In view of the Assembly elections in Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again entered the state's election battle for campaigning on Monday. PM today has three to three election rallies in Bengal. PM Modi is now addressing his second rally, which is held at Kalyani University Ground in the Nadia district. During his address, he was the first to say that the huge number of polling that took place in the four phases is for Ashol Poriborton. Ashol Poriborton means the development of Bengal, the development of the people of Bengal. Ashol Poriborton means liberation from Didi's misrule, Didi's syndicate, freedom from Tolabaz.

Live Updates:

-PM Modi in his second rally in Bengal today, which is held in Kalyani, said that the report-card of Didi's 10 years of work, killing the people of Bengal for his political interests, to benefit his weigh-in The plunder of the people of Bengal is a betrayal of the people of Bengal to make their syndicate strong.

-PM Modi said that I want to tell the sisters and daughters that your servant has realized his responsibility and has started a big scheme for every house to reach pure water from the tap. We have also sent hundreds of crores of rupees to the Government of Bengal for this. But Didi did not spend a large part of it.

-Modi said, our Bardhaman called 'rice bowl', people here, are longing for basic amenities today. The government here could not even properly maintain the canals built in the early years of independence. Building new canals have never been in Didi's priorities.

-PM said that if didi wants to get angry then do it to me, abuse as much as you want. But do not insult the dignity of Bengal, the glorious tradition of Bengal.

-Modi said, 'Didi has ruled Bengal in the name of maa, mati, manusha for 10 years. But these days, maa, mati and manush, but Modi, Modi keeps on doing it in the meeting. Didi has made a big mess in the name of governance in Bengal. To celebrate a birthday, ask TMC. If you want to build a house, give TMC cut money. If you want to get a ration, then give TMC a catamaran. If you have to take your luggage somewhere, bring your luggage, then give cut-money to TMC. '

-PM Modi said, 'Didi people have started abusing the Scheduled Caste siblings of Bengal. People close to Didi have started calling her a beggar. Baba Saheb's soul must have been sad to hear the bitter words of Didi. '

-The Prime Minister said that Didi also knows that once Congress from Bengal went, it never returned. The left ones, the left ones, do not come back. Sister, you too will leave once and never come back. 

-PM Modi said, 'In Nandigram, the people of Bengal made Didi clean bold. That is, Didi's innings in Bengal is over. Secondly, the people of Bengal failed a very big plan of Didi. Didi was sitting ready to hand over the captaincy of the party to Bheepo, but the public understood this daughter of Didi in time. Therefore, the entire sister of sisters was left behind. And thirdly, the entire team of Didi has been asked by the people of Bengal to leave the field. Now the sister will be angry with the people of Bengal.

-PM said- Didi's bitterness, her anger, her sobriety are increasing because you have completely cleared TMC in half of the elections in Bengal. That is, TMC is completely clean in half the election. In the four-phase election, the conscious people of Bengal hit so many fours and sixes that the seats of BJP have become centuries. Those who were thinking of playing with you have become very well with them.

This is followed by his second rally at Kalyani University Ground in Nadia district from 1:40 pm. Finally, from 3:10 pm, PM will address the rally at Kachari Maidan in Barasat in North 24 Parganas district, adjacent to Kolkata. Let us tell that to win the war of Bengal, all the top leaders of BJP including Prime Minister Modi are constantly visiting the state. Earlier on Saturday, PM held two rallies in Bengal.

Amit Shah will also be visiting Bengal for the second consecutive day

Here, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will also be visiting Bengal for the second consecutive day. Shah has two rallies and two roadshows in North Bengal on Monday. Earlier on Sunday, Shah was on a tour of Bengal and had three roadshows and three rallies.