The second wave of Corona is setting new records continuously. As of Tuesday night, 185,248 new cases of infection were reported in the country. This is the highest number of new infections found in a day since the onset of the epidemic. 1,026 people have died in this. Of these, 60,212 infected have been found in Maharashtra alone and 281 have died. The total infected in the country has exceeded 1 crore 38 lakh 71 thousand and the number of dead has increased to 1,72,115. However, 82,231 people have also recovered during this period and the number of recoveries has crossed 1.23 crore. Active cases have increased to 13.60 lakhs. At the same time, according to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry at eight o'clock on Tuesday morning, the total infected was 1.36 crore. Of these, 1,71,058 have died and 1.22 crore patients have been cured. 

Corona explosion in Uttar Pradesh 

The state of Corona epidemic in Uttar Pradesh has become explosive. The state has found 17,963 infections in the last one day, the largest number of infections found in any state after Maharashtra. 85 people have also died in the state. Apart from this, more than 10 thousand cases in the country have been found only in Delhi (13,468) and 81 people have died. A record 6,690 new cases have also been found in Gujarat. Apart from this, 156 patients have died in Chhattisgarh, 67-67 in Karnataka and Gujarat, 50 in Punjab, 40 in Madhya Pradesh, 28 in Rajasthan, 20-20 in Bengal and Kerala and 18 more in Tamil Nadu due to Corona epidemic. 

1.4 million checks on Monday 

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), more than 1.4 million samples were tested across the country on Monday to detect corona infection. Together, a total of more than 25.92 crore samples have been tested so far.

Maharashtra minister's target on artists-cricketers

Due to increasing cases of corona infection in Maharashtra, beds in hospitals are falling short. On Tuesday, state minister Aslam Sheikh blamed the film actors and cricketers for the lack of beds in the hospital. Without naming anyone, he said that even after a mild infection, these artists and cricketers are getting admitted to big private hospitals and are occupying beds for a long time, due to which the needy are not getting beds. 

10 states with the most new cases

State new cases total infected (in lakhs) 

Maharashtra 60,212 35.19 

Uttar Pradesh 17,963 7.23

Chhattisgarh 15,121 4.71

Delhi 13,468 7.50

Madhya Pradesh 8,998 3.53

Karnataka 8,778 10.83

Kerala 7,515 11.80

Tamil Nadu 6,984 9.47

Gujarat 6,690 3.60

Rajasthan 5,528 3.75