The passenger sitting in the Sambalpur Jamoothavi Express going from Indian Railways Sambalpur to Jamutavi suddenly had a fever. The train was stirred after the passenger got fever. Many passengers got scared and withdrew from the seat on which the sick traveler was sitting. When this incident happened, Sambalpur Jammu Tawi Express was in Muri. The matter was immediately reported to the RPF post at Ranchi railway station.

After this, the RPF immediately swung into action and contacted the Hill Hospital and called the doctor. As soon as the train reached Ranchi railway station, the passenger sitting in coach number S3 berth number 21, Dinesh Tiwari, was checked and given medicine. The passenger's BP was found to be 110– 70 and fever 97 degrees. The doctor told all the passengers that there is no reason to panic. Dinesh Tiwari has only a minor fever.

After this, people breathed a sigh of relief. Dinesh Tiwari hails from Najibabad, New Delhi. Later, at Ramgarh Cantt railway station, RPF jawans approached Dinesh Tiwari and took care of him, then his health was better than before. In this way, RPF administered medicines to sick travelers and got them treated. This work of RPF has been appreciated by all the passengers sitting on the train.