An SHO of the border district of Kishanganj in Bihar has been killed. Ashwini Kumar, the SHO of Kishanganj Town Police Station, went to raid his team in connection with a robbery case. They came to know that the connection of the criminals is connected to the area of ​​the border West Bengal (West Bengal). After this, they started raids after informing the Panjipada police station of the North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. During this time, a mob attacked the police in the village of Pantapada village of Panjipada police station to protect the criminals. It is alleged that the police of West Bengal did not cooperate with the Bihar Police team despite the information.

Seeing the intentions of the crowd, the other policemen were stunned

The police station of Kishanganj was killed around 4 am on Saturday. The team that went to raid suddenly attacked by the mob. During this time the rest of the policemen escaped, but Inspector Ashwini fell into the hands of the criminals in the dark. Criminals beat him to death. The matter of strangling them is also coming to the fore. The dead body of the Thanedar has been taken to Islampur in West Bengal for postmortem. Kishanganj SP Kumar Ashish and Purnia IG Suresh Chaudhary are camping on the spot.

Circle Inspector saved his life in some way

During this time, there was a whole team of police station with them, but the rest of the policemen started saving their lives after seeing the aggressiveness of the crowd in the dark of night. Circle Inspector Manish Kumar was also involved in the raid team. He somehow saved his life by running away.

IG himself is getting information about the whole matter

Suresh Chaudhary, IG of Purnia range, said that in a robbery case, police had gone to the border Panjipada (West Bengal) to conduct raids. He told that the police station was killed by being surrounded by a mob. The incident is around 4 in the morning. Post mortem is being done in Islampur Hospital. The IG said that he is also accompanied by Kishanganj SP and SP of North Dinajpur in West Bengal. IG said that this incident is like mob lynching.

Intervention demand from Union Home Minister

Bihar Police Men's Association has strongly condemned this incident. Police Mens Association says that due to non-cooperation of West Bengal Police, Bihar's Inspector Inspector has lost his life. If the Bengal police had arrived to deliver the backup on time, it might not have happened. Association President Mrityunjay Kumar Singh said that there is nothing called law in Bengal. The Bihar inspector had sought backup from the Bengal police, but the police there did not cooperate.

BJP MP attacked Bengal government

BJP's Pataliputra MP and former Union Minister Ramkripal Yadav have attacked the West Bengal government and its administration over the matter. He has said that this incident is enough to highlight the law and order situation in Bengal. There is complete rule of goons. JDU's Legislative Councilor Ghulam Gaus has asked the government of Bihar and West Bengal to act together.