Bahubali MLA from Uttar Pradesh Mukhtar Ansari was handed over to UP Police on Tuesday. Mukhtar Ansari has been shifted from Ropar Jail in Punjab to Banda Jail of UP. After the completion of the paperwork from Ropar, the UP police went out with Ansari, after about 14 hours, the UP police reached Banda Jail about the mafia. After some time, giving information, ASP Mahendra Pratap Singh Chauhan said that Mukhtar Ansari's health is fine. After this, at around 05:30 in the morning, the inspector of Banda jail confirmed to send Mukhtar Ansari to the barrack. 

About two o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, the UP police team came out of Ropar jail with regard to Mukhtar. Mukhtar Ansari was sitting in an ambulance and around ten police vehicles, including Vajra, were carrying 150 policemen. The team traveled around 1800 km to bring the mafia by road. Mukhtar Ansari is expected to be admitted after a corona test after bringing him to Banda jail in the early hours of Wednesday. For this, the health team was present in the jail from 12 o'clock at night. However, now his new address will be Barrack number 15 of Banda Mandal Prison. 

Around 6 pm, the police convoy entered the Uttar Pradesh border with Mukhtar Ansari. Entered from Sonepat in Haryana to Baghpat in UP via Eastern Peripheral Expressway. During this time, a lot of police force was already deployed on the border of UP. The police convoy had moved towards Ghaziabad-Noida with high speed. During this time, the window of Mukhtar's ambulance was covered with curtains.

The convoy of Banda Police carrying Mukhtar Ansari stopped at Jewar on Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida for about 20 minutes after taking fuel in vehicles and crossed the Jewel toll towards Mathura. At around eight o'clock in the night, the police convoy passed on the tappal of Aligarh with Mukhtar Ansari. After that, the police team came out of the Khandauli toll of Yamuna Expressway at around 9 o'clock in the night. The police convoy passed through the Khandauli toll plaza of Yamuna Expressway in Agra at 10.45 pm. From here, the police team came out from Nasirpur toll plaza on Agra-Lucknow Express at Firozabad at around eleven o'clock.

Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari's convoy landed at Etawah cut from Agra-Lucknow Expressway and passed through Kathfari toll plaza. Policemen, including Etawah SP Prashant Kumar Sing, CO Rajiv Pratap, escorted the convoy from Kathfori toll plaza in front of the convoy. The convoy crossed the Etawah city bypass at about quarter to twelve. It is being told that the convoy was to stay in Etawah to eat, but the stay was postponed following instructions from Lucknow. Not only this, the route was also changed. The convoy left the Kanpur route after getting off the Agra Expressway. After this, the convoy reached Sikandra in Kanpur countryside at 01:05 passing through Auraiya at 12:22. 

Thereafter, the situation of jam occurred due to cattle coming in between Sikandra-Rajpur. However, due to the strong arrangements, the convoy reached Satti police station area of ​​Rajpur at 01:22. The ambulance was then spotted at Bhognipur at 01:47 from where the convoy turned towards Ghatampur after three minutes and reached Ghatampur at 2:35 pm. Thereafter, the UP Police convoy entered the Hamirpur border at three o'clock through Hamiramau, Anupur and Yamuna bridges. This convoy entered the Jaspura border of Banda at 03:36 via Police Station Sumerpur. After this, as early as 4.30 am, the police convoy entered Muktar inside the Banda jail from the main gate. However, only one vehicle with an ambulance entered, after which the gate was closed. 


60 km highway on high alert: While bringing Mukhtar Ansari to Banda Jail, the 60 km National Highway Agra-Kanpur falling within the border of Etawah district was kept on high alert. In the district, the border of Jaswantnagar police station starts from the village of Mithapur from Agra side, followed by the Civil Line, Friends Colony, Iqdil, Bakever Police Station. Instructions were issued by the government to safely evacuate the vehicles of Mukhtar Ansari's convoy to all policemen posted on these borders.

Police came under strict control outside Banda jail as soon as Hamirpur arrived:  As soon as the convoy of UP police from Ghatampur moved towards Hamirpur, additional force was deployed outside Banda jail. At the same time, along with the in-charge Dharmendra Singh, constable Gajendra Singh and home guard Shivkumar of Paprenda police post in Banda district, were posted at Paprenda Hamipur Mor. Tindwari police station Zakir Hussain and Naraini Kotwal Savita Srivastava were present outside the main gate of Banda jail. Apart from this, inside the gate, the city Kotwal was present with Jayashyam Shukla Force.

Discussion of Hamirpur drivers bringing Mukhtar: According to sources, eight drivers were sent from Hamirpur to rest the driver of the vehicles involved in the convoy carrying Mukhtar Ansari. He took over the steering of the vehicles around Agra. The drivers coming from Punjab were given rest. After this, these policemen took Mukhtar to Banda jail. However, the SP has not confirmed it.

Many more vehicles of UP police attached to the convoy: Police vehicles were not allowing any private vehicles to come near Mukhtar's ambulance. Several vehicles of the UP Police were added to the convoy. It was being told that Additional Chief Secretary Avnish Awasthi and DGP Hitesh Awasthi had ordered that the UP Police convoy carrying Mukhtar Ansari would escort the police convoy in the district through which they passed.

Questions raised by the family regarding security:  Before Mukhtar Ansari was brought to UP, his family also threatened the mafia's life. Mukhtar had also adopted several legal bets, one after the other, to stay in the Punjab jail. Mukhtar Ansari's elder brother and MP Afzal Ansari has raised serious questions on the Yogi government, terming his life as a threat. Afzal Ansari said that the way government ministers and state BJP presidents are making rhetoric, doubts are being created somewhere. Meanwhile, there are reports that Mukhtar's wife has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding security during shifting.

52 cases filed against Mukhtar Ansari in  UP : In the case of bringing Mukhtar Ansari to the Mohali Court of Punjab in the ambulance of UP number plate, the first arrest has also been made from Mau in UP. Mukhtar has 52 cases registered in Uttar Pradesh so far, 96 members of his gang have been arrested and action has been taken to seize and demolish assets worth over Rs 192 crore. There are 15 cases under consideration against the history-sheeter criminal Mukhtar Ansari of Mohammadabad Police Station, Ghazipur, in which prosecution will now be expedited. 

Officials continue to take news of the moment:  According to the order of the Supreme Court, Mukhtar Ansari is to be shifted to Banda jail before April 12. After the Punjab government wrote a letter to the UP government, it was decided to leave the police team from Banda for Punjab, after which the police team led by the CO was sent, which has now come to the state with Mukhtar. . During this, senior officials of the state also kept taking news of the moment from the team bringing Mukhtar. At the same time, the security cordon in and around Banda Jail has been tightened.

Attempted to bring UP 54 times:  Mafia Mukhtar was shifted from Banda Jail to Rupnagar Jail in Ropar District of Punjab on 21 January 2019. After this, an attempt was made to bring him back about 54 times in connection with the ongoing cases in Uttar Pradesh, but each time the date kept getting. Now he has come back after the direction of the Supreme Court. On Monday, a police team with more than a hundred members of the Banda Police went to pick him up.