China has started by occupying Tibet, it also has areas called Five Finger. This is said by Lobsang Sangye, the head of Tibet's exiled government. He was speaking at a program organized on democracy, human rights, and pluralism. Sangye said China's expansionary policy is a threat to the entire world community and the areas it creates on its map. China has extended its border to India by occupying the buffer state of Tibet between China and India. 

China now wants to maintain a border dispute with India. Occupying Tibet was the beginning of China. Now he wants to move beyond that. He has five fingers on his target. By capturing these, he wants to strengthen his position in the entire region. The Communist Party of China considers Tibet as a palm while Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Arunachal Pradesh as the Five Fingers. Occupying them assumes their religion. By doing this she wants to strengthen her hand.

India should understand this. Must see what is happening in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. All things should be understood and relations with China should be made. The case of Xinjiang is not about any one country and community. For this, the whole world community should stand in unison. Because if they do not do so now, then the scope of China will increase and it will continue to occupy the areas as per its convenience. After a time, no one will be able to do anything about it.

Lobsang said that India should understand that what is happening in Tibet is a blueprint and it is happening in Xinjiang and Hong Kong as well. Understand China and deal with it accordingly. He said that pluralism and diversity, human rights, and freedom unite India. Lobsang alleged that China's expansionist policies are a "threat" to the world community.