Gold worth Rs 1.18 crore seized from three passengers has been smuggled. According to the news agency PTI, the three had come to Mangaluru airport from different Gulf countries. Customs officials said on Saturday that gold was caught in three separate search operations. Recently, 2.5 kg gold worth Rs 1.15 crore was seized from passengers arriving from Dubai at Hyderabad Airport.

On Friday, authorities arrested two passengers resident of Kasaragod in Kerala on charges of smuggling gold as a paste in the country. A passenger arrived late Thursday night. Another passenger came from Dubai on an Air India plane. Two of them attempted to hide the gold in the press button of a jeans shirt. One of them hid a gold chain in his shoes. 576 grams of gold worth Rs 26 lakh were seized from it.

On Saturday, authorities caught a passenger from Dubai on an Air India flight. She hid gold in a specially designed inner garment, jeans trousers and knee pads. 1.993 grams of gold worth Rs 92.27 lakh were seized from him. On March 11 last month, 2.41 kg gold worth Rs 1.10 crore was recovered near a female passenger at Mangaluru International Airport.

The woman, who hails from Kasaragod in Kerala, came from Dubai. She was smuggling gold hidden in her underwear. Just last month, 2.5 kilogram gold worth Rs 1.15 crore was seized from passengers arriving from Dubai at Hyderabad Airport. Five separate cases of gold smuggling were registered against him. Customs officials had said that these passengers were hiding gold in a mixer-grinder motor, etc., kept in luggage.

Gold is usually smuggled in the form of a biscuit, but smugglers have adopted many tricks over time due to the vigilance of customs officials. The smugglers have adopted the trick of swallowing gold biscuits. Statistics show that in recent times there has been an increase in the smuggling of gold between the Middle East and India. In recent times, the case of gold smuggling in Kerala has also become the cause of political tug of war.