An important confidential meeting of the top intelligence officials of the two countries was held in Dubai in January to break the deadlock between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. The relationship between the two nuclear-weapon states has been very strong since the Pulwama incident and India's air strike in response.

Deadlock was born after these events 

In 2019, after the Pulwama incident and the retaliatory action of India, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had strengthened his hold in the region by taking back the special status of Kashmir. In response, Pakistan suspended bilateral trade, reducing the status of its diplomatic relations with India.

Negotiations under backdoor diplomacy 

The two countries have now resumed negotiations under backdoor diplomacy, taking steps towards normalizing relations in the next few months after a hiatus. Actually Kashmir has always been a burning issue between the two countries.

RAW and ISI officials were involved

Those aware of this said that the secret meeting was attended by the officials of Indian intelligence agency RAW and Pakistan's ISI. The United Arab Government also assisted in organizing this meeting.

Governments of both countries did not confirm 

However, neither the Indian government nor the Pakistani government made any comment about this confidential meeting. However, Ayesha Siddiqua, a top analyst for Pakistan's defense affairs, believes that the intelligence officers of the two countries have been meeting in a third country for a few months. He said that according to my knowledge, high level meetings have been held in Thailand, Dubai and London.

Both countries do not accept publicly 

Ayesha Siddiqua believes that even in the past, such confidential meetings have been held between the two countries when needed, but they have never been publicly acknowledged.

Challenges faced by both countries 

Actually both countries are in favor of normalizing relations. India is embroiled in a border dispute with China and does not want to get into a mess on the border with Pakistan. At the same time, the economy of Pakistan, a friend of China, is in deep crisis and it is looking to recover from it as soon as possible. At the same time, it wants to strengthen its western border defenses after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.