The Central Government is currently concerned about providing better education to the children of Scheduled Castes. This is the reason that the new guidelines that the Center has prepared for the SC Post-Metric Scholarship Scheme, educational institutions will now have to teach these children. Educational institutions will also be eligible for this new guideline, which will meet the set standards of quality. In which by 2024, such higher educational institutions will be required to obtain the recognition of NAC, otherwise, they will not get financial support.

Major changes in funding pattern of SC Post-Metric Scholarship Scheme

After a major change in the funding pattern of the SC Post Matric Scholarship Scheme, the Center has now approved the new guidelines. Which has been sent to all states for implementation. Among the major changes that have been made to this scheme, children will have to come to school or college. 75 percent attendance will be required in a year. Attendance will be based on the Aadhaar card. Institutions will have to upload it from time to time on the portal. Also, information about the educational performance of the children studying will also have to be shared. That is, if a child is pursuing graduation under the scheme, then how was his result in the first year. Whether something went better in the second year or not. At present, this initiative will also help the Ministry of Education's campaign to provide better and quality education to all.

The focus of educational institutions  was on grabbing scholarship amount 

According to officials associated with the ministry, the focus of the educational institutions was more on grabbing the money received under the scholarship scheme than what was being seen under this scheme till now. Meanwhile, a large number of higher education institutions and schools were ready, where such SC children were given admission on a large scale, but did not study. Children also did not attend these schools. In such a situation, there was a loss of both government money and SC children.

Now the scholarship will be sent directly to the students' account

The government has also changed the funding pattern in the new guidelines of the SC Post-Metric Scholarship Scheme. Under this, the entire amount of scholarship will now be sent directly to the students' account through DBT. Until now, this money was given to the states, who later gave it to educational institutions. From where it was given to the students. Along with this, under the new guidelines, states will have to pay their share first. Also, the details will have to be shared by the Center.

Based on this, the center will also send its share amount directly to the student's account. Recently, the Central Government made a big change in the funding pattern of the SC Post-Matric Scholarship and also gave it a similar pattern as other schemes. In which the share of the center was fixed at sixty percent for the plains and forty percent for the states, while for the hill states, the share of the center would be ninety percent and that of the state would be ten percent.