 and 5.47, and at Abu Road station at 07.10 and 07.20.

The train runs in both directions Sabarmati, Mehsana, Palanpur, Abu Road, Falna, Ajmer, Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Dausa, Bandikui, Bharatpur, Achnera Mathura Junction, Hathras, Sikandra Rao, Kasganj Ganjadundwara Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Kanpur Anwarganj, Kanpur Central, Lucknow Will halt at Barabanki, Gonda Junction, Basti and Khalilabad stations.

6- Train no. 02937/02938 Gandhidham BG to Howrah Jn- Gandhidham BG Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

7-Train No. 09579/09580 Rajkot Jn to Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Rajkot Junction Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

Train No. 09579, Rajkot - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Weekly Superfast Special Railway service will depart from Rajkot at 14.50hrs on every Thursday till 15 April 21 and will arrive at Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 10:10 am the next day. Arrival at Abu Road station on Ajmer division at 21. 20 and 21. 30 am, 22.00 and 22.04 pm at Pindwara station, 22.43 and 22.45 pm at Falna station, 23.43 and 23.45 pm at Marwar Junction station, 00.47 and 00.49 at Beawar station. Will be at 02.00 and 02 and 10 at Ajmer station.

Similarly, train no.09580, Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Rajkot Weekly Superfast Special Railway service will leave Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 13:20 hrs on every Friday and reach Rajkot at 09.00 hrs the next day till 16 April 21 for further orders. Arrival at Ajmer station at Ajmer division at 21:25 and 21.40 hrs, Beawar station at 22.22 and 22.24 hrs, Marwar Junction station at 23.38 and 23.40 hrs. It will remain at Falna station at 00.25 and 00.27, at Pindwara station at 01.06 and 01.08, and at Abu Road station at 01. 55 and 02.05.

The train will run in both directions of the route at Wakaner Junction, Surendranagar, Viramgam, Mehsana, Palanpur, Abu Road, Pindwara, Falna, Marwar Junction, Beawar, Ajmer, Kishangarh, Jaipur, Jaipur Gandhinagar, Dausa, Bandikui, Alwar, Khairthal, Rewari, Gurgaon, and Will halt at Delhi Cantt station

8-Train no. 09059/09060 Surat to Muzaffarpur- Surat Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

9-Train Number 09411/09412 Ahmedabad to Lucknow- Ahmedabad Superfast Special Express (Weekly)

10-Train no. 09407/09408 Ahmedabad to Varanasi Jn. - Ahmedabad Superfast Special Express (Weekly)