The jihadi mentality in boys and girls in various parts of the country has been strengthened on the internet media, claiming that a jihadi mover who is involved in recruiting them for terrorist organizations has been arrested from Bandipore in North Kashmir by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). A teacher by profession, he worked for Lashkar-e-Taiba. It has been identified as Altaf Ahmed Rather.

The NIA spokesman said that Altaf Ahmed Rather was arrested in a case registered on April 5 last year. In this case, a woman named Tania Parveen has already been arrested and a charge sheet has also been filed against her in the special court of NIA. Tania Parveen, who hails from Badurei, District North 24 Parganas in Bengal, was in constant touch with Lashkar-e-Taiba commanders sitting in Pakistan. She was involved in a conspiracy to incite local youths who came in contact with her in the name of religion, to prepare them for the alleged jihad against India. He was apprehended by the Bengal Police last year on specific information. When the layers of the case began to open, the investigation was handed over to the NIA.

Tania Parveen's Facebook, Telegram, Twitter account were also investigated. Also investigated his phone calls. Apart from this, Altaf Ahmed Rather of Bandipore was found on the basis of the statements found during the interrogation. It was Altaf Ahmad who trapped him in his web on the internet media and persuaded him to work for the terrorist organization. He entrusted her with the task of preparing boys and girls for jihadi activities in Bengal and elsewhere. Apart from this, it was he who made Tania contact with the terrorist leaders sitting in Pakistan.

The NIA spokesperson also stated that before arresting Altaf Ahmed Rather, all the necessary evidence has been collected against him. He is an important part of the recruitment module of Lashkar. He teaches in a school in Bandipore. Teaching in the school is just one of his foul play, his real job is to liaise with the youth of Kashmir and outside states on the internet media and to incite them to jihadi activities and to Lashkar-e-Taiba. At the moment, he is being questioned.