Veteran leg-spinner Amit Mishra of Delhi Capitals is the second-highest wicket-taker in the IPL while leading the spinners. He is one of the players who have been part of the IPL since the first season. This time 38-year-old Mishra will play the captaincy of 23-year-old Rishabh Pant. Mishra feels that Pant has changed a lot in the last few months and he has now learned to be patient. On all the issues of Pant and IPL, Abhishek Tripathi had a special interaction with Amit Mishra. Here are the major excerpts: - 

At this time, Corona cases are increasing again, but the BCCI is keen on getting IPL. You people have to live in a bio-bubble. What time do you see as a player, how tough is this time?

In this, you have to see a very good positive sign that cricket is happening despite the epidemic. This is very good at such a time, but if you see it in the coming time, then it will become a common part of life. The last time we played in Dubai, the same rules are being followed here. Some people may not have followed those rules, so they may have problems. 

- Last time your IPL was going well and then got hurt and you had to be out. Since then how did I recover myself and what is the goal now?

- There is no doubt that it was quite disappointing, because I was bowling very well, I also worked very hard. Then got injured. Injury is not in your hand. You try on your side, but if you are injured, you cannot do anything in it. One thing I liked very much was that we played the finals. However, he was missing me because he had worked very hard for 13 years to play the final and I was not in the final, but also saw a very good positive signal, the players, the team management all messaged me and said that we missed you. Has been After that I also saw a very difficult time. Went through a lot of pain, but always been very positive. As a result, IPL is happening again and I am ready to play IPL once again. Hopefully this time it will prove to be even better. I am waiting for it to start soon and I will hit the ground to perform.

 -Delhi Capitals are now considered to be a very strong team, but how big a shock to the team is Shreyas Iyer's injury and Akshar Patel's Corona positive?

- There is no doubt that we will miss Shreyas Iyer, because under his captaincy we also played the final last year. But, I can only express my sadness for this, because I was also injured, so I know what feelings a player has when he is injured. We wish him all the best from the entire team and management to get back in the team as soon as possible. However, this has given Rishabh Pant a chance as a young captain. He has a chance to prove himself as a better batsman and captain.

-What changes have you seen in him since Rishabh was being criticized?

- The changes I have seen in the last four-five months inside Rishabh have matured within them. Last time we were also talking about how he can bring maturity, how he can improve his batting, but now those things have come in him. This shows that he wants to change himself for good. Now he has learned to be very patient. When we used to talk earlier, he used to get restless only. But now he has learned to be patient and this is visible in his batting, also in his nature. You must have seen how well he was batting last time he was playing for India. He has also worked on fitness. He has also been very disciplined. The way he has come to be the match-winner for the Indian team, I would like him to come as the winner of the match for us. He won the IPL this time under his captaincy and he will get the support of all of us. 

-What is the benefit of playing under the leadership of a young captain and how much does the responsibility of senior players increase in him?

When junior players become captain, the best thing for a senior player is that they ask you about your bowling, what you want to do in bowling or you feel that something is not going right or something. If you want to change, you can go and speak directly to them and they listen to that, whether to act or not to do that depends on the situation.

-This time no team will play any match at their home ground?

Not playing at home is beneficial as well as harmful, but it will happen with all teams, not just with our team. Playing on the home ground will not benefit you, so you have to think a little differently. You will have to work a little more hard.

 - How dangerous is this tournament for spinners, because the batsman comes with the intention of hitting the ball?

- Every time you have to make some changes in your bowling. I am always curious about what to change. All that is required is how quickly you accept these changes. 

- There is a good combination of seniors and juniors in your team. How do you see this combination and what is the chance for your team?

- There are full opportunities for our team and the best thing is that our team has a good combination. Young players are very good. All senior players want to teach their juniors. Very soon we have got together and a good group has been formed.