Saudi Gazette, the leading newspaper of Saudi Arabia, has said that the youth of Jammu and Kashmir in India have shown a positive attitude towards the development plans of the Modi government and they want to be a part of the progress and prosperity of the new India. The publication of the Saudi Gazette started in 1978 and is a leading English language newspaper. This newspaper has made a distinct identity in Saudi Arabia's media world with its commitment to truth and centrist policy.

The newspaper has written that after the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Government of India has initiated several schemes and programs for the development of the region. Regional youth have shown a positive attitude towards these schemes. The report says that even after 5 August 2019, the local terrorists who have given up arms are also being given a chance to join the mainstream of the country. Many local leaders who used to say that there would be no one who would lift the tricolor in Kashmir by taking away the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, proved to be wrong in this matter. Today Gulmarg can be seen how many youngsters carry the tricolor and keep it close to their heart.

To motivate the youth, the government is also giving a lot of boost to sports in the state. In the recent past, the second edition of the Khelo India of Winter Games was organized in Gulmarg. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the inauguration of these games in a virtual manner said that the purpose of such an event is to ensure India's presence in the International Winter Games. He also announced to make Jammu and Kashmir the hub of winter sports.

The report said that with the introduction of a special scholarship scheme by the central government, it has become easier for many poor children of Kashmir to enroll in various educational institutions in the country. In fact, these people not only completed their studies but also managed to get a good job in the corporate houses of the country and abroad. The Indian government is determined to leave the region out of the quagmire of uncertainty.

The report says that the benefits of the decision to abolish the special status of this state and include it in the mainstream of the nation are beginning to come out. Prosperity is increasing in the Kashmir Valley due to accelerating economic progress. The Saudi Gazette has written that the most important change that is being seen in Kashmir today is the reduction in the number of stone-pelters by manifold.