Political rallies, religious gatherings, and farmer movements are proving to be super-spreaders of the coronavirus. This is to say of Dr. NK Arora, chairman of the National Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) on vaccination. This statement of Dr. Arora has come at a time when elections in Bengal, Kumbh Mela in Haridwar and the farmers' movement are going on along the borders of Delhi. However, he has not named any specific event.

More careless youth 

He said, 'We are seeing that the younger sections have become more careless. They are gathering in small groups and doing parties. We are also seeing social, religious gathering, peasant movement and political rallies. All of them are super spreaders of Kovid. Until these are closed, anyone can help us. We need to be very serious about these and finally I would say that all these are to be done with the support of the political and implementing authority. '

Emphasis on the need for lockdown 

Dr. Arora stressed the need to impose lockdown based on local conditions. However, the nationwide lockdown was not supported. He said that we imposed a lockdown last year. We know how to stop the epidemic. We have also seen how to overcome the effects of lockdown.

Need to lockdown in selected areas

Dr. Arora said that now that the number of new cases has reached almost two lakhs every day, we should move forward on the basis of our experiences. The spread of corona virus can be reduced by reducing contact between people. We need to put a lockdown in select areas. He also cited the example of Maharashtra, which has imposed strict restrictions for 15 days.