Pakistan's cabinet has now deferred the ECC's decision to import cotton and sugar from India. A source gave this information. The decision-making body related to Pakistan's economy had on Wednesday approved the import of sugar and cotton from India. However, the cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan decided to postpone the decision for the time being. The Economic Co-ordination Committee of Pakistan on Wednesday said that imports will be reduced to reduce demand and prices at the local level. 

This decision was seen as an important step towards reviving the closed trade between the two nuclear-armed neighboring countries.

Significantly, India is the largest producer of cotton in the world. Apart from this, India is the second-largest producer of sugar in the world.

The top decision-making organization related to Pakistan's economy had approved the import of sugar and other commodities before Ramadan. This would have reduced the price of sugar in Pakistan and also helped to cope with its increasing demand at the time of the festival. 

The ceasefire under the Indus Water Treaty was discussed recently in New Delhi between the forces of India and Pakistan.