Curfew  has been announced since Tuesday night in view of rising coronavirus infection cases in Delhi. People will be prohibited from leaving the house from 10 to 5 am under the night curfew imposed till April 30. A senior government official associated with the Delhi government had said on Monday that the proposal to impose nighttime curfew was under consideration. The duration of the curfew has been fixed from 10 am to 5 am. 

They get a discount

  • Private doctor
  • Nurse
  •  Paramedical staff
  • Print and electric media journalist
  • Passengers who are going to the airport are also exempt, provided they show their ticket.
  • During the night curfew, traffic will remain normal i.e. people will be able to come from other states.
  • People will also be able to get corona vaccine in the night curfew, but they will have to take a pass for this.
  • Vegetable and fruit vendors, people associated with medical will be able to come and go with e-pass.

 Which activities will be stopped

  • Stop traveling
  • Shopping will be banned
  • Action will be taken on those who have come out of unnecessary work.
  • Factory / companies will not operate.
  • There will be no business activity of any kind.
  • Restaurants, hotels and other shops will not open after 10 pm. 

Know - what is the night curfew

In the night curfew, people are not allowed to roam in public places from night to morning. This timing also changes according to every government. Night curfew will be imposed in Delhi from 10 am to 5 am. During this time people will not be able to get out of the house unnecessarily. 

Actually, the state government has put a weekend lockdown to overcome the uncontrolled situation of Corona in Maharashtra. Weekend lockdown prohibits normal activities from eight o'clock in the morning to seven in the morning. During this time, work will be done in government offices with a capacity of 50 per cent, in private offices, work from home has been given instructions. Films and serials will continue to be shot, but instructions have been given to avoid crowded scenes. At the same time, only 20 people will be able to attend the funeral and 50 people in the marriage ceremony. Schools, colleges will also be closed, vegetable markets will be open.

Earlier, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said that the fourth wave of Corona infection is going on in Delhi, but the lockdown is not being considered. He said that we are not considering a lockdown. We are closely monitoring the situation and such a decision will be taken only after proper public consultation.

AAP government is not currently considering lockdown

Here, let me tell you that last week, Delhi government chief Arvind Kejriwal had not completely ruled out the possibility of putting a lockdown, but also said that it is not needed at the moment. He had said that if there is a need to impose lockdown, then a decision will be taken on it.

Significantly, Coronavirus infection is continuously increasing in Delhi. Four months later, the infection rate has reached 5.54 percent, the highest in 125 days. Earlier on December 1, the infection rate was 6.85 percent. Now once again the infection rate has crossed five and a half percent. Due to this, the corona in Delhi has become uncontrollable. At the same time, 3,548 new cases were reported on Monday due to fewer sample investigations on Sunday. The number of active patients has increased to more than 14,500 as the infection progresses. Because of this, the pressure of patients in hospitals is increasing. The situation is that 15 patients died in the last 24 hours. Due to this, 69 patients have died due to corona in the last five days. Yet people are not strictly following the rules of rescue. People are still seen in the markets without a mask.