The BJP is leaving no stone unturned to win the battle of Bengal. Before the fifth phase of the elections on April 17, the party has thrown its full force. In this sequence, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has once again reached Bengal on Tuesday. Amit Shah is visiting Bengal for the third consecutive day. Addressing in Darjeeling, he said that after independence, the Congress, the communist, and now this didi, he put a full stop to the development of Darjeeling. He said that TMC and Didi have made a disgusting attempt to break the unity of BJP and Gorkha.

Amit Shah Updates:

Amit Shah claimed that the government will be formed in Bengal with more than 200 seats. He said, now Didi will not stop it. He said that the Bengal election is a test for all of us. TMC and Didi have made a disgusting attempt to break the unity of BJP and Gorkha. Didi and TMC have to give a befitting reply. You have to convince them that you cannot break us by doing such atrocities.

Amit Shah said, 'Gorkhas have a very rich history. Whenever patriotic communities are named, the Gorkhas are first taken proudly ... A trio of Congress-Communists-TMC have done injustice to Gorkhas across the country for years. '

Amit Shah announced, from Darjeeling, I say that after the formation of the BJP government in Bengal, the BJP will do all the cases of agitation on any Gorkha brother, to withdraw all of them within a week.

Amit Shah said that today when I came here, I remembered Tenzing Norgay, the pride of India, which held the first Everest summit.

Shah said that Diwali is going to happen in Darjeeling on May 2. On May 2, there will be no fire on the mountain, the festival will be lit and lit. The salary of tea plantation workers will be increased to Rs 350.

Amit Shah said that we will increase the salary of tea garden workers to Rs 350. We will invest 600 crore rupees to overcome the problem of drinking water in Darjeeling. Will establish Central University inside North Bengal.

- Amit Shah said that Darjeeling played a huge role in the independence of the country. After independence, the Congress, the Communists,s and now this didi, put a full stop to the development of Darjeeling. The country went far ahead, my Darjeeling remained there.

- Amit Shah said Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful cities in India and one of the oldest established cities in India. Here in 1897, the first electricity connection was established in India. India's second oldest municipality was created here in 1850.