Amidst the spread of Coronavirus in the country, the Government of India today made it clear that Remdesivir injection should be used only for serious patients of corona in the hospital. NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul has said that Remedesivir injection will be used in the hospital itself. He said that it would not be used during home remedies. Dr. Paul said that this injection is for those patients admitted to the hospital and who are on oxygen. He insisted that it would not be procured from chemist shops. He appealed that Remedesvir should be used in a rational and just manner.

The IMA recommended its home use

Dr. Pal's statement came at a time when, amidst growing cases of coronavirus across the country, experts had suggested that approval of ramedesivir injection be given to needy patients in home isolation as well. In this, he suggested that this injection could be given to home isolated patients on the advice of hospitals and clinics. The reason behind this suggestion was argued by the IMA that a large proportion of the infected is in isolation at their homes. Indian Medical Association chairman Sanjay Patil had suggested that this is quite a trend in western countries. He said that if it is allowed, the burden of hospitals will be significantly reduced. Currently, this injection is being provided to the patients of Corona admitted to the hospital. 

Remadecivir is an anti-viral drug

Actually, Remadecivir is an antiviral medicine used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. In private hospitals, these injections were being sold for three to five thousand rupees. A severe corona patient is given four to five doses of this injection. On the other hand, Maharashtra Medical Education and Drugs Department has said that Remedesivir injection will be available only in the hospitals where corona patients are being treated. This injection will also be provided in private hospitals which are attached to government hospitals. The decision was taken to control and use injection supplies in Maharashtra.