Keeping in mind the growing corona infection in the country, the railway has also been alerted. Taking strict action, Indian Railways have imposed a fine of Rs 500 against those who do not wear masks. That is, if any passenger is seen wearing a mask in the railway premises, he will have to pay a fine. Let us know that every day the case of the corona is increasing in the country. This is the reason that weekend lockdown and night curfew have been imposed in most states of the country. 

A statement issued regarding the operation of trains

Explain that amidst increasing cases of corona infection in the past, the Railways had issued its statement regarding the operation of trains. During this time, Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma had said that no state has requested to stop the train services so far. Regarding the precautions being taken regarding the Corona infection, wherever the states have expressed concern, there is a random investigation of the passengers. Not only this, on arrival of the railway destination, they are also being subjected to Covid investigation. 

Railways commissioned 140 additional trains

Explain that the Railways is operating 28 clone trains and 947 passenger trains of high popularity trains. Currently, about 70 percent of train services have been restored. Not only this but 140 additional trains have also been operated to reduce excess congestion across the country. The Railways operates an average of 1,490 freight trains and express trains as well as 5,397 suburban train services a day. 

2,34,692 new cases registered in the last 24 hours

According to the Union Health Ministry, 2,34,692 new cases of COVID-19 occurred in the country in the last 24 hours and 1,341 people died. After this, the total number of infected people in the country so far has gone up to 1,45,26,609 and the death toll has gone up to 1,75,649.