Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday interacted with governors and lieutenants of all states and union territories in view of the growing cases of corona and anti-corona vaccination campaign and termed them as an important pillar of increasing public participation in this fight. Emphasizing the importance of the formula to examine, contact and treat once again (the corona patient), he said that the government is committed to adequate availability of vaccines.

Vice President and Home Minister also joined 

Apart from the Prime Minister, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and Union Home Minister Amit Shah also participated in this dialogue through video conference. According to a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office, Modi said that values ​​and responsibilities are the biggest strength in the fight against vaccination as well as corona. 

Emphasis on public participation 

Appreciating the participation of people in fighting this epidemic last year, the Prime Minister said that this time there is a need to promote public participation in the same way. He said, 'In such a situation the role of governors becomes very important. They can become a better means of ensuring better coordination between state governments and society. '

Solidarity required in the fight against Corona 

PM Modi said, "It is necessary to harness the combined power of all community institutions, political parties, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social institutions." The Prime Minister said that India has the experience of the last year in the fight against Corona as well as a better health system. He emphasized on RT-PCR investigation and said that today the country is self-sufficient in terms of PPE kits and other essential equipment.

Exclude political differences: Venkaiah

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu urged everyone to act as a team to defeat the Corona epidemic, bypassing political differences. In a dialogue with the governors and lieutenants, Naidu said that a proven and authentic strategy needs to be implemented to deal with the coronavirus with new energy to investigate, monitor and treat. The most useful lesson we learned last year was that we were successful in the fight against Corona because of collective work. 

Emphasis on repairing health infrastructure 

According to a statement issued by the Vice President's Secretariat, Naidu said that the central government has decided on a corona strategy with the state governments. Expressing concern over the growing cases of corona in the country, Naidu cautioned that there will definitely be a lot of pressure on the health infrastructure. He called for special attention to 10 states where 85 per cent cases of infections and 89 per cent deaths have been reported in the last 14 days.

Work together with Chief Ministers 

The Vice President said that the country is more well prepared today than last year because the country has strengthened the infrastructure in the last one year. Describing every governor as having an important role as the constitutional head of state in the fight against the epidemic, Naidu said that he should work actively with the chief ministers of his states and form a consensus. He said, 'You can not only share your experience and expertise but can also give guidance to the state government on creating a more effective strategy'.