The Allahabad High Court has instructed the state government to consider imposing full lockdown for two or three weeks in the cities most affected by the corona infection in the state. It is said that no person can appear on the street without a mask, otherwise the court will take contempt action against the police. The court has directed to speed up the tracking, testing, and treatment scheme along with prohibiting the gathering of more than 50 people in social and religious events. It is said that arrangements should be made for the treatment of corona victims by taking open grounds in cities and constructing temporary hospitals. If necessary, staff should be deployed on contract.

These directions were given by a bench of Justice Siddharth Verma and Justice Ajit Kumar, hearing the PIL filed in the Corona case. It is said that the night curfew is a small step towards stopping the spread of corona infection. Non-urgent traffic should be controlled even during the day. If life is there then the economy will also get better. Development is for individuals. When men are no more, then what will be the meaning of development? The court was told that the hospitals are refusing to admit Corona patients. The alarm situation has occurred. People are not helping to follow the guidelines. The system of treatment is unsuccessful. Patients have been left trusting God. The next hearing on the petition will be held on April 19.

Strictly applicable guidelines:  cities most affected by Corona include Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi and Gorakhpur. The court said that a year of infection spread, but treatment facilities could not be extended. The court has asked all the district administration to strictly implement the guidelines of the state government on April 11. On next hearing, an affidavit of Secretary level officer is sought. Also, the District Magistrate and CMO of Prayagraj has been instructed to remain present in the court.

UP Board students should be investigated: The  court has updated the Cantonment Zone and directed the Rapid Force to remain alert and said that sanitization should be done in the zone every 48 hours. Emphasis was also laid on the investigation of students appearing in the online board of UP board. Like the SPGI Lucknow, the High Court directed to increase Corona ICU and provide facilities in Swarooprani Nehru Hospital.

Request for consideration of the demand: The  bench also recommended the High Court bar on the suggestion of High Court Bar Association President Amarendra Nath Singh to stay closed for a few days and to consider hearing through video conferencing in important cases like demolition, recovery or eviction cases. Has requested. 

When a storm comes in the river, the dam does not stop it. Nevertheless, we must strive to prevent corona infection.  - Allahabad High Court's comment on public interest litigation