Russia's Sputnik-V has been approved for emergency use as the third corona vaccine in the country. The drug regulator Drug Controller General of India gave the green signal only after Sputnik-V was found to be completely safe and effective in preventing infection. 91.6 percent has been found to be effective in Russian vaccine testing. However, no official information has yet been revealed about its price. Explain that the most effective vaccine so far has been approved in 59 countries. 

This is how Sputnik-V vaccine

Sputnik-V is a vector-based vaccine. It has used adenoviruses - 5 and adenoviruses - 26, which eliminate the spike proteins of the coronavirus. Companies like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have also used one of these vectors in their vaccines.

There will be no problem with storage

This Russian vaccine can be kept at a temperature of 2 to -8 ° C. This means that there will be no problem with its storage. This feature of the vaccine makes it more useful for India.

This is how the test happened

In Russia, the Sputnik-V vaccine was found effective by 91.6 percent in the third round of test results. According to the report published in Lancet magazine, the vaccine was tested on a total of 19,866 people. Of these, 14,964 people were vaccinated, while 4,902 were given a placebo (dummy). All were given two doses at an interval of 21 days. A total of 78 people were corona infected in these. 62 were from the placebo group and 16 from the vaccine group. The effect of the vaccine was decided on this basis.

Why the name sputnik

The Russian word Sputnik derives from Put, which means Rasta. S before putative means partner orally. A later nick means a person. Thus Sputnik means the companion of the road. It is a very popular word. For example, in Russia, a word is sputnik zhizni. It means life partner i.e. wife or husband.