The Trinamool leader pointed a finger at Home Minister Amit Shah in connection with the shooting incident at Jod Patki in Shitalkuchi this time.

The Trinamool leader said from the election meeting that a tragic incident has taken place today. Delhi police have shot dead five people standing in line to cast their votes. Killing my 5 brothers, they are saying that the villagers came to draw guns. Don't be ashamed, BJP should die with a rope around its neck. Amit Shah, you should resign. You are the conspirator of this incident as the Home Minister.

The Trinamool leader did not stop saying this. "I have been saying for a long time that the CRPF is torturing," he said. I am not against the CRPF. But BSF, CISF are torturing. Girls are being disrespected in villages. Boys are being intimidated. Saying, vote for BJP. Not so many people died in my panchayat polls. Which happened in today's vote. 20 people died in one day. Among them, 13 are from Trinamool Congress. Will you vote for those who shoot people? They are threatening not to get votes, they are firing. '' The Trinamool leader said that she will go to Kochbihar tomorrow.

The shooting took place outside Booth No. 126 in Jora Patki this morning. So that 18-year-old Anand Barman died. Later, it was reported that another shooting took place in Shitalkuchi. So that four people were shot dead. The Trinamool has lodged a complaint against the CAPF for the firing. They claimed that the central forces fired without provocation. 

Later, the Election Commission sent a detailed action taken report of the whole incident. CAPF forces in charge of security fired, the commission said. Why this situation has arisen is also being investigated. On Wednesday, the convoy of BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was attacked in Shitalkuchi. Which spread tension in the area. BJP called protests in different parts of the state.