On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a public meeting in Asansol. During this time the PM said that Didi has an old habit of doing politics on dead bodies. He said that you must have heard an audiotape of what happened in Cooch Behar. Didi is doing politics after the death of five people. In this audiotape, the Cooch Behar TMC leader is being asked to organize a rally with the bodies of the five dead.

He further said, 'Didi, how far will you go for the vote bank? The truth is that Didi thought about her political gains through those deaths. Didi politics is the old habit of doing politics on dead bodies.

He said that people from all over India come here to work in such factories, from bicycle to rail, paper to steel, aluminum to glass. In a way, Asansol is Mini India. People from all corners of India are seen here, but Bengal's misrule has influenced Asansol.

PM Modi said, 'Didi cheated you in the name of development in the last 10 years. She stood like a wall in front of Vikas. The center offered free healthcare facilities of up to Rs 5 lakh, she became a wall. The Center enacted laws to help the refugees, they also opposed it.