The second wave of the Corona epidemic is taking a dangerous form. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Railway Board, Sunit Sharma has given a big statement regarding the rail services. The Railway Board has made it clear that there are no plans to stop or ban trains. 

Railway Board Chairman Sunit Sharma said that there is no dearth of trains for those who want to travel. I want to assure everyone that trains will be run as per demand. The number of passengers at railway stations was seen to be normal in these months, we will increase the number of trains as per the need. Due to a large number of passengers, we cannot ask for a confirmation report that the coronavirus is not infected. There are no plans to stop or reduce rail services.

Chairman Sunit Sharma further said that the workers whose migration is being talked about in Maharashtra is not an exodus but they are normal passengers of the railway. They rush to the station to avoid night curfew due to which the crowd is visible. No official circular has yet been found to stop or reduce the movement of trains here.

Indian Railways runs 1,402 special trains per day

On the other hand, Ministry of Railways informed that Indian Railways is running an average of 1,402 special trains per day. A total of 5,381 suburban train services and 830 passenger train services are operational. And 28 special trains are being operated as clones of highly structured trains with high safety.

The migration of migrant workers resumed due to the fear of lockdown

The migration of migrant laborers has started once again due to fear of lockdown. These people are returning to their homes. There is no place to set foot in the general compartment of trains going from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus station to UP in Mumbai. People are riding on top of each other. These trains can become super spreaders and increase the risk of infection. One reason for the sudden increase in trains going to UP is also being said to be the panchayat elections in UP. Uttar Pradesh has panchayat elections in four phases from 14 April to 28 April. A large number of people want to go to the village to vote for their candidates. This is the reason that the waiting list of all trains going towards UP Bihar has increased.

Railway appeal- beware of rumors

Seeing the railway station gathering, the railway has appealed not to get scared about the rumors spreading about booking tickets in trains. Railways run more special trains during summer holidays. People are appealed not to overcrowd the stations keeping in mind the challenge of the epidemic. Arrive at the station 90 minutes before leaving the train. Only those with tickets are allowed to travel. Take care of the COVID protocol. Chief PRO of the railway Shivaji Sutar told that only passengers with confirmed tickets are allowed to travel in long distance trains. After the lockdown, trains are being run according to the Kovid Guidelines. According to the new rule, no one can travel in the general compartment even without reservation.