Gao Fu, director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of China, has overturned his statement he gave a few days ago. The statement said that the vaccine developed by Chinese pharma company Sinovic is less effective on the coronavirus. The government is preparing to make this vaccine more effective. He also said that the indigenous vaccine was developed in the traditional way. In addition, he advised China to use mRNA technology. There was a panic in the Chinese government after this statement.

Gao gave this statement on Saturday, while a day later, he appeared to be overturning his statements. According to Global Times, he said that the media failed to understand his statement. He did not say anything on which the effectiveness of the indigenous vaccine should be questioned. Let me tell you that Global Times is the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. In his interview with the newspaper after Gao's statement, Gao said that experts around the world were talking about the effectiveness of the vaccine. He only offered his scientific vision during this period. What he meant was that the effectiveness of the vaccine could be further enhanced. For this, he also advised applying different vaccines.

He said in this interview that when talking about the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine developed worldwide, some have less and some have less. Scientists were considering the question of increasing it. It was during this time that he offered his view. According to the Global Times, Gao was saddened by the fact that human civilization is experiencing a first-ever Covid-19 pandemic. This is the reason why scientists from all over the world are doing research on its vaccine. All scientists are following all the rules to develop it. He has also said that if we want to improve the vaccine in the future, then for this we will have to constantly research on the virus and vaccine.