Shamli's Azeem Mansoori's new look has been revealed on the internet media for a long time due to its short height. His photo with the INSAS rifle is going viral. This has made the police and security agencies vigilant. It is believed that after the photo goes viral, there is also a possibility of him getting caught in the legal gripes. 

Azeem Mansoori, 26, a resident of Main Bazar and Mohalla Jodwa Kuan of Kairana, could not get married due to his two feet six-inch height. He had reached Shamli's Women's Police Station last month to demand his marriage. Where Azeem Mansoori pleaded for a long time to get married to women policemen. He then became the subject of discussion on the Internet media. His relations also came from Delhi, Gajraula, and Ghaziabad. Finally, Azeem's relationship with Hapur was finalized three days ago. The wedding will take place after one year.

On Saturday, a new look appeared on the internet media. When the photo of the Government Rifle (INSAS) in his hands became increasingly viral, all kinds of discussion about the short height Azeem Mansuri started.

Reported viral photo of 2013 

After the preliminary investigation, police sources say that the viral photo is of 2013 on Saturday. At that time, PAC and other police forces camped in Kairana in view of security. Mansuri of short stature also reached there. He had become a center of attraction for the people of the police force. During this time, he took a soldier's rifle and took a photo. The same photo went viral on internet media on Saturday. Azeem Mansuri's kinsman refused to say anything in this regard. They are not ready to talk to anyone. On the other hand, Kairana Kotwal Premveer Singh Rana says that the case is being investigated. Only then something can be said.