Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an election public meeting in Basirhat south of West Bengal on Sunday. He announced that the CM Refugee Welfare Scheme for Refugees will be launched when the BJP government is formed in Bengal. Not only this, the refugees will be given financial assistance of 10 thousand rupees annually. The Home Minister also said that Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee should keep her resignation ready because she will have to resign after losing on May 2…  

Amit Shah said that some youth came under the pretext of Mamta didi and attacked the booth. Attempted to snatch CISF weapon. The CISF was forced to fire a bullet that killed four youths. I want to ask why did the youth dare to do this… Didi is furious and every day she talks about Amit Shah resigning. I will resign when the public tells me, but you have to be ready to resign. You will definitely have to resign on May 2. 

The Union Home Minister said that a few days ago a TMC leader made a statement that the people of Dalit society are beggars by nature. Didi, what are your people saying? You are calling them beggars who are living with pride, insulting them. Sister, if there is any shame left, then evict them. 

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that Didi opposes the CAA as the refugees are about to get citizenship. They are sorry that the intruders will be angry. We will withdraw the proposal Didi brought against the CAA. CM will launch Refugee Welfare Scheme for Refugees. They will be given an assistance of Rs 10,000 annually. 

Shah said that Mamata didi had a meeting on the same seat a few days ago. Didi publicly declared in it that the youth and women come forward, surround the CAPF, and attack them. Didi left you saying that, but because of you, those four youngsters died. In the same assembly that morning, a BJP worker was shot dead in broad daylight by TMC goons. Did you shed tears for these four people. I want to ask that do you have any responsibility for the 5th BJP worker who died?