The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has designed a new shield to protect naval ships from targets of enemy missiles. This armor, based on advanced chaff technology, will confuse enemy radar and help change the direction of missiles moving towards the ship. The DRDO has described it as an important step towards a self-reliant India.

Indian Navy conducted tests in Arabian Sea

Keeping in view the requirements of the Navy, Defense Laboratory Jodhpur (DLJ) has developed this armor. It is a laboratory of DRDO. DRDO said that DLJ has designed three variants of it, short-range chaff rocket, medium-range chaff rocket, and long-range chaff rocket. Recently, the Indian Navy tested them in the Arabian Sea, where they were found to be fully effective. Defense technology companies are being provided this technology so that they can be produced on a large scale. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has congratulated DRDO, Navy, and defense industry for this achievement. Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff has congratulated DRDO for strategically developing this very important technology in a short span of time and approved its production on a large scale. 

Big Work Technology

Chaff technology is used to protect ships worldwide. It was first used during World War II. It is radar countermeasure technology. Under this, the smoke of chaff material is made in the air with the help of a rocket. It uses aluminum, metalized glass fiber or plastic, etc. This smoke begins to look like its target on the enemy's radar. Sometimes, multiple targets appear simultaneously on the radar. Enemy missiles can be easily deflected with its help.

This is how it is used

Rockets equipped with chaff material are deployed on the ship. Any type of missile attack is anticipated as soon as it is fired. The smoke from the rocket-fired chaff material distracts the enemy's missile. DRDO said that the biggest feature of this advanced technology is that even a small amount of chaff material in the air is enough to flush the enemy's missile. This will ensure the safety of our ships.