The spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union is addressing the panchayats and meetings around the country in protest against the agricultural law these days. On Friday, he was scheduled to address two of his panchayats in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. In the afternoon, after addressing a panchayat, he left with a convoy of vehicles to address another panchayat. During this time he was attacked.

On the way, according to Gaurav Tikait, the national president of Bhakiyu Yuva, activists of a political party protested and threw stones at him on the way. The glass of his car was also broken in it. In this attack, the people present in the convoy say that the attackers also opened fire. But there is no official confirmation of this at the moment.

However, he escaped safely to address the second panchayat, he said, adding that Chaudhary had sat on a dharna to protest against the attack on Rakesh Tikait and to demand the arrest of the attackers. The police have also been called on the spot. The police are investigating the case and also get more information from the people present on the spot so that those who have committed such incidents can be identified and arrested.