The mosque was announced for an attack on the police of Kishanganj police station in Bihar, which had gone for raids on the night of April 9 in Pantapada village in West Bengal (West Bengal). The mob was mobilized to ask the thief and the robber to enter the village from the mosque, then the uniformed police were attacked. As soon as the announcement was made from the mosque, hundreds of people armed with lathi-poles and sharp weapons cracked down on the police. During this time, the rest of the police somehow managed to save their lives, but Kishanganj Town Police Station and Inspector Ashwani Kumar were beaten to death by the mob. Kishanganj SP Manish Kumar (SP Manish Kumar) and SDPO Anwar Javed Ansari (SDPO Anwar Jawed Ansari) have confirmed this.

Mention has been made in the FIR lodged in West Bengal

This case has been mentioned in the FIR registered in Gwalpokhar police station in West Bengal. It has been mentioned in the FIR lodged by Inspector Manish Kumar, who was involved in the raiding team, that after the police raided the house of the chief accused Feroze, it was announced from the mosque that thieves and robbers had entered the village.

The mob broke down on the police as soon as it was announced by Masjid

As soon as the mosque was announced, hundreds of people gathered with weapons broke down on the police team. In this case, on the complaint of Inspector Manish Kumar, a case has been registered against five hundred unidentified persons including 21 nominated at Gwalpokhar police station. So far five named accused have been arrested.

Three accused arrested on the day of the incident

On the day of the incident, on Saturday, the Bengal police arrested the main accused, Feroz Alam, Abujar Alam, Sahyanur Khatun. Of these, the woman is the mother of the main accused. After this, on Sunday, Malik alias Abdul Malik and Israel were arrested. All the accused arrested are residents of Pantapada village.

Know what the SDPO of Kishanganj said

Anis Javed Ansari, SDPO of Kishanganj, said that the mob was declared from the mosque as soon as the police team went to raid the house of the robbery accused. Hundreds of crowds attacked the police, with Ashwani Kumar, the town station head cum inspector, martyred.

SP has also accepted this matter

SP Kumar Ashish also told that the police and witnesses involved in the raid team also said that the crowd was mobilized by proclaiming the mosque. All the policemen were in uniform. Despite this, he was attacked by the crowd after announcing from the mosque that the thief and the robber had entered. 

Incident of three o'clock in the morning of April 9

The police inspector of Kishanganj police station in Bihar at Pantapada in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal and the SHO of Kishanganj police station went to investigate a case of bike robbery. Kishanganj police had also informed the police of the concerned police station of Bengal before going to the border village of Bihar on the night of April 9, but the local police did not reach there on time and before morning it was about three o'clock in the dark of night. Attacked the police.

Police has also mentioned in the FIR of the case

The SDPO of Kishanganj said that the families of those accused of robbing the bike had mobilized to attack the police. The mob killed Ashwini Kumar, the inspector in-charge of the Kishanganj police station. During this, the rest of the policemen who went with him somehow escaped and saved their lives. The inspector's mother died of shock the next day after this heinous incident.