Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari of Uttar Pradesh, who is lodged in Ropar Jail in Punjab, was brought to Mohali court, he was brought by number in Barabanki district of UP, he is a private ambulance. This incident has created a stir in the district administration after making headlines. Nobody is willing to open a responsible mouth, making this ambulance a mystery. The hospital in whose name the ambulance was registered has neither registration nor any documents related to it. Despite this, the ambulance was registered.

Surprisingly, from the year 2017, this ambulance was running on the streets without insurance and fitness validity and no action was taken. Not only this, the file of its registration has been lost in RTO. Only after the search of the missing file is completed can the curtain be lifted from its syndicate. A well-known assassination shooter is said to be close to Mukhtar.

Ambulance has been made bullet-proof: It is headed by Dr. Alka Rai of the district of Mau, the ambulance hospital and the mobile number recorded in the RC of the ambulance is also being told of the person of Mau. The Department of Transport and Health was not aware of where the ambulance was for five years despite fitness validity and termination of insurance. The ambulance from Uttar Pradesh reached Punjab, but it was never challenged anywhere. It is also being told that the ambulance was made bulletproof, that is why it was not brought for fitness. Apart from all this, the disappearance of the file is also being linked to the influence of Mukhtar.

Ambulances running without fitness validity and insurance:  The ambulance from which Mukhtar Ansari was brought to Mohali Court from Ropar Jail in Punjab is registered with the Barabanki Assistant Divisional Transport Office (RTO). UP 41 AT 7171 ambulance made in the discussion was registered on 21 December 2013 in the name of Shyam Sanjivani Hospital and Research Center. Its fitness validity has expired on January 31, 2017, and insurance on January 10, 2017. The ambulance was last brought to RTO Office Fitness in January 2016. After this, this ambulance was not brought back.

Hospital only found on RC: Ever since the case of Ambulance registered in the name of Shyam Sanjeevani Hospital and Research Center has come to light, the entire administration is looking for this hospital. The police, administration, and health department could not find it, but the transport department found it. This hospital was found to be recorded only on the RC of the ambulance, it could not be physically detected.