The family of a child born in the sky on an Indigo flight on March 17 last month is unable to get her birth certificate. The 22-day-old child was born on a flight from Bangalore to Jaipur. At that time, her mother suffered childbirth, and a female doctor present in the flight delivered with the help of other crew members.

Female doctor gave delivery with the help of crew members

In fact, Bhairon Singh, a resident of Jaliya Roopwas village in Ajmer district, lives with his wife Lalita in Bangalore. He drives an auto rickshaw there. On March 16, Bharu Singh received information that his father's health was very bad in the village. On this, he booked an Indigo Airlines Tatkal ticket to reach Jaipur. Meanwhile, the woman had an eight-month pregnancy in her stomach. But due to ill health of the father, he boarded the flight. If the tests were done before boarding the flight, the doctors said that now is the time for delivery, the journey can be done. At this, he sat in flight to come to Jaipur. But on the flight itself, Lalita started having childbirth. A female doctor traveling with her performed the delivery with the help of crew members.

Father has been pushing for birth certificate for 22 days

On reaching Jaipur, Lalita and her child were shown in the hospital, where they were told to be completely healthy and they went to the village. The pain of Bhairusinh nearing the eighth grade is that he wants to get his child's birth certificate. But from the sarpanch of the village to the officials of the district administration, when the child was not born here, how can we make a certificate. Its certificate will be made in Jaipur. He has been circling the Jaipur airport for the past several days. He sometimes goes to the airport administration, sometimes to the employees of Indigo Airlines. For 22 days, the family has been raping Bhairu Singh for getting the child's birth certificate, but so far they have not found any solution. The Director of the Airport Authority declined to say anything officially about this.

What do you know

By the way, experts say that if a child is born on a flight, then his birth certificate will be made exactly where it will land. In this sense, the child's birth certificate should be made in Jaipur.