In the Corona transition period, the greatest impact is on the workers and skilled craftsmen doing daily work. Preparations have been started to activate the Sevamitra app, which was created to employ such skilled migrant workers from outside the state during the transition period. According to the intention of the government, its main objective is to find skilled workers and provide work opportunities in various departments. With this app of the Training and Employment Department, not only skilled migrant workers can register themselves sitting at home, but they will also get employment opportunities through it.

This is how the app will work: On the website of the Employment Department,, a skilled migrant laborer can register himself online. Documents and other information required during registration will also be found on the online website. The special thing about the Sevamitra app is that there is no maximum age limit in it. In such a situation, you can register yourself in it from the young to the elderly.

The campaign will also run at the block level: For the convenience of workers who cannot get their registration online, in every block, an employee has been appointed for registration. The system of offline registration is only for the less literate. Their physical registration will be made block level. No one needs to visit the Regional Employment Office at Lalbagh.

65 jobs:  Registered electrician, plumber, bike repair mechanic, carpenter, beautician, photographer, TV mechanic, car mechanic, computer mechanic, mobile mechanic, pump repair, engine mechanic, sheet metal, lathe Will go. Information on all 65 genres can be obtained from the website of the Department of Employment.

In view of the infection in all the districts of the state including Lucknow, the process of activating the app is going on. Employees will be employed in blocks for less-educated laborers. Only the less educated helpless have to go in the block. You will not be allowed to increase congestion to avoid infection. You will not be able to contact the employee without a mask. In such a situation, you will be able to make contact with the block with a mask and gloves. Kunal Shilku, Director, Training & Employment

300 industries will get online NOC

The Corona transition has begun the process of operating about 300 industries set up in urban areas. Operators will not have to come to the district industry center for NOC to run a factory in the capital. All will be allowed to operate the factory relative to the government mandate. It has been decided to give permission for the industry online by Manoj Chaurasia, Deputy Commissioner, District Industries Center, to prevent infection of Karona. The Deputy Commissioner told that the factory operators can apply online on the District Industries Center website Permission has been given by the government to open all small and large industries in the rural area. The unemployed can also apply for the online self-employment scheme. No one is required to come to the office.