The second phase of voting has started to form the village government in Uttar Pradesh. Teams of the State Election Commission, Panchayati Raj Department, Uttar Pradesh Government, and security forces are ready for the polling process which runs from seven in the morning to six in the morning. Voting is going on in 20 districts including Lucknow on Monday. About 32 million voters will decide the fate of 3,54,999 candidates in the second phase of voting. During this time, voting is being done for 2,23,118 posts in the state.

There were a total of 2,33,616 nominations for the four posts in the voting in 20 districts of the state. There were 8,024 nominations for 787 posts of Zilla Panchayat members, 56,874 nominations for 19,653 posts of Area Panchayat members. At the same time, a total of 99,404 people have claimed for 14,897 posts of the village head. Similarly, there were only 69,314 nominations for 1,87,781 posts of Gram Panchayat members.

In the second phase of the three-tier panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh, votes are being cast in 20 districts including Lucknow and Varanasi on Monday. Voting has started for 2,23,118 posts of village head in addition to district, region and gram panchayat members. Security has been tightened in the second round due to the ballot box being snatched at several places during the first phase of polling and violence taking place. Around 32 million voters will decide the fate of 3,54,999 candidates. Votes will be cast from seven to six in the morning on Monday, amid the rising outbreak of Corona infection and scorching heat.

The Yadav family voting in Saifai of Etawah, former MP Dharmendra and Shivpal son Aditya cast her vote:  vote in Etawah to the Yadav family, who ruled for a long time in Uttar Pradesh is concerned nose. On Monday, former MP from Badaun Dharmendra Yadav, his father Abhay Ram Singh Yadav and son of Shivpal Singh Yadav, the National General Secretary of the Progressive Samajwadi Party, also voted in Saifai here.

After the vote, Dharmendra Yadav said that Etawah, Mainpuri, Kannauj, wherever the candidates supported by Samajwadi Party are contesting the elections, they will all win. In Saifai, only the SP-backed candidate will win. Due to Covid, Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav and former Chief Minister and SP President Akhilesh Yadav Saifai will not be able to vote. Akhilesh Yadav is fine now and he will soon be among us all. Progressive Samajwadi Party national general secretary Aditya alias Ankur Yadav along with wife Rajalakshmi voted in Saifai.

Polling in these districts: Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Baghpat, Gautam Budh Nagar, Etah, Amroha, Badaun, Mainpuri, Kannauj, Etawah, Lalitpur, Chitrakoot, Pratapgarh, Lucknow, Lakhimpur Kheri, Gonda, Sultanpur, Maharajganj, Varanasi and Azamgarh.

Voters in fervor in Etawah:  Polling for the post of 1624 polling stations of Zilla Panchayat, Pradhan, Kshetra Panchayat member, Gram Panchayat member in the district of Etawah, considered a stronghold of Samajwadi Party, started at 7 am on Monday. Voters rushed to the booths with enthusiasm and queued up. Strict security arrangements have been made at all places here. District Election Officer Shruti Singh and SSP Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh went out to inspect the booths and made people feel safe. In the election, 9 lakh 48 thousand 225 voters are in the fray. Of these, 4076 candidates are in the fray for the post of head, 1260 for the Gram Panchayat member, 2156 for the Panchayat member and 226 for the District Panchayat member. Altogether 7718 candidates are in the fray. The Commission's observer Garima Yadav has also come out to inspect the centers.

Voting in gram panchayats of Lucknow: Voting is going on  today in 494 gram panchayats in the capital amid the threat of corona infection. Over one and a half thousand voters will vote at about one and a half thousand polling booths. During the voting, the Covid Protocol has made complete security arrangements to be followed. More than twenty thousand employees have been engaged in election work. According to the District Election Officer, a sufficient number of police forces have been deployed to prevent any disturbances in the election. Votes will be cast at all polling stations with the Covid protocol. According to Additional District Magistrate Finance and Revenue Bipin Kumar Mishra, the infected voters will vote in the last hour on the day of the election. During this period, all the arrangements will be made available to the Presiding Officers under the Covid Protocol. 

12.20 lakh voters at 2085 booths in Mainpuri : Voting for the posts of district, region and gram panchayat in Mainpuri as well as village head has started from 7 am on Monday morning. There is a great enthusiasm among the voters to vote. Voters reached most of the booths before the scheduled time. Polling will be held at 2085 booths in the district till 6 pm. A total of 12.20 lakh voters will exercise their franchise. Tight security arrangements have been made outside all the booths. Voters are being allowed to enter the booth only after the line is in place. DM Mahendra Bahadur Singh and SP Avinash Pandey and CDO Isha Priya inspected the various booths, while Observer Anil Kumar Yadav reviewed the arrangements at several booths, asking for improvements on finding deficiencies.

Voting amidst tight security in Amroha:Voting is going on in Amroha district amid tight security. Adequate armed police force has been deployed to make the voting peaceful and fair. In addition to police personnel, soldiers of PAC, PRD, Home Guards have also been deployed. Voting began at 7 am, which will run till 6 in the evening. Elections are being held for a total of 597 Gram Pradhan and 683 Kshetra Panchayats and 27 Zilla Panchayat members in the district. 10,38,635 voters will use the vote in the panchayat elections. The administration has created 829 polling booths, which have 1734 booths. Of these, 274 polling stations are kept in the general category, while 163 sensitive, 344 Highly Sensitive and 192 Highly Sensitive Plus booths have been set up. 7341 employees have been engaged to conduct the voting. With the commencement of polling, District Officer Umesh Mishra and SP Suniti went out on a tour of polling stations. Sector and zonal magistrates are posted in the control room for redressal of grievances.

No entry in maskless polling station in Maharajganj  Polling started for the panchayat election from seven in the morning in the district amidst tight security in Maharajganj. Special vigil is being maintained at sensitive and very sensitive booths. No one is allowed to enter the masked polling station. A total of 3028 polling places have been built. There are 47 posts of Zilla Panchayat member, 882 of Gram Pradhan, 1166 of Kshetra Panchayat member and 11280 posts of Gram Panchayat member.

Voters of eight booths at one booth in Gonda: Voters gathered at polling stations in Gonda. Covid Guidelines are flying around here. Voters from eight booths gather at one booth here. Thirty-six million voters are casting their votes at 4428 polling stations. In Gonda, 26 lakh 69 thousand 906 voters will decide the fate of 21 thousand 936 candidates who are trying their luck in various posts in three-tier panchayats. 4428 polling booths have been set up at 1588 polling stations for polling in rural areas of 16 development blocks. As many as 1588 polling stations have been set up in 1214 gram panchayats of the district, these polling stations will have voting for the village head, member gram panchayat, member area panchayat, and member district panchayat. In the panchayat elections, elections will be held in 1194 gram panchayats for the post of Principal. Eight thousand 750 candidates for the post of 1194, There are 5072 candidates for the 2084 member Gram Panchayat post and seven thousand 292 candidates for the 1492 member Kshetra Panchayat post and 836 candidates for the 65 member Zilla Panchayat post. Seven super, 31 zonal, 231 sector magistrates, four SDMs, and four extra SDMs are leading the voting process in Gonda. Here the DM and SP are also taking stock of the arrangements at all polling stations. 

1162 Polling Stations in Sultanpur: Polling is being held for 979 Gram Panchayat members, 1136 Kshetra Panchayat members and 45 posts of Zilla Panchayat members in Sultanpur. There are 12048 employees voting at 1162 polling stations. All polling stations have elaborate security arrangements. A total of 21053 candidates are in the fray for the post of District Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat, Gram Panchayat Member and Village Head. A total of 19 lakh 37 thousand 642 voters will decide their fate. 1182 candidates are contesting for the 45 seats of Zilla Panchayat member. For the post of Principal 8357, Kshetra Panchayat member 6976 and Gram Panchayat member, 4538 candidates are trying their luck. 1162 polling stations and 3012 booths have been set up to conduct voting in the district. 130 sector magistrates and 19 zonal magistrates have been deployed to monitor the elections. District Magistrate Ravish Gupta said that polling has started from seven in the morning, it will run till six in the evening. 

Voting for 1165 seats in Lakhimpur Kheri: In the second phase of the three-tier panchayat election, voting is also going on in the Lakhimpur Kheri district on Monday. A total of 1165 seats will be contested for the post of Graha Gram Panchayat here. 2776 636 voters of the district will elect their village head. In addition, 72 district panchayat members and 1804 area panchayat members will also be elected on Monday. In the Kheri district, 8000 candidates are in the fray in relation to the post of 1165 village heads, while 999 candidates are tapping for the seats of 72 district panchayat members. Similarly, 13548 people are contesting against 1804 Kshetra Panchayat members. A total of 4495 polling places have been set up to vote for 1165 gram panchayat seats in the district. To control them, 8 Star Zonal Magistrates, 15 Zonal Magistrates 163 Sector Magistrates are deployed.

1162 polling stations in Sultanpur : Polling is being held in Sultanpur for 979 posts of Gram Pradhan, 1136 of Kshetra Panchayat member and 45 posts of Zilla Panchayat member. There are 12048 polling personnel at 1162 polling stations. All polling stations have elaborate security arrangements. 

There are 19,38,597 voters in Badaun : There are 3150 polling booths in Badaun. Where 19,38,597 voters will decide the fate of 7095 candidates for 1037 principal posts, 620 for 51 Zilla Panchayat member seats, 4798 for 1266 posts of Kshetra Panchayat member and 10779 candidates for 12861 Gram Panchayat member seats. 

71 percent polling in the first phase: Even in the Corona transition period, on April 15, 71 percent polling was held in the first phase. Voting started at seven in the morning and went till ten in the night. The third phase of polling in the state will be held on April 25 and the fourth phase will be held on April 29. The results will be out on May 2. The Allahabad High Court has directed the government to complete the election process by May 25. In compliance with the same, voting is being held from April 15. 

Security system and strict: Taking a lesson from the incident that took place during the first phase of panchayat elections, security will be tightened during the second phase of polling in 20 districts on Monday. Activities ranging from candidates to supporters are being closely monitored. ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that police personnel have been deployed for the second phase of polling. Strict instructions have been given to strictly follow the guidelines of Covid-19. During the polling on Monday, there will be very tight security arrangements in 20 districts including Lucknow, Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat, Bijnor, Kannauj, Etawah. Polling will be held at 52595 polling places in 20929 polling stations in these districts. In the polling districts, 694 inspectors, 8428 sub-inspectors, 16214 chief constables, 66444 home guards, 2605 PRD jawans, 9712 recruitment constables, 57 companies and one platoon PAC and ten company Central Armed Police Forces will be ready. 52595 polling parties will be responsible for conducting the second phase elections. Strict instructions have been given to policemen on election duty to use masks, gloves, sanitizers.

State Election Commissioner Manoj Kumar said that polling parties have reached polling districts. Corona rescue rules will be strictly followed at polling stations. No one will be allowed to enter the polling stations without a mask. 23 senior officials have been appointed as observers to organize the voting process. He informed that the infected voters will be given the opportunity to cast the vote later by wearing PPE kit. All the candidates have been instructed to strictly follow the Covid protocol. All the voters who reached the booth by six in the evening will be able to vote.